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Fabregas Signs for Chelsea – A Bitter Pill to Swallow


Coming back to work after a public holiday has a funny feeling especially if that day is a Friday but that’s what happens in this part of the world. After the lovely opening ceremony and some Jennifer Lopezification, the World Cup took center stage and it was kinda fun actually watching football as a neutral without giving a ram’s scrotum about who was going to win, lose or draw.

Questions would be raised about the penalty awarded for the second goal but it just goes to show that even World Cup referees have a little bit of some English Premier League referee DNA in them. It can manifest when it wants.

Drifting away from the proceedings at Brazil, you must have heard about the news making waves in London. Cesc Fabregas, that wasn’t wanted at Barcelona for reasons best known to Lord Voldemort and the Loch Ness monster, has returned to the Premier League. Arsenal released a statement that they had no intentions of signing the Spanish midfielder and many felt that it was a move that they could rue.

Jose Mourinho, the opportunist, quickly set his sights on the player and within days, he was seen with his favored No. 4 jersey that was vacated by PSG-bound David Luiz. Fabregas released a statement following his completed move to West London,

“I considered all the other offers very carefully and I firmly believe that Chelsea is the best choice,They have an amazing squad of players and an incredible manager. I am fully committed to this team and I can’t wait to start playing.”

“Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me.”They decided not to take this option and therefore it wasn’t meant to be. I wish them well in the future”

How nice of Fabregas to remind us the obvious. Unlike the cases of Robin van Persie and Samir Nasri where they left under such acrimonious circumstances, Fabregas was bound to leave to Barcelona and he stated it times without number that he would love return to the home of football, the Emirates.

Everybody knows that Arsenal had the option to go for the kill but they chose not to take it. Yes, the Gunners have the splendid Mesut Ozil in their ranks and Aaron Ramsey had shown his quality but having a player of Fabregas quality would have been a major plus. He would have added a lot in terms of squad depth because Arsenal’s lack of depth in key areas of the squad cost the team dearly last season.

Maybe Arsene Wenger clearly has his own targets and he chose not to sign Fabregas out of sentiment, but watching the Spaniard spray those his Hollywood passes to the Chelsea forwards would be a painful sight. Then again, the fans would let it all go because he’s a professional and he’s expected to do his best for his new team.

I wish him all the best in his new club.

Hell no, I actually don’t. -____-



Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Pros and Cons of Signing Cesc Fabregas

Francesc Fabregas earned a place in the spotlight following his breathtaking performances in the 2003 FIFA Under-17 World Cup but under the tutelage of Arsene Wenger, he matured into one of the best players of his generation. His protracted transfer saga was a niggling issue at Arsenal and eventually, the Gunners buckled and let him go for initial fee of £35 million with a further £5 million in add-ons. In 303 appearances for Arsenal, he scored 57 goals and created 100 assists.

Since moving to FC Barcelona in 2011, Fabregas has won a La Liga title (2012/13), one Copa del Rey (2012), one Club World Cup (2011), one UEFA Super Cup (2011) and two Spanish Super Cup titles (2011 and 2013). After scoring 42 goals and supplying 48 assists in 151 games for the Catalans, it has been stated (via the Telegraph) that the midfield maestro would be available for £30 million pounds this summer.

There are other clubs obviously interested in signing the Spaniard but Arsenal has a buy-back clause as well as the fact that the player himself has stated that if he’s to return to the Premier League, it’s going to be at Arsenal. Many fans are in a state of dilemma in regard to the signing of Fabregas. Gooner Daily has decided to analyse the pros and cons of signing the midfielder.


That £30 Million Would Be Better Invested Elsewhere

At the end of the 2012/13 season, the manager, players and fans alike knew that Arsenal has to reinforce the squad if the team is to challenge for silverware in the forthcoming campaign. With Lukasz Fabianski and Bacary Sagna already out of the equation, Arsenal has to replace these lads and according to the Express and the Independent, David Ospina and Serge Aurier have been lined up as their replacements. The Gunners are also in pursuit of Sven Bender (via the Mirror) and the Metro reports that the club has agreed personal terms with QPR’s Loic Remy.

