More departures speculated and Nasri’s ‘aspirations’

When I think about the days Arsene Wenger was idolized and worshiped by the fans and players alike for his amazing trophy haul in his first nine seasons with Arsenal and see how the tide has turned in his last six years with the club, it gives me a great cause for concern.

Apologies for not writing any post yesterday, I safely arrived in Lagos from Owerri and I spent a lot of time resting before going out to see many folks that I hadn’t seen since the days Napoleon Bonaparte ruled France.

Arsenal Football Club is one of the biggest clubs in World football but the club is presently going through trying times because it renewed its membership at club trophy-less for the sixth year in a row. In recent times, Arsenal’s transfer activity hasn’t been too active but this summer has seen Arsenal turn into every media Vultures’ favorite subject. They’ve done their part in linking players from the Milky Way to join Arsenal and they have certainly contributed to making gooners fearful with their stories of Gunners departing for greener grass.

Robin van Persie was a very fiery, troublesome and bad-tempered character in his Feyernoord days but Wenger did well to calm the beast within and turn him into one of the most lethal strikers in the Planet. Just like Thierry Henry, he started his career as a winger but Arsenal’s boss deployed him in the centre forward position and that move has reaped dividends. In the 2006/07 campaign, he scored 12 goals but Man Utd’s stalwart Gary Devil broke his metatarsal and put him out of action till the rest of the season. In the 2007/08 season, he spent more time giving assists to Emmanuel Greedybayor and Eduardo but he stepped into the limelight the next season by reaching his personal best as a striker with 20 goals to his name. In the 2009/10 campaign he was in blistering form with seven goals in eight games but his progress was halted for five months thanks to that Italian Capo called Giorgio Chiellini.

Van Persie started last season with an ankle injury but at the start of 2011, he changed from Robin van Persie to Robin goal vampire because he craved for goals the way vampires craved for blood. His 21-goal haul saw him smash personal and league records along the line. He was Arsenal’s first player to score in nine consecutive away games as well as being the best striker in the Premier League in terms of goal-to-game ratio with 18 in 17 appearances.

There were reports emerging that van Persie was going to be handed a fat 5-year deal but the stories are now gone with the wind. If there was any player that deserves pay parity with Cesc Fabregas, it’s the player that joined Arsenal a year after him and has been with the club through thick and thin, rVp. The media Vultures know that Arsenal fans will prey on their feed to keep up to date with the events going in their darling Arsenal but they’ve recently reported that Robin van Persie is to hand in a transfer request to join the bandwagon of Arsenal stars that seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Van Persie is a player that has reiterated his desire to stay and win things at Arsenal so these claims are really odd from the media Vultures. They say that Arsenal’s Flying Dutchman will submit the transfer request if Wenger fails to replace the departing players with players of equal quality. This means that if Captain America, Voltron and Magneto don’t replace Fabregas, Nasri and Clichy, van Persie will be a vexed individual.

We know that the aforementioned players have been heavily linked away from Arsenal but no concrete bids have made for their services. Barcelona have been trying to lure Fabregas into warming their bench for all eternity but they haven’t met Arsenal’s evaluation for El Capitan. Clichy has been linked with Liverpool, Roma and Manchester City but Arsenal’s longest serving player has told everyone that he’s keen on a move to Anfield but Wenger doesn’t want to be a coach that would be known for enriching his provisional league rivals with one of his players.

Clichy has served Arsenal well all thses years but a move to Liverpool or those moneybags called Man City won’t go down well with the gooners. I’m pretty sure that Clichy had his songs at Arsenal but seeing him wear the Red of Liverpool will be regarded as an act of extreme betrayal by the gooners. It’s also unfortunate to know that a player like Clichy can’t fetch us a mammoth fee. Liverpool made a bid of £5m that was rejected while Man City are pondering making a £7m bid.

Still sticking with departures, Chelsea’s Boa Constrictor of a coach has placed Theo Walcott on his radar. it’s true that he’s new in England despite working with Mourinho in the yesteryears but somebody needs to give that young snake of a coach the Premier League’s rivalry book because he needs to get his act right and go for targets like Falcao and the rest of the expensive flops that are in Torres’ and Shevchenko’s mold.

The rivalry book states that Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool are not meant to do transfer deals with each other because they are fierce rivals and the fans won’t take it likely. The rivalries are so intense that a manager can’t even go for a rival teams player in Football Manager. The fans will ask for his head on a plate, literally. In the last 5 seasons, how many players has Arsenal bought from Liverpool? None, from Chelsea? None but they acquired the services of a mercenary after he threatened to bomb Stamford Bridge with own goals. The only deal Arsenal made with Man Utd involved an old hag that was reaching his twilight years in football. I’m still in shock to know that Wenger sent Senderos away to loan and brought in Silvestre.

