If you don’t succeed, dust yourself up and……..try again

I had so much Guinness yesterday morning and I entered Guinness drinking “season 2” yesterday night. All I could see in my dreams were bottles of Guinness jumping up and down in a meadow. I’m fully awake with a very bad headache but I still have to write my blog. I guess no amount of induced alcohol could stop me from doing what I love.

So many anti-Arsenal fans were in orgasm in our defeat to Birmingham. I watched the match in a “viewing center” in Owerri. The ratio of the gooners to the anti-Arsenal fans was a staggering 1:5.

We all know how the Carling Spoon was lost so there’s no point dwelling on it. On Sunday, Arsenal was the only English team that was still participating in all competitions.

A win would have brought smiles to gooners worldwide. A win also have made me write my happiest post ever but I guess I’ll save all my “happy posts” till May. I enjoy what I do so I’m confident that I’ll still be feeding my readers with my Arsenal digest at that time.

As a die hard fan of the Arsenal, I subscribed to the official newsletter from Arsenal.com. AW the Alchemist had a few words to say to gooners worldwide. The note is really long so I’ll point out the main quotes of our manager’s words of wisdom.

“Congratulations to Birmingham, they took advantage of the mistake we made and they took the trophy which hurts us tremendously. We have to continue with our belief, pick ourselves up and face the other challenges we have”.

“The team is very disappointed and we will face a lot of questions after that mistake at Wembley but we have to be strong enough to stand up. It is a good opportunity to show that we have the mental strength to respond to the situation like that”.

“Both Koscielny and Szczesny felt destroyed afterwards and we have to lift them up again and help them, that is what a team is about”.

“It is a massive disappointment but we have massive challenges in front of us. The Carling Cup is five games but a championship season is 38. We will not throw 38 games away because of one game”.

I’ve taken these 4 quotes and I will elaborate on them a bit. The first talks about our opponents Birmingham. Even if we were sure-fire favourites to win, their goalie was in inspired form and played a major role in their victory against us. Besides, they didn’t just appear in the final. They had a run from the 3rd round like us. He ended that quote by saying that we have other “challenges” to face. We are still in the title race, we have a 5th round tie tomorrow and we still need to go to Krypton to play those Aliens in the Champions League 2nd leg.

The second talks about the mental strength of the team. After Monsieur Tuck-In Evra labeled us as a “training centre” in December we went to Old Strafford and lost with a solitary goal from Korean action film hero Wong Fei-Hong. That was our last league defeat. There was talk that we couldn’t perform in “big games” but in recent weeks the pundits and media Vultures alike have been made to swallow back their vomited words like ruminants. The two most notable victories were against Carlo the Cannibal’s Cashlings and the BarcAliens.

The third quote talked about the two guilty parties in the crime that was committed in the 89th minute at Wembley. Wojciech Szczesny and Laurent Koscielny. He said that we are a “team” and we need to lift them up. Szczesny conceded only one Carling Spoon goal all season. It was in the semis 1st leg against Ipswich. Koscielny on the other hand scored his only Carling Spoon goal in the 2nd leg against Ipswich and has been one of the most overused players this season. He has featured in all competitions and hasn’t gotten good rest. We also have to remember that this is his first season in English football so we have to admire the way he has adapted to the physical game. I still don’t know who will get the nod to partner the Verminator when he returns to full fitness. I’ve run out of superlatives for Kos100%tackle and Injourou

The last quote is still the most important of them all. The Carling Spoon was a 5 game adventure that started in September and ended 2 days ago. The Barclay’s Premier League however is a 38-game grueling competition that has only one victor. As Nelly says in his hit track #1. 2 is not a winner and 3 nobody remembers. The team that wins a league is the team that deserves to win the league. You play 19 home games and 19 away games. The only way you can win a league is by accumulating the highest amount of points by winning and drawing your games.

AW the Alchemist showed his title winning intent by featuring his best XI in the Carling Spoon final. If El Capitan and Walcott were fit they would have played.

In other news, our flying red hot Dutch man might not play in the Nou Camp on the 8th. What saddens me is that he got injured while scoring the goal yet we couldn’t win the competition for him and El Capitan. Wald Bezt Bendtner has gone above Chamakh in recent weeks so I pray that he gets his scoring boots on and fill rVp’s hot shoes. He should also remember that he’ll be playing in his “favourite” center forward position so he should just stay up front and leave the wings alone. He’s not Thierry Henry.

Our Aztec Warrior Carlos Vela scored a late equalizer against the Rugby boys yesterday. At least our loanees are doing well in their respective clubs.

They say that the best motivation is pain.

As Aaliyah said in her song,”If you don’t succeed, dust yourself up and try again”.

Gooners no more sulking.

My bloody head still hurts.

Maybe I’ll cure with one more bottle of Guinness


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  1. The funny thing today is that Arsenal fans will mock either one of Chelsea or Man.Utd fans.Woe betide Chelsea if they lose 2day!

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