Nominations for the Gooner Daily awards for September

The month of  September was a merry month for the Gunners and it had its fair share of disappointments. Just like the way it was done at the end of August, I’ve created eight polls that I’ll use for the Gooner Daily season review at the end of the season.

Please feel free to place your votes in the appropriate category and I’ll be grateful.


Nominations for the Save of the Month 

Last month’s winner was Wojciech Szczesny’s save against Antonio di Natale’s penalty when Arsenal visited Udinese’s Frulli in the Champions League play-off knockout phase.

90.65% voted for that save.

“….Minutes after Arsenal had gone ahead on aggregate, Lord di Voldemort had another chance to bring Udinese closer to Champions League qualification with Italy, the Udinese fans, Francesco Guidolin and his fellow death eaters…..teammates watching with hope.

Di Natale wiped away the sweat from his face before gearing himself up for the spot kick. He rattled Szczesny’s bar from 35 yards a week ago so 12 yards was more than close enough to bury the ball at the back of the goalie’s net but Arsenal’s keeper had other plans.

With Szczesny’s eyes firmly fixed on the ball, di Natale smashed an unstoppable shot but as the saying goes:

“When an unstoppable shot meets an immovable object, something has to give.”

Szczesny turned out to be that object and the save was the W in world class. With Fabianski crying out loud that he wants to fight to the end to win his place back from Szczesny, that save would have done enough to tell Flyin Fabbi that the bench is not a bad place after all.”

Culled from Udinese 1 Arsenal 2: Wojciech Szczesny makes his  mark


Nominations for the Assist of the Month

Last month’s winner was Gervinho assist for van Persie (Udinese) (24.08.11): 78.35%

“….Arsenal’s black dreadlocked Harry Potter with the big forehead started again after receiving the ball from a deflected Rosicky shot with his Expecto Patronums and the Udinese players watched again as he waltzed past them. His final ball found Robin van Persie and Arsenal’s captain and Flying Dutchman did the rest with a neat left-footed finish.”

Culled from Udinese 1 Arsenal 2: Wojciech Szczesny makes his  mark



Nominations for the Goal of the Month

Last month’s winner was Walcott’s goal against Udinese 2nd leg (24.08.11): 59.42%

“….The next goal was going to be the most important but it was heartwarming to know that it was scored by Arsenal. Rosicky fed Jenkinson who switched play to the left hand flank. Vermaelen teed up Sagna before he connected well with Theo Walcott.

With Udinese playing with the unorthodox 3-5-2 formation, there was certainly going to be a point when they’ll be exposed for the lack of standing full backs. Walcott used his pace to evade the wing back and was closing in on goal and one of the center backs was trying to close down on him. He sent Handanovic the wrong way and the joyous screams from the Arsenal fans in Frulli could be heard on the Moon.”

Culled from Udinese 1 Arsenal 2: Wojciech Szczesny makes his mark


Nominations for the Match of the Month

Last month’s winner was Udinese 1 Arsenal 2 (24.08.11): 96.21%

“Tonight, for 14 years on the trot, we play in the Champions League. We have a new stadium, a fantastic training ground, a very good financial situation and a very strong team. It was important today because we were under pressure so it was important to keep calm, composed and not do anything stupid.” – Arsene Wenger


Nominations for the Worst Match of the Month

Last month’s winner was Man Utd 8 Arsenal 2 (28.08.11): 97.27% and its likely to be the contender for Worst Match of the Season.

“….The last time Arsenal lost with 8 goals, Zeus, Hera and the other Greek gods were giving their blessings to Greece for the first ever Olympic Games in 1896. 53 years before Wenger was born.”

Culled from Man Utd 8 Arsenal 2: Red Devils simply gr-eight


Nominations for the Most Improved Player of the Month

Last month’s winner was Emmanuel Frimpong: 74.18%

Frimpong had a 6.5 Gooner Dating rating against Udinese (2nd leg), an 8.0 rating against Liverpool, a 6.5 rating against Udinese (1st leg) and no rating against Newcastle because he arrived late into the pitch.

Overall he had an average rating of 7.0 in the month of August.

Not bad for the young bloke


Nominations for September’s most disappointing player

Last month’s winner was Andrey Arshavin: 49.8%.

Arshavin had a Gooner Daily rating of 4.5 against Manchester United, no rating against Udinese (2nd leg) because he arrived at the death, a 5.5 rating against Liverpool, no rating against Udinese (1st leg: he didn’t play) and a 6.0 rating against Newcastle.

Overall he had a rating of 5.3 in the three games he played in the month.


Finally 🙂

Nominations for the Player of the Month

Last month’s winner was Thomas Vermaelen: 38.52%.

Vermaelen didn’t play against Manchester United so he had no rating.

However, he had a rating of 7.0 against Udinese (2nd leg), an astronomical 9.5 rating against Liverpool, a 6.5 rating against Udinese (1st leg) and a 7.5 rating against Newcastle.

Overall, the Verm had an average rating of 7.6 in four matches played.


The general idea of this exercise is to have my awards in place when I write my the 2010/11 Season Review and the 2010/11 Season Awards.

Feel free to check out the awards for the month of August.





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  1. So, no chance watching this lineup playing for Atsenal this season??


    Sagna — Per–Vermo–Santos



    Walcott—————- Gervinho


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