Koscielny Threatens to Leave: Arsenal’s Ambition on the Spotlight

Koscielny: I will leave Arsenal if trophy drought continues

Koscielny: I will leave Arsenal if trophy drought continues

“I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.

“Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.

“I’ve thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract. You guys, the fans, have of course the right to disagree with my view and decision and I will always respect your opinions.” – Robin van Persie

The world of Arsenal went into delirium after the captain choose not to renew his contract with the club, following an amazing campaign that saw him smash in 37 goals in all competitions. The Gunners wanted to play hardball, rejecting offers from Juventus, Manchester United and Manchester City but when the Red Devils came with an improved offer, the Arsenal hierarchy did what they do best – cashing in on their talisman.

This brought mixed opinions within the Arsenal support as some felt really hurt by van Persie’s statement while others didn’t really care, giving their captain their blessings to leave as well as shutting the door behind him.

Some fans felt that RVP had every right to do what he wanted in his situation. He had been at the club for a long while and had not won anything. He must have looked at other players that had left in recent seasons (Henry, Fabregas, Clichy, Nasri, Flamini etc) and they had all won trophies in their respectively clubs and he clearly wanted some of that.

Hey, a footballer’s career is short and he wants medals and trophies won to look back on. Not memories of scoring all kinds of beautiful goals in the opposition half only for your team to concede on the other end. Even van Persie scored in the 2011 Carling Cup final and got injured only for Laurent Koscielny and Wojciech Szczesny to cock up late on to lose the tie.

Some fans spoke about the issue of loyalty to Arsene Wenger as the manager has showed his undying faith in his players times without number. Wenger had transformed the likes of Emmanuel Adebayor, Cesc Fabregas, Gael Clichy, Samir Nasri and RVP into world beaters but they turned around and gave him the middle finger.

Then again, this thing about RVP having to show Wenger loyalty was a bit far fetched. That’s the risk Wenger and the club took in not strengthening properly in the last eight seasons. If Arsenal had won a trophies in recent times, the aforementioned players would still remain on Arsenal’s pay roll.

yes, it hurts 🙁

If you’ve not had your first cigarette, you can’t get addicted to smoking.

Twelve months on and out of the blue, Laurent Koscielny, yes, Laurent Koscielny has dropped a RVP-esque bombshell, citing that he would leave the club if the trophy drought continues,

“I feel good at Arsenal, if we have ambition to fight against the other teams of course I want to stay here. It’s hard psychologically. We are constantly pressured because if Arsenal is not in the Champions League it would be a catastrophe.

“I have to see if I have clubs interested in me. I will not go to any club. I want to may be discover another league. Paris [Saint-Germain]? There has been no contact yet.

“It is hard to not win titles year after year. We are competitors, professionals, we want to win. I want to add to my list of achievements. If Arsenal cannot allow me that, I’ll seek a move elsewhere.”

The way Koscielny’s career has turned around is a massive fairytale. Five years ago, he was plying his trade in Tours FC, a Ligue 2 outfit. In his second season at Tours FC, he was an ever-present figure, missing only four league appearances and he earned a place in the Ligue 2 Team of the Year at the end of that season.

FC Lorient snatched him up for €1.7m and he was also a regular starter in the mid-table outfit, amassing a 100 percent tackle rating. With the exits of William Gallas, Phillippe Senderos and Mikael Silvestre, Arsene Wenger offered this lad a chance to play top flight football on a consistent basis.

He notched up at total of 86 appearances in his two seasons with the club, scoring six goals. Last season, Koscielny endeared himself into Arsenal hearts with consistent stellar performances that even made him to overshadow Thomas Vermaelen in the heart of Arsenal’s defense.

Koscielny’s ability to read the game and anticipate a forward’s move is second to none. His pace is a good factor and his recovery instincts are top-notch as well. He also offers a threat up front from corner kicks because he has a decent heading ability and he can pop up in the box with that odd goal or two, like the type that granted Arsenal Champions League qualification.

However, his comments are no different from RVP’s last summer, citing that Arsenal’s lack of ambition was his primary reason for seeking greener pastures. Koscielny was key in Arsenal’s surge for a fourth place finish and he has attracted interest from Bayern Munich and PSG. Even if he recently signed a new deal that would keep him in the club till 2017, an audacious bid from the German giants could see Kos jump ship.

Koscielny might undermine Arsenal’s ambition for always battling for European qualification but for a team like Bayern Munich, it will be a different ball game and their expectations would be to win trophies which will add more pressure on the players to deliver, unlike Arsenal were it has become okay to just qualify for Champions League football. Sad.