Gunners 'agree terms' with Remy

Remy has been heavily linked with a move to Arsenal this summer

Using speculated amounts for these players, Ospina would cost around £3-5m, Aurier £7m, Bender £15-20m and Remy £8-10m. Realistically speaking, wouldn’t £40+ for these four quality players than £30m for one Fabregas?

Where Would He Fit In?

As we all know, Cesc Fabregas is one of the best playmakers in the business but the Gunners have a squad that is flooded with a plethora of playmakers. There’s the German schemer, Mesut Ozil, the Spanish magician, Santi Cazorla, the ageless Czech, Tomas Rosicky and the British duo of Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey.

All these players battle for just two playing positions in the middle of the park but Cazorla’s versatility allows him to play on the flanks. With Ozil and Ramsey sure starters, Rosicky and even Wilshere (when he’s not on an unfamiliar wing position) are on the bench. So ask yourself, where would Fabregas fit in?

He Would Create an Imbalance in the Squad

Last season, Arsenal struggled with a lack of balance in midfield. Wenger experienced problems trying to fit OzilSanti Cazorla, Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey into the same team. Loading up a team with playmakers might work in games against weaker opposition. But it has routinely failed Arsenal in the bigger contests against fellow trophy contenders.

There have been countless occasions when Wilshere, a box-to-box midfielder by trade was forced to play on the right wing and while he excelled in the game against Olympique Marseille in that position, there were many more games he failed to make his mark as well. When Aaron Ramsey played like a jack-of-all-trades yet master of none shortly after his injury return, he was a lightning rod for fan frustrations but when Wenger fielded him in his natural box-to-box role, he flourished.

Arsenal’s box-to-box milfield crew

This is where Fabregas comes in. In his career, he has played in the holding role and even as a false nine in his national team colors but we all know that Fabregas played his best football in the hole behind the striker, the position Mesut Ozil currently occupies.

Simply put, there is no strength and pace to complement ample amounts of flair and technical craft. Adding Fabregas would only compound that problem, rather than remedy it.James Dudko of Bleacher Report


He Would Add to the Depth of the Squad

Watching Manchester City carry the Premier League trophy was certainly a painful sight but every Gooner would take solace in the fact that Arsenal was just seven points away from the top.

Then ask yourselves – how did Arsenal’s title challenge fall by the roadside? Some would say that it was because the Gunners lost Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil and Theo Walcott for a considerable chunk of the season. However, Manchester City lost Sergio Aguero to injury, Stevan Jovetic failed to assert himself and even the red-hot Alvaro Negredo blew cold in the tail end of the campaign.

What was the difference between Arsenal and Manchester City in this regards? Depth.

In Edin Dzeko, the Citizens had a forward that was very dependable and managed to hold the fort while Aguero was out injured and Negredo was firing blanks. At Arsenal, the loss of Ramsey, Ozil and Walcott created a vacuum that couldn’t be filled by any other player and even though Giroud was dependable enough, he was found wanting in the “big games”.

Having Fabregas in the squad would be a plus because he is a quality player that can step for Ozil or Ramsey if they suffer an injury or when they want to be rested.

He Doesn’t Require Any Adaptation Period

Even the best players in the world struggle when they play in a new club and they require a certain duration to adapt to the new way of life. Fabregas on the other hand has spent a considerable chunk of his career at Arsenal, so he won’t have any issues settling in because of his vast years of Premier League experience.

His Stats Proves that He’s Still a Force to be Reckoned With

With some assistance from, I’d compare Fabregas’ stats with Arsenal’s attacking midfielders in the 2012/13 campaign.

STAT (League Only*) Fabregas Ramsey Ozil Cazorla Wilshere
Apperances (subs) 28 (8) 20 (3) 25 (1) 30 (1) 19 (5)
Goals 8 10 5 4 3
Assists 13 8 9 8 4
Key Passes (per game) 58 (1.6) 32 (1.4) 76 (2.9) 67 (2.2) 33 (1.4)
Pass Completion % (Accurate / Total) 87% (1901/2184) 84.4% (1278/1515) 88% (1442/1639) 86.3% (1671/1937) 86.1% (1050/1219)
Long Balls (Accurate / Total) 134/171 75/108 40/57 97/137 60/70
Through Balls (Accurate / Total) 24/48 9/28 10/16 10/17 10/30
Successful Dribbles (per game) 24 (0.7) 30 (1.3) 45 (1.7) 49 (1.6) 45 (1.9)
Shots (per game) 52 (1.4) 50 (2.2) 30 (1.2) 73 (2.4) 21 (0.9)
Tackles (per game) 48 (1.3) 77 (3.3) 23 (0.9) 45 (1.5) 31 (1.3)
Interceptions (per game) 16 (0.4) 23 (1) 6 (0.2) 31 (1) 10 (0.4)
Successful Crosses (Accurate / Total) 4/24 0/25 36/103 36/141 3/22
Who Scored Rating 7.31 7.72 7.25 7.34 6.99
Bookings (Yellow / Red) 4/0 3/0 0/0 2/0 6/0

