Wenger sanctions and Samir on the verge of getting the ‘greens’ in Etihad Stadium

I’ll start with a tale of a father with two beautiful daughters called Francesca (24) and Samantha (23). Francesca was adopted from Spain while Samantha was born in a riviera on the South of France. Francesca and Samantha served their father well but Francesca’s loyalty was torn when she went on a summer holiday with her fellow Spaniards. Samantha missed that ‘holiday’ because she wasn’t good enough. After the summer holidays, Francesca fell in love with some aliens from Catalunya and told her father that she wanted to leave but the aliens couldn’t afford her ‘bride price’ so she went as far as funding it to leave for the marriage without her father’s blessing. Samantha on the other hand came to the limelight after hitting the lucky number 15 in a contest but a sheikh from Dubai has approached Samantha and has told her that he’ll give her a fortune as well as a good bride price to her father…

I created a tale of a girl called Samantha but the World I live in prefers the name, Samir Ben-Said Nasri. Nasri has played for three seasons and produced his best performances in the start of the 2010/11 season but he’s on the verge of signing for Manchester City after he was captivated by the lure of money. This summer has been very long in terms of the saga involving Francesca…..Francesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri but I’m a bit sad to know that it has dragged on this long; with the Premier League fully underway and a tricky second leg away to Udinese just days away.

If Wenger had it in mind to sell Nasri for good money when he knew that he wouldn’t sign a new deal, he would have done it ever since. Despite all this, Arsenal is in dire need of creative talent in the middle of the park and the £60+ he will acquire from the sale of Fabregas and the potential sale of Nasri MUST be invested in new players with quality measurable to the type that was lost 🙁 and about to be lost. Gooners all over the World criticized and rained series of abuses on the player via his Twitter account after his latest tweets and that must have been the final nail in Arsenal career’s coffin.

I’ve done a lot of reading about this issue and I’ve decided to share the best quotes I stumbled upon.

Yogi’s Warrior, the blog writer of a cultured left foot, wrote this his post tagged, Times, they are a-changing,

“He signed for Arsenal as a player for 4 years. If he has no desire to continue in the club’s employ, that is his choice. He is free to do so. None of us would turn down the opportunity to considerably enhance our pay so why the negativity.”

Muhammad Salman said this,

“Nasri is a good player and I respect him a lot. But if he doesn’t want to play for Arsenal that’s his business and people should respect his will. There’s no point not to sell him if he wants to leave. Some evaluate good football, some evaluate good money. People are different. Bye, thanks for the efforts last season, I hope you enjoy your money at Etihad.”

£25m for a player with a year left on his deal is an amazing piece of business from the Masters degree holder in Economics himself, Arsene Wenger. I truly hope that he’ll use the funds created from the sales to buy players that will add quality to the squad. Wenger told the Arsenal fans that he’s not scared of making any signing, £2m or £20m but we all hope that he’ll make signings worth £20m because we’ve had our fair share of a league of signings in the range of £2m. Besides, Walcott has said that he’s confident that Wenger would bring new players to the club.

In other Arsenal news, Alex Song has been given a three-match ban by the FA for his stamp at Joey Hitler so he’ll miss out of Arsenal’s crucial games against Liverpool and Manchester United and I truly hope that he gets fined for that act of stupidity but with Denilson miles away across the Atlantic and Diaby having some fun on the sidelines with his physio girlfriend, Emmanuel Frmpong is the only available personnel that can play in that role and he has said that he’s determined to take that chance. Emmanuel Frimpong didn’t do much against Newcastle but showed himself as a player quick to make a tackle when he came onto the pitch when Arsenal played Udinese. At the age of 19, he still has a lot to learn but he’s all we have right now because Wenger has refused to sign a holding midfielder. I wish him all the best in his new role and I hope that he does enough to prove to the fans that he’ll be an ideal cover for Song.

Wenger received a touchline ban after his critical comments of Massimo Busacca when Arsenal played Barcelona in March but the chums at UEFA are pondering handing him further sanctionsif they find out that he communicated with his assistant Pat Rice via phone calls from the first team coach, Boro Primorac who sat next to Wenger when Arsenal played Udinese. Wenger would know better not to break UEFA rules but I don’t think it’s going to be a big issue because Pat Rice is capable enough to manage the team alone for another European night. He has been involved at Arsenal first as a player in 1984 and an assistant manager in 1996 so its fair to say that he knows Arsenal in and out.

To round it all up, Mauro Zarate’s agent says that his client is in talks with Arsenal and Ryo Miyaichi has decided that the name “Ryo” will be the name that will be displayed on his jersey.

At least he has decided to follow Giovanni van Bronckhorst’s footsteps unlike Javier Hernandez that called himself ‘Chicharito’ or Jan Vennegoor of Hasselink that decided to write everything down on his jersey.

The quote of the day goes to Arsenal’s former captain, Francesca…..Francesc Fabregas,

“One of my biggest regrets in life was not lifting a trophy as Arsenal’s captain”

It took him just 10 minutes in a game to win his first trophy in the best part of 6 years

Oh well

In Arsene We Trust


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  1. Like the francesca and samantha story, Ąπϑ its tru samir ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ free to whereva he wants,but ϊ mean some loyalty shud be shown to club who signed u for #12 mil, four yr contrct Ąπϑ only startd showin ur worth i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the 3rd yr!!!
    The flamini case is similar buh dis is worse cos he ɪ̣̝̇ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ moving to shitty!!!

  2. He will flop at Shity let him ask Hleb,Greedybayo, Flamini…etc. If flamini had stayed at arsenal he could be in the top 3 best midfielders in the world.how i wish Nasri could stay but no doubt that he has no luv for Arsenal, GOOOOOO….!!! I rather mourn for Fab than mourning for NSIRI (mosquito)

  3. Money the pull factor not success, but i see another Hleb story.Good luck Nasri- piece of shit(No regrets)

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