AW the Alchemist hits back at Monsieur Tuck-in’s low blow, talks up Hotty and a football-less Saturday round-up

Sorry about †нє lateness of today’s blog.

I was doing some things for my father.

This is a Saturday that will have no impact on †нє top of †нє table.

†нє teams playing today are those ones that make up †нє numbers in †нє Premier League.
Teams whose expectations are to “stay” in †нє league. Well its not every team that is capable of winning †нє 10-month long league. You need consistency and great footballing ability in every position in your squad. Finally, you need money.
Its one thing to have †нє adequate resources to win a league, its another thing to get a football manager that can guide †нє team to †нє finishing post. Since †нє Premier League’s inception in 1992, †нє Red Hell Owners have been the alpha-team. All credit must go to football’s greatest manager in terms of Silverware won…..Sir A. Chewie. He has brought an array of talent down †нє years and has also honed a lot of home-grown talent. Enough about Sir Chewie.

In †нє build-up to Monday’s english El Classico, †нє Red Hell Owners Wankhammer of a left back, Patrice “Monsieur Tuck-in” Evra made some immature and pathetic comments about Arsenal FC. We as fans reserve †нє right to abuse our own players because †нє money we pay for season tickets are allocated to †нє squad. We also buy jerseys and other accessories. †нє cuntbutler labeled us “a training centre” where we enjoy games without winning trophies. I won’t blame him for being a dullard in history class. He didn’t know how long it took Sir Chewie to win his first trophy after joining in 86′.

As expected, †нє media asked AW in his press conference and his reply showed †нє class that has earned him †нє respect of fans and managers alike. Managers like Tony Pulis or Sam Allardyce would have gone berserk but AW showed his calmness. He simply said that †нє french Cuntling wanted to heat us up before †нє match but his own focus is on †нє match to be played. He also indicated that †нє talking will be done on †нє field of play.

It was a real low blow but frankly speaking we have been trophyless for 5 good years. I hope this motivates †нє gunners to step up their game in Old Strafford. Their last visit to Manchester ended in a convincing 3-0 victory against †нє Cash Money Oil Money Billionaires.

I hope that we keep our calm and play our “Cescy” football in Old Strafford. It would be a lot sweeter if †нє French Cuntling scores an own goal in †нє 90 minute.

Cesc “El Capitan” Fabregas is still a doubt for Monday’s game. AW risked him against Braga and it didn’t pay off. AW said that †нє final decision to play El Capitan is his. This is †нє 18th week in †нє Premier League. If El Capitan is not 100% ready for †нє Old Strafford game, he should settle for a place on †нє bench. Tomas “Banana Lomo” Rosicky is an able deputy.

Andrei “Hotty” Arshavin has been fairly inconsistent this season. He has had some good games and some absolutely horrid games this season. In †нє Premier League’s assist rankings, Hotty is number 3 on †нє list behind †нє Blunt Chris and Luis “Yar’ Adua” Nani.
AW is only hyping his passing ability. What can he say about his lackadaisical attitude and lethargic style of play? He’s ranked among †нє best players in †нє squad and with Theo “Wal Kuint” Walcott pressing hard for a place in †нє starting line-up, he should better get his act right and start putting up good performances. We all know what happened to Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia.

El Capitan wants us to show our title winning intent by winning in Old Strafford. Let’s not forget that they go straight to †нє Blue Bridge to play †нє Cashlings in †нє upper week so a team is sure to drop points.

That’s a wrap for today.

I guess I’ll have to settle for †нє game between †нє Carpenters and †нє Cash Money Oil Money Billionaires.

More on England’s El Classico tomorrow.

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