As the stats show, Fabregas notched up more assists than his peers at Arsenal and he had a whooping 2184 passes with a pass completion percentage of 87%, one percent less than Arsenal’s most accurate attacking midfield passer, Mesut Ozil. Fabregas also had more long passes and through passes than his Arsenal counterparts, which prove that come rain come shine, he remains an efficient passer of the ball.

Arsenal can definitely benefit from his eagle-eyed passing range as he was the same player that notched up a century of assists in his eight campaigns with the club.


With these in mind, it’s going to be very interesting to see how things pan out.

I’d keep you updated as the situation unfolds.


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Wenger the manager, van Persie the assistant and the two-faced Fabregas

It’s really strange to know how quickly games come thick and thin when every football season starts. When Walcott scored Arsenal’s last goal against Fulham, August couldn’t come soon enough because everyday spent with the media Vultures felt like forever.

A stalwart who served the club for eight good years was sold honorably to the oil money bags while another player that served for three years and had a half season of wonders had a lot of shenanigans before he was sold to the same oil money bags.

August was marred by Gervinho’s debut red card, Liverpool’s winless streak at Arsenal’s home broken and the club’s biggest defeat since the days Zeus gave Greece the license to host the Olympic Games.

The high points of August were the emergence of Emmanuel Frimpong, Theo Walcott and van Persie’s good goal scoring form and qualification to the Champions League.

Arsène Wenger’s side had the best away form in the league last year but his team couldn’t match it with its performances at the Emirates. He told the media Vultures that his team’s Old Trafford nadir has distorted their excellent recent form on the road and that’s not a lie.

It’s not everyday you get spanked with eight goals. Even Wigan Athletic received nine in a big blue basket at White Hart Lane but that score line was never repeated again. Chelsea slammed eight past them to win the league in grand style.

Wenger has also labeled the enthralling 1-1 draw against the German champions as a fair result and it’s an assessment that has been shared by Per Mertesacker.

The German warned Arsenal about the threat that Dortmund posed and he recently told the media Vultures that Arsenal had Lady Luck on its side.

It’s normal for a manager to be asked about the futures of loan deals and Wenger has gone on to say that he’ll not rule out signing Yossi Benayoun on a permanent basis.

The Isreali mosad (lol) also told the media Vultures that he didn’t reject a Liverpool move to join Arsenal.

Arsenal’s opponent tomorrow is currently in a precarious state and the fans are literally requesting for Steve Kean’s head on a plate. Shortly after the wealthy Indian businessmen took over the club, they sacked Big Sam despite being in 13th place and Steve Kean took over the affairs of the club then sweated blood and sand like Spartacus to reach the 40 point mark and end up in 16th place.

The most annoying issue about Blackburn’s situation was that they had not managed any away point in 2011 but they came to the Emirates at the start of April to secure a boring 0-0 draw. Wilshere had a glaring miss in that match and all the media Vultures that were hailing him for his performances criticized him for his lack of goals.

However, Arsène Wenger has expressed his sympathy for Blackburn’s manager:

“I have a lot of sympathy for Steve Kean. He is a young manager and you want to give him time to do his job.”

“A lot of the time you complain that the English managers do not get a chance and I can understand that, but when they do get a chance you must give them time.  It’s hard for everybody, even for those who manage for 30 years.”

“I just believe this job is difficult. Everyone who has been in it knows it, and how much depends on the situation you are in at the moment. When you don’t win at the start it’s difficult.”

Premier League chairmen have been proven down the years as an impatient bunch and many managers have lost their jobs under acrimonious circumstances.

