El Capitan a doubt, Walcott whines and Stainless Steel’s sale a major possibility

Good friday to you all.

†нє Emirates revival seems to be back on track with three good wins on †нє bounce after two disappointing back to back home defeats.

Qualification to †нє knockout stages of †нє Champions League has been ensured so its time to move unto †нє next fixture. A crunch match with fellow title rivals †нє Red Hell Owners.

I can’t really tell why †нє match was moved to Monday but all I can say is that we cannot afford to lose to †нє Red Hell Owners.

Maybe †нє Cunthounds at †нє FA wanted it to have †нє “El Classico” feeling.

†нє latest cuntbutler to talk about †нє no trophy cliche is Patrice “Tuck-In” Evra. When †нє Red Hell Owners beat us in †нє Champions League semis two seasons ago he called us boys. That’s a fool that can never fly his jersey on a pitch even if its dependent on his life.
After Igwe’s row with France’s disgrace of a coach, Evra was elected captain and didn’t do any better. He was rightly stripped off †нє captaincy by Laurent Blanc. He’s just lucky that his footballing ability is good because Sir Chewie would have flushed him away since.
I believe El-Rufai will put him in his place on Monday night. His ass is sure to hit †нє turf.

To †нє injury list, it seems that Johann “Injourou” Djourou is back in contention after picking up a thigh strain. I don’t think he’ll play on Monday. He’ll just have to settle for †нє bench.

Kieran “Ogo Gibbsy” sprained his ankle on Wednesday night and is likely to be out for three weeks at least. Good luck to him as he continues his road to recovery.

Gael “Flash” Clichy might play on Monday but reports are coming in that Emmanuel “Farma” Eboue may come in at †нє left back position. I’m quite pessimistic about that because †нє Red Hell Owners right winger Luis “Yar’ Adua” Nani will cause a lot of problems for our Farma. Let’s hope Flash recovers on time.

†нє game on Monday may not be a season defining game for us but we need all our players to be fit enough for selection.
Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas tweaked his hammy against Braga and was diagnosed to be out for two weeks. Our physios have been doing their bit but AW is saying otherwise. El Capitan has been tweeting that he’s training. Maybe AW wants to confuse Sir Chewie on that. I hoping that El Capitan would be †нє first man walking out of that tunnel holding hands with a pretty little girl. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott like El-Rufai, missed out on †нє World Cup because Capello felt that Bike Man Lennon and Short Wright-Phillips were better than him. He already has 8 goals this season and has put decent performances. †нє hattrick against †нє Fruities and †нє brace against †нє Cartoons has been his major highlight. But even at that, Wal Kuint has also been disappointing in some games. He shares †нє same problem with Abou “Diabytes” Diaby……quick decision making. There are moments you would expect Wal Kuint to cross to a teammate, he’ll shoot instead. I know he has a point to prove but he should understand that he has to settle for †нє bench in a game of this magnitude. No matter how badly Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin might play, he can still produce a moment of magic in a split-second. There’s no way he can challenge Samir “El-Rufai” Nasri with †нє kind of form he’s in. †нє final central position would go to Marouane “ChiAmaka” Chamakh or Robin “glassboned” van Persie. Wal Kuint should understand that he’s a good impact player from †нє bench. There’ll definitely be games he’ll start. While †нє Cashlings host †нє Red Hell Owners in †нє upper week, WigWig visits †нє Emirates. I believe he would start such a game. Finally, it’s up to AW. He’s †нє manager of Arsenal FC not pumpumphat.

With all †нє goal keeping errors and defensive lapses encountered last season, it became evident that if Arsenal wanted to challenge for honours in †нє new season, drastic changes and overhauling had to be made. Error prone defenders like Phillippe “Send Errors” Senderos and Mikael “BeanHead” Silvestre were not awarded new contracts while arrogant mercenaries like William “Mercenary” Gallas were sent packing. Reinforcements in †нє form of an unknown Laurent “Kos100%tackle” Koscielny and experienced Sebastien “Squisha” Squilacci were brought into †нє squad. Johan “Injourou” Djourou came back after over 16 months out to †нє game. †нє fans were happy about †нє new signings but †нє issue of †нє man between †нє sticks had not been solved. While †нє media linked us to Buffon, Lloris, Akinfeev and many other goalies from †нє Milky Way, AW decided to put all his goalkeeping eggs in Fulham’s basket. A bid of £2m was rejected by Sparky and it went on and on till †нє transfer window closed. Even though Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia’s position as No. 1 was threatened by Schwarzer’s possible arrival, he handled himself like a mature 33 year old. If Szszszsz could whine and threaten to leave because he missed out of a Carling Spoon encounter I would have imagine what he would have done if he was in Stainless Steel’s shoes. Throughout his 6-year old Arsenal career, Stainless Steel has never put †нє ball into his net from a simple cross or catch †нє ball from a corner and bounce it off a defenders head to our net. †нє worst I’ve seen him do was deflect †нє ball with his head after it hit †нє post. †нє three main reasons Stainless Steel is leaving Arsenal for Spain are: 1. His old (33 years) 2. Flyin Fabbi is showing †нє potential that earned him †нє polish keeper of †нє year award in 05 and 06. 3. Szszsz has a very bright future.
AW is a manager that gives players a chance to stake a claim and retain their place if he feels they are ready enough. In 2006, Send Errors did well with Kolo in Campbell’s absence but Campbell still retained his place in †нє Paris 06 final after months out…on †нє other hand, Lauren Etame could not get his place back from our Farma when he came back from injury and was sold to Pompey soon afterwards. Manuel Pellegrini just took over at Malaga and is keen for Stainless Steel’s signature. He’s so keen that he’s willing to buy him with his elbow injury so that he can continue his treatment in Spain. †нє only challenge is Stainless Steel’s £50,000 per week wages. Goalies can keep up to 40 which means that Stainless Steel can still be in between †нє sticks for Malaga for 7 good years but he has to settle for a pay-cut to achieve this feat. Hotty wanted to be in Arsenal so badly that he threw away his £95,000 per week in Leningrad FC to earn £70,000 per week in Arsenal although there are emerging tales that a new deal is on †нє cards for him and El-Rufai.

No matter what happens in January let’s treat Stainless Steel with respect. He was Volatile Jens deputy for 3 good years without complaining, let’s not forget that quickly.

I hope †нє move to Malaga would be smooth for everyone involved. At least †нє transfer fee of £1.5m is not that bad for a player who has been used sparingly this season.

Thank God its friday.


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  1. Leading 2 that Monday match, I go dey tackle u 4 ur blog and if we win that match promise me say u go do write up 4 MAN.UTD on this page.U wan bet? Nasir will hit Evra’s ass on d turf? Mek I chop stone use am cure AIDS if e happen!

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