New signings expected and the world of Arsenal in two days.

It’s really frustrating to know that two days have gone with the wind and I haven’t published any post. This feeling is likened to a junkie that hasn’t gotten any dose of his favorite stuff in two days. I didn’t come to my NYSC Camp with my laptop and BlackBerry batteries are as useless as the ‘H’ in John Cross and the ‘AY’ in okay.

NYSC camp life just got a lot sweeter for me because I’m the manager of Platoon 1’s football team. I’m going to employ all the knowledge I’ve acquired from watching Arsenal play as well as all the tactics I’ve become adept with in Football Manager. I intend to use Arsenal’s 4-2-3-1 formation but I’ll alternate between 4-3-3 when I want to attack and 4-5-1 when I want to park the bus in a game I need to see off.

In just two days, a lot of activities have been ongoing in the World we call Arsenal. There haven’t been any matches going on so transfer speculations have dominated the proceedings of the Arsenal World. Starting with possible departures, the usual suspects are back in business again.

Denilson was the first Arsenal player to raise the white flag regarding his future at the club and was offered an escape route in the hands of Sevilla. Arsenal tried to use him as fresh blood stained meat for Shark-tar but the Ukrainians were not interested in acquiring his services. It seems as if Denilson will get another to wave his goodbyes to Arsenal because Villarreal is weighing up a move for Arsenal’s Brazilian escort-in-chief. He isn’t in anyone’s good books at the moment so his departure will be highly welcome because there’ll be space for a new player since the 25-man squad list rule still stands.

The want-away greedy French boy has reiterated to desire to leave Arsenal. This is turning into a boring cliche so I won’t give a ram’s testicle about Samir Nasri’s recently built urge to win trophies or to make his account greener than the Green Lantern himself but Arsenal is running out of options for his sale. Bayern and Inter would have been the preferred sale destination for the maestro but the two big guns from the city of Manchester have been on the prowl for his signature.

Selling a player of Nasri’s caliber to United or City will be a very wrong move for Arsenal Football Club. I’d rather play hard ball with him and keep him at the club for an extra year than to sell him for £20m to a provisional rival. Arsenal is considered as the third richest time in the land with gross earnings of $1B according to Forbes so there isn’t any real need to acquire an extra £20m from another club, yet alone a rival.

Nasri is an important piece in Wenger’s jigsaw puzzle so I really hope he’ll sign the new contract because his best is yet to come. Wenger has said that he’ll fight to keep Nasri and Cesc’ so I hope that he wins with a technical knockout like the way Vladimir Klitschko knocked the life of Nigeria’s Samuel Peters.

Fabregas is another player that has been linked heavily with a move to his hometown club. If I get N1,000 for every time ‘Fabregas’ and ‘Barca’ has been mentioned, I’m sure that I’ll be hitting ‘a milli’ like Lil Wayne. Barcelona have told the media Vultures they’re more than happy to play the waiting game for Arsenal’s captain. What do you expect? That’s what broke dogs…..clubs do. Wait for the crumbs from Arsenal’s table.

Johan Djourou isn’t even skeptical about the possible exits of Nasri and Fabregas because he believes that someone else will take that leap of faith to step up his game. He says,

“If he Fabregas goes, he goes.  It could be true because when you look at players who normally come out and express themselves, it’s when someone goes. When Thierry went, Cesc expressed himself even more, but the two together [Fabregas and Nasri] are great so you’d rather keep them. If someone goes then I’m sure someone will step up.

I consider football as a progressive sport so the possible exit of Fabregas and Nasri could make Wenger unleash another footballing beast to the world after his alchemy process. We all saw a young beast called Jack Wilshere who ravaged the Premier League with his blazing performances that earned him the Young Player of the Year so I’m pretty sure that if Nasri and Fabregas go, Wenger would unleash a new beast.

The media Vultures report that it could be a beast that Matas. It could also be a short tattooed-up Argentine pacey striker called Ezequiel Lavezzi. The media Vultures also speculate that Arsenal is lining up a £27m bid for a striker that was as hot as van Persie at some point last season, Karim Benzema. There was a period that he was in unstoppable form with 9 goals in 6 games or so.

Karim Benzema’s signing would make the Arsenal faithful drool to bits. His possible arrival would also mean that van Persie could be deployed on the hole behind to hone his skills as an attacking midfielder.

In other transfer news, Arsenal has a bid that has been rejected for the services of the Chambered Ox. As good as the bloke may think he is, we the gooners don’t need a youngster that win the quad for Arsenal in 2020. As Don Jazzy would say, “Now is the time“.

Moving over to my headline for the day, Wenger has promised that he’ll work really hard to bring in the players that’ll add quality to the squad. He says,

“We are working very hard on it. For me, the best thing is not to talk too much about it. The more you speak about things, the less chance you have to achieve them. The only thing that I can promise you is that we will work very hard and we have had some long”

Classic Arsene Wenger. Coy to the very end. I guess we should brace ourselves to see Captain America, Voltron and Superted very soon.

In other Arsenal news, Usmanov has upped his shares , Lansbury will spend an extra season on loan with Norwich and Gibbs might be given the chance to make the left back position his own.

That’s all for today gooners.

I can’t believe that I’m writing this blog post in Mammy market when my fellow corpers are getting really high.

Time to join my fellow corpers in the act. I’m the star attraction I guess.

The voting process in Nigerian Blog Awards ended today so the counting stage begins today.

I hope I win. 🙂


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  1. hay bro,,, nice piece full of info.. to bad gervinho won’t be going to the far east man, i wanted to see some of his magic.. tell me more about this camp dude… what’s it all about.. hope your football knowledge gets you far with the guys there… maybe, next year Arsenal can do a tour of Africa as they are doing now in asia.. you think they will be welcomed??


    • Hey Kamran, the camp is fun. It’s where graduates come together for 3 weeks to undertake some tasks under the guidance of military men. We do all their drills and match like soldiers from time to time. It’s fun.
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