In all honesty, this Koscielny revelation should be an eye opener to Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal hierarchy. How can the Gunners expect to keep hold on their best players when the club hardly gives them reasons to stay?

Last season, the Gunners were 16 points below the champions, Manchester United, and were knocked out of the domestic cup competitions by lowly Bradford and Blackburn. In the Champions League, a poor showing in the first leg became the team’s undoing, as an impressive 2-0 away victory in Bavaria wasn’t still enough to book a quarterfinal berth.

For a team that has won three League titles and four FA Cups under Arsene Wenger, this is not good enough!

This summer has to be different, and there can be no excuses.

The club needs to hold unto its players and bring in some quality signings in three key positions.

Wojciech Szczesny needs some competition and speculation regarding Queen’s Park Ranger’s goalie, Julio Cesar’s potential arrival is highly welcome. With Fabianski probably on his way out, Szczesny would sleep well at night knowing that he has only Vito Mannone to contend with.

Despite the fact that Mikel Arteta put up a great shift in his first season as a holding midfielder, Arsenal still needs a recognized defensive midfielder that could stamp his authority on the pitch. Lyon’s Maxime Gonalons has been heavily linked with the club and he’ll add some steel to the midfield.

Olivier Giroud may have scored 17 goals in his debut campaign but Arsenal needs that specialist forward (not Theo Walcott) that can bang in the goals when the going gets tough. Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic and Galatasaray’s Burak Yilmaz would tick those boxes.

Unlike van Persie that had a swipe at the team’s ambition after a strong campaign under his belt, some may feel that Koscielny is no position to threaten to leave the club. Then again, you can never know that goes on in the head of a professional footballer.

Some fans would be quick to point fingers at Koscielny, stating that Wenger made him what he is today. True.

But it’s the same Wenger that made Adebayor, Fabregas, Clichy, Flamini and RVP what they are today, and they aren’t wearing the Red and White of Arsenal.

Like the van Persie situation, I expect a mixed response on Koscielny’s quotes from the Arsenal faithful.

Feel free to share them with your comments.


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  1. Am certain no club has players constantly being asked at every Interview more than Arsenal. I don’t hear liverpool players being harrassed that much..is it becos they aren’t expected to win any or because for some reason the media loves to hate Arsenal and continually bring it up once a mic is in front of every Arsenal player.

    That being said, this season really has to mark a turning point. No more excuses, we have to compete for top honours and we have the means. The earlier we get all our targets in the better, no need waiting till August to do a transfer business that wld afford the player some pre-season….

    • I agree with u Simon,

      If we are to sign any player, we should do it now so that he will have a good preseason with us, rather than a late signing in August

  2. RvP’s revelation then should’ve been the eye opener for the club, so I’m not quite confident Koscielny’s would be and such would be the trend at the club till we start winning trophies (even if it’s just the COC) regularly either with our current squad (which can, but somehow don’t win trophies) or with a few necessary additions.

    Jovetic? We have Theo, Santi and Poldi… Rosicky too. Unless Jovetic’ll replace Rosicky, I don’t see why we’re even interested in him because last thing we need is wasting another talent like we just did Arshavin (God have mercy). Burak Yilmaz however would be fantastic. Been a consistent goal getter before joining Galatasaray, not to mention the European experience he now has.

    So agreed, two/three key signings will do the trick but can we pull that off while also making sure we don’t lose any first team player like Kozzer as was the case with RvP? That ish is annoying as f***!

    Sent via Nokia Belle

    Best regards and God bless,

    Newswriter, proofreader, linguist and friend. http://punkenstein.wordpress.com http://goonermemoirs.com

    “What we do in life echoes… in eternity”.

    • My brother. This trend has become tiresome.

      Must we always been on the spotlight for players leaving with the same bloody reason?

      Even if Nasri wanted to leave for money, he still stated that he wanted to win trophies with Man City, which he did in his first season.

      The club needs to change its mentality this season or else we will have ourselves to blame


    n i don’t thinlk koscienly will leave…

    all depends on this transfer window,how wenger utilizes this transfer window n how arsenal will be next season…

    if jovetic or villa or both jovetic n villa sign for arsenal,arsenal have aserious chance of winning the league…

    wanyama,capuou n gonalons are good for dm…

    sakho would be a great addition to the back four

  4. Oguntuase Amos

    Are we sure this is not a story made up by an idiot. There was a time Koscienly was been pilloried as a bad purchase but now somebody somewhere is doing a PR to improve his rating, market value and of course a bigger pay negotiation. This season is different. Anyone who goes would be replaced by an equally good if not better player. Any person or press can write nonsense, twist, fabricate or recycled stories. No longer will the siege mentality be allowed. Arsenal is bigger than any person.