Moving over to possible arrivals, Arsenal has linked with a possible £20m move for Stewart Downing. Of all the one-legged hopeless wingers to bid for? As expected, his price skyrocketed to £20m because he’s English. Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson commanded the same fee. I’ll rather go into Frankenstein’s lab to assemble a left-footed Igor using £20m for the project than signing Stewart Downing. He’s so left-footed that his right foot has only one job, support. As Arseblogger wrote in a post weeks ago,

“Stewart Downing is so useless that he has a syndrome named after him”

In other transfer news, Arsenal has been linked with one of the tallest footballers of all time, Marseille’s Mathieu Valbuena but his agent is coy concerning a move for his client. Mathieu Valbuena came into the limelight for his goal in Anfield but he scored a very brilliant goal last season in the Champions League against Spartak Moscow in the group stages. With his back to goal, Valbuena turned 360 degrees to lash an unstoppable volley past the goalie.

However, Valbuena will be the perfect candidate to place on a defensive wall when taking a free kick. His height will definitely play a major role. There are not many players as tall as Valbuena in the business but players like Roberto Carlos, Maradona, Ludovic Giuly and Javier Saviola could look at Valbuena and get some hope 🙂

Going back to my headline, Samir Nasri has cooked up a new line in his new seasonal movie, Samir Nasri: The not so greedy boy. He has a year left so the ball is in his court to decide what he wants to do with his future. Arsenal tabled a £90,000 per week bumper deal for the bloke but he wanted to be on the same shoulder length with Fabregas. While the club worked towards achieving that, he said that he was waiting for Arsene Wenger to do the limbo in the transfer market.

Samir Nasri has brought up a new tail twister by saying that it’s not about the Benjamins,

“Money has never been my motivation. I have always taken decisions from a football point of view. I don’t want to sign for a club where I wouldn’t be playing the football that I like, where I wouldn’t feel happy, just for the sake of money.

We already earn huge wages. The priority is to make a big career and to win titles. With no titles under your belt, you can’t be in the list for the Ballon D’Or”

Ballon D’Or you say?

A few days ago, I was doing my thing on Twitter and I saw a tweet by Arsenal Updates but I saved it somewhere because I knew that it would come in handy.

@ArsenalUpdate: “As good as Nasri thinks he is, he’s no Zidane”

Thierry Henry scored 30 goals in the Premier League and was the best player in the World by my book but when the suit-wearing chums in FIFA set the stage for the 2004 FIFA Player of the Year awards, a bald bloke that went trophy-less with Real Madrid that season won the gold while King Henry had to settle for silver.

That’s how great Zidane was in his days. He didn’t even need to win any trophy with Real Madrid to seal the FIFA Player of the Year award but a young Frenchie likened to the great Zizou has the audacity to say that With no titles under your belt, you can’t be in the list for the Ballon D’Or.

You cannot hold Arsenal Football Club for ransom because you produced great football in the tail end of 2010. As good as Nasri thought he was, Tottenham’s left-footed Chimpanzee, Gareth Bale won the PFA Player of the Year awards while he came second. In my opinion, Tevez was supposed to usurp him from the second place because the Argentine Dracula produced some mesmeric displays and scored some spectacular goals.

I’ve been in defense of Samir all this while but I’ve had it to my neck. He can leave for £20m if he wants but my only prayer is that I want a team outside England to match the bid. Selling Nasri to Manchester United or Manchester City will dent Arsenal’s image in World football as a selling club without ambition.

Arsenal is not like AC or Inter Milan where the players switch between the clubs while Moratti and Berlusconi will be somewhere smoking Cuban cigars together. I don’t think that Stan Kroenke will have any plans of dining with the Glazers or Khardoon Al Mubarak.

These are trying times at my Arsenal.

Nasri and Clichy have a year left on their contracts and I’ll rather bench them throughout next season than sell them to a rival but Arsenal FC is all about…


In Wenger We Trust

I hope you like the blog’s new look. I wanted something more Arsenal-like 🙂


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  1. hay toni,, how you are having a nice trip. the bullshit artists will create any old story to sell their papers and this year like others ARSENAL IS THEIR favorite target. its up to us to buy their stories or not. i chose not. the board or ivan needs to step in and divert some of the heat from AW so that he can do his job. when the departures become known to AW, HE will start filling those spots from youth program and/or from outside. one thing is for sure. we can’t and won’t play the bidding war with the likes of manure, chitty,tots, chelski, BARKA and/or madrid. it is not our way. we won’t be a part of ruining the good game that is FOOTBALL.. till then the papers can’t come up with all the shit they want. i get a good laugh just reading the comedy..


  2. Gael is gone…. 🙁


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