Sagna talks while Cesc is happy but frustrated

There are days when I think about my Arsenal, the players and the ever faithful diehard how fans and I tend to wonder how we manage to stay committed to a team that has a PhD degree in frustrationology, a new course that started six years ago. A team that would lead by four goals at halftime but end up drawing the match, a team that would score a goal in the 98th minute but concede a penalty three minutes later. A team that would play a Cup final against a side that they had done the double over in the course of the season yet still end up losing thanks to a self-inflicted wound.

The list of games in which Arsenal has frustrated its fans can be written in a blog but optimism is still a key factor for everyone concerned with Arsenal because the squad has the quality to land that trophy that has eluded us for six long years. Season after season, Arsenal has come close to winning something but a series of mishaps, referee indecision or a self-inflicted wound like the one against Birmingham suddenly pops up from nowhere.

Francesc Fabregas is a player that has won the biggest prize any footballer can ever dream about; the World Cup but he’s still hungry to win more because his attitude and professionalism is second to none. Despite the fact that his ass has been sniffed countless times by Barcelona, he has tried his possible best to keep them at bay with his words of wisdom to the media Vultures. He’s not like Emmanuel Greedybayor that likened AC Milan to Beyonce. If you can equate AC Milan to Beyonce, what female celebrity would you equate a team like Barcelona to? She has to come from outer space because we all know that Barcelona is a club that’s infested with aliens.

Fabregas has told the media Vultures that he’s frustrated that he hasn’t won any trophy in six years but he won’t ask for a move out of the club because he owes his footballing life to Arsenal. He said a lot to the media Vultures but this is my pick from the pack of his tales.

“There is a good team and a good manager and one of the most faithful fan bases in Europe. With those I believe we can make progress and one day win an important trophy.”

Fabregas is a player I admire a lot because he knows what to say and when to say it. He may not be the most vocal leaders you’ll ever see but he sure does his talking on the field of play. In the 2009/10 season, he scored 19 goals and had a lion’s share of assists but he didn’t ask the club to play £110,000. The club handed him that contract because he deserved it unlike someone in the squad that’s requesting for pay parity with Arsenal’s talisman because he produced a brilliant half season. AW has said that he’s confident that Nasri and Fabregas would stay so bringing in a chap like Gervinho as well as Samba will be a breath of fresh air in the squad. Wenger also has to remember that he should do well to flush out the deadwood in the club.

"Please don't go"

Bacary Sagna is one player that lives and bleeds Arsenal. He has been the most consistent player since his arrival from Auxerre in 2008. Sagna took out time to talk to a radio station about Arsenal, Fabregas, Nasri, Gervinho and many other issues. When he was asked about Arsenal’s season in general, he like every other Arsenal fan laid emphasis on the downward spiral that started after the loss to Birmingham in the Carling Cup final. He also talked about the game in February where Diaby decided to be an action hero that grabs his enemies at the back of their necks and slam them to the ground without exchanging any punch.

“….while we were leading four-nil at half time. It should never happen. We have to focus and work hard to ensure we’ll never do that again.”

I remember vividly that I had nightmares the night we drew with Newcastle. I tried to fathom the idea of drawing a game that you where you were 4 up at halftime. I knew that it won’t be possible if I used a video game so I decided to repeat the ordeal with my Football Manager 2011. I played against Everton and went 3 goals up at halftime thanks to Robin van Persie, Alexis Sanchez and Nicolas Otamendi. Few minutes into the second half, I replaced Vermaelen, Fabregas and van Persie with Squillaci, Denilson and Bendtner just like how it happened in reality. Song got injured on the 60th minute so there was no sub to be made because I had done all 3. I assumed that it was an exact replica of the Diaby situation so I changed to 4-4-1 like how it was in reality but the game ended up at 3-1.

The end result meant that my match in Football Manager 2011 couldn’t match reality but it’s still puzzling to know that I watched such a match. It would have made more sense if someone told me about it.