Still sticking with tales of managers, Arsenal’s No. 2 Pat Rice was the man in charge when Arsenal faced Dortmund but he has told the media Vultures that van Persie assumed the role of an assistant manager on the pitch:

“Did I like it? No. It has never been one of my ambitions to be manager of a football club.”

‘It was too stressful for me and extremely strange not to have the manager with me. He is normally shouting in my ear.”

Rice also took out time to play some sweet tunes about Arsenal’s No. 1 citizen:

“Robin is the club captain and we encouraged him to be verbal on the park and off it.”

“He was asking me one or two things about what we could do better and I was saying one or two things which could make the team better.”

“As for the goal, it is nothing unusual to see Robin do that. It was a great run by Robin and a terrific ball through.”

“It was unusual to see Robin hit it with that foot but it proves he is not a one-foot footballer.”

Van Persie was imperious against Dortmund and his performance as a captain rubbed off on his peers. He scored Arsenal’s goal and was on the end of almost every corner kick that was swung in by Dortmund.

Van Persie is one player that Arsenal cannot afford to lose because the burden of goal scoring will be transferred to Chamakh and Park CY.

The Moroccan had a great start for the club but his form and confidence waned as he spent more time on the bench. Park is a good player but the fans haven’t witnessed him in action yet, I have a hunch that he’ll start against Shrewsbury in the Carling Cup on the 21st.

Cesc Fabregas is a player that wrote his name in Arsenal’s folklore in his eight-year stint at the club. He represented the future Wenger preached about and he dropped a legacy at the club for being one of the most creative forces to have ever worn the Red and White.

As a footballer, Fabregas is the W in world class but he had some ambitions that Arsenal failed to meet in his last six years at the club. His saga with Barcelona was one of the longest ever in Premier League history but Arsenal decided to give in to Barcelona after holding the fort for a very long time.

Fabregas left for Barcelona but reiterated that he’s an Arsenal fan by heart but the media Vultures recently released a report that Fabregas stated that Arsenal cannot win a trophy anytime soon:

“I want to be in a club able to win the big titles year after year and I don’t see that kind of future for Arsenal.”

“I still have many feelings for Arsenal but I fear they won’t be able to push the other big clubs in England away.”

“If you look at the team this season I can’t see them finishing in front of Manchester United or [Manchester] City, or Chelsea.”

“It was part of my decision to leave – I find it hard to see Arsenal winning the league or Champions League in the near future.”

“I hope they will replace me and the others that have left with some quality players and maybe they can take Arsenal back to their level as champions.”

There are things that are not certainly needed from footballers that were respected in their previous clubs. Fabregas is a player whose songs will be in full voice when Barcelona visits the Emirates but after these quotes, the boo boys might be on show.

However, Fabregas has denied these claims and has used Twitter as the perfect medium to back it up.

Fabregas is closing in on 1,500,000 followers but with Twitter having a limit of just 140 characters, Fabregas fully explained himself with five tweets:

@cesc4official: “I’d never speak 1 bad word about Arsenal FC, here’s one more proof that so many people put in newspaper whatever they want and its not professional.”

“I want Arsenal to be successful as much as every single fan. That’s not why i left, it was never in my mind. Arsenal FC made me who i am today.”

“And nobody will ever change that. I never gave any interview away since my press conference at my presentation and there i just said…”

“…The truth and what came out of my heart. Great words about this great football club cause that just what they deserve: succes and trophies.”

“People can hate me for leaving or remember that i gave my all for the club. But me talking 1 bad word or saying something against Arsenal FC will not be seen.”

These tweets came from Fabregas’ BlackBerry and they are good enough to quell every quote that was stated earlier by the media Vultures but as the saying goes:

“Behind every rumor, there’s an element of truth in it”

Fabregas has also revealed that he’ll leave his door open for Arsenal but I don’t think that Wenger would think of re-signing the bloke after all the drama this summer.

Arsenal recently resigned Sol Campbell and Mad Jens Lehmann but they were signings that were made out of desperation due to injury worries in the positions.

Arsenal’s midfield is blessed with a large haul of midfielders so Fabregas won’t really be needed back at the Emirates.

In other news, Arteta is pleading for patience with the new signings and Wenger wants to seek the correct balance with his Carling Spoon selection.

That’s a wrap


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