  5. i am wondering when all this would end, we need to do something about our trophy issues, this is what makes us less attractive. Many players only opt to sign for arsenal to jump-start their career. There must be a Paradigm shift!!!

  6. Odewenu Olatunji

    I don’t understand why we Arsenal fans allow the media to ticke us every summer. They always look for ways to destabilise our team & give us the fans heartbeat. 1st it was Sagna, then Vermaelen & Podolski but now its Koscielny. Its just a fabricated story. I’m 200% sure that the Boss didn’t say such a thing, he’s going nowhere. He’s part of the team that’ll soon win trophies for us. Don’t be surprise that next week, it’ll be the turn of Cazorla been speculated to join Pelegrini in Man Shit if he’s confirm as their manager. Let’s all Arsenal fans be steadfast & neglect all this fabricated stories by the English media!!!

    • He actually did make the statements. Its his quote n its referenced in various other blogs… But I do agree the media keep hassling Arsenal and its players.

      Am I the only one sick of Arsenal players coming to the media to saying we need to sign other players for us to be successful. Don’t they think they are good enuf to win trophies themselves.. Do we need to sign Messi to beat Bradford and Blackburn. Our players shld shut up n play football..

    • For every rumor, there’s an element of truth. Food for thought

  7. Kos should remember his error against birmingham extended our barren run and Arsenal did not sell him because of that, why should he start giving ultimatums. Players should be reasonable, they cost the club matches and when they have one good season they start threatening, this is indiscipline of the highest order.

  8. Have been readin ur blogs every morning,24/7 for the past 2years plus and always agreed wit most of your post but I want to comment for the first time on todays post about koscielny on his recent outburst.
    Arsenal is big team and household name when I start supporting them wit a great manager wit a good vision!! Yes agreed we build a new stadium and have to reinburse back our debt but that doesn’t mean we have to decline seriously to the extent we struggled to qualify for 4th place and celebrate it as if we won the champions league final,we should stop our lackadisical approach towards signing of player and buy immediately when we discovered a quality signing and not drag feet like the case of juan mata and we end up signing gervinho that cost us loosing to bradford and blacknurn.kos the boss is tired of also being a square peg in a round hole that’s why he come out with the outburst but let’s look @ these he has been our savior in the last 2 season by qualifyin us for champions league play off if not for his goal against newcastle we would have loose our spot wen walcot went gaga and loose a glorious chance towards the end of ninety minute..we should start showing urgency and and hunger towards winning a trophy these season by buyin quality player immediately we discovered one.ferguson won the league when he decide to pay us 24m,let’s us pay them that same 24m and get rooney and see where our season wil end come may next year…salaries,bonuses and sign on fee could be sort out if wenger needs and believe we need him.let’s get our act toghther and aim for trophy

  9. I think firstly let’s get the bad ones off our wage bill. Arshavin and co. I won’t mind seeing gervinho leave, it will give enough space for one or two forwards. I really think buying Rooney will show ambition. Wayama won’t be too expensive. Ceasar will be a good buy too. I see no reason why LK6 should say that, how many years has he spent in arsenal? Lets get the deal done sooner than july

    • Signing Rooney will show some ambition but we can’t match his wages. I feel so

      • It should be we won’t not we can’t match his wages. A lot of scraps are leaving remember? There is a way to sweeten the deal. Who says we can’t pay him 180k and give him a big loyalty pay and so many add ons. We really need a fighter and an epl veteran. Rooney will definitely show ambition and competition

      • Rooney earns 250000 per week. We either match it or pay better. I doubt we could do both

  10. Bros we can do both. We did once for henry. Though henry was faithful. All I need now is a quality buy within epl. Secret of saf’s success: Ferdinand, carrick, Rooney,berbatov,Rvp,Tevez,. They all had epl experience

  11. If were to be saying this, he the most ingrate. If he should move out of Arsenal, he’ll not prosper. But, Wenger need to do something serious. We are tired of all these imatured players that are coming in, and after being developed, they be willing to wait to form a formidable team that can challenge and win laurel, but move to another clubs. Sign Higuain, Wanyama or Gonalon, Bender and a good right back.

  12. If he were to be saying this, he the most ingrate. If he should move out of Arsenal, he’ll not prosper. But, Wenger need to do something serious. We are tired of all these imatured players that are coming in, and after being developed, they be willing to wait to form a formidable team that can challenge and win laurel, but move to another clubs. Sign Higuain, Wanyama or Gonalon, Bender and a good right back.

  13. One good season and all these players think they are stars.

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