Sagna was also asked about his future in the club but his answer didn’t match Bendtner’s, Denilson’s or Nasri’s. Sagna said that he’s 99% at Arsenal unlike a teammate that said that he wants to be 100% out of Arsenal. When he was asked about the future of his captain, his reply added some fuel to the Fabregas leaving fire but he quenched it at the end.

“Compared to last summer, I feel him more convinced he will return in his homeland, to play in his hometown, close to his family and for one of the best clubs in the world. But I don’t know at what point discussions are, if there are discussions. Only thing I know, is that Cesc is still our captain, and still an Arsenal player.”

He was also asked about Gervinho and he had this to say,

“I’ve heard about him. He’s a gifted player. This season, he was a key player for Lille, and really helped his team to be champions. He’s got a wonderful technique on a football field, and I’m sure he would be welcome.”

Gervinho will definitely feel at home if he joins Arsenal because the language barrier will not be a problem.

In other news, I wrote an article about the top 10 goals of the 2010/11 season for Bleacher Report. It’s worth a read.

The tweet of the day goes to Uchenna Stephen,

“@Uchez2: Barcelona should pay at least £50m or forget it! He’s our player not theirs”.

In as much as Francesc Fabregas Soler has Barcelona flowing through his veins, he belongs to Arsenal Football Club.


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  1. as you say,BacARY IS A TRUE GUNNER, one of the best at RB in the world… no lack of commitment or hunger there.. i respect his opinion… i think, he sees ceses dispair and longing to leave.. he sees him everyday at practice and games.. i see that he feels it is time we let elcapitan go… possibly because we need a captian we stronger leadership qualities and unshakable love and commitment to ARSENAL… maybe this summer is the best time to bid adue to the young man and get the top price for him.. remember, thiery was sold one year too late… 10 mil is what we got as opposed to 30mill…

    • That’s true….the longer he stays…the more his value might drop but I’m a fan of El Capitan and I’ll want him to stay
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  2. i too love his game and would like him to stay muchmuch longer.. as you say, the team is built around him.. but i want him here body,soul and heart… i think he is split now and it shows on the field… kay sera sera… right?

  3. aliean basterds ,, henry, helb and now… wait overmars and silvinho also were raided

  4. I read this post about the difference having Nasri as our playmaker compared to Fabregas, which had some truth in it.. We wouldn’t miss Fab that much if he goes but I kinda understand how he feels at the moment, one thing we’ve got to understand is that there is no place like home and Barca is his home but the way Barca are flirting to sign him is what is annoying and this makes him torn in between the two clubs…

    I do hope he stays just for another year.. After all Xavi isn’t that old, you saw his exploits in the CL final, didn’t look like some one that had lost his football sense, so they should be patient…

  5. Barca is to Arsenal what Real Madrid is to United.

  6. I honestly think Fabregas is the best at what he does in the world and I will never forget him limping around on a broken leg two years ago at the Emirates against the Catalan Cunts, or the winner at the San Siro, or becoming a man at the Bernabéu as a teenager. With that being said Fab seemed very disinterested the second half of this season (especially after that Toon nightmare). I think its imperative to the Gunners to keep him but only if he truly is committed to another campaign and winning silverware. I hope he gives us another year or two then returns home. It really hurts to know deep down he is one of them and eventually needs to return home. On another note I’m hearing we may take Viera on a free with a pay as you play deal. Thats perfect cover for Song during the ANC and he’ll bring the veteran leadership we need. InArseneWeTrust

    • Nice words Andy… some point, we’ll have to let him go…I’m not looking forward to that day..
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  7. i thought patrick was coming in as a defensive coach and a motivational leader.. that would be fine.. as a player… i have questions regarding his fitness to play in our setup..

    • He won’t be fit enough to play….we should remember that we have only 25 players to register!
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  8. so true,,, AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS allways made me nervous when we had four or five players that were african based… remember… ? we could use paddy as coach though. he could be a good influance on the team and motivate and desipline the crew in ways maybe ARSENE is not able too.

  9. So many rumors this time of year you’re both right he would fit in better in a coaching role. His last kick won us our last cup PV4

  10. with the right and bold moves this summer ,i realy believe in a great dinesty comingup.. for years to come…

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