More injury worries, Aaron Ramsey and Arshavin rues the loss of Nasregas

After watching Ronaildinho display the skills the won him the FIFA Golden Ball in 2005 and 2006, I got bewildered how his glittering career faded with the wind after his years in Barcelona.

England will host Wales tonight but another friendly that would catch the eye today will be Nigeria’s tie against Argentina.

The South American nation craved for a rematch after Sergio Batista’s side was whitewashed in Abuja on the 1st of June. The key game against Madagascar has been won so Argentina can feel free to do their worst.

Shortly after defeating them in June, Nigeria struggled to draw against Ethiopia and that put the country’s Nation’s Cup hopes on a thin thread but a win against Guinea in October will seal the deal for the Super Eagles.

In recent times, Arsenal Football Club has been a club that has become synonymous with injuries and the list of players on the sidelines increase with time.

In the defensive department, William Gallas had a knack for having one long term injury per season and it seems as if he has passed the mantle to Arsenal’s star defender Thomas Vermaelen.

Vermaelen took the Premier League by storm in his first season but suffered an injury in April that hampered his amazing start for his club. He still won a place in the 2009 PFA Team of the Year but Arsenal’s defense was shambolic in the games he missed.

Shortly after leaving the pitch in White Hart Lane, Arsenal succumbed to a 2-1 loss and this was followed by a defeat to Blackburn Rovers then that embarrassing 3-2 defeat to Wigan despite going 2 up.

Vermaelen also suffered a minor 3-day Achilles injury in September while playing for Belgium but the injury lasted for the best part of seven months with him making his comeback in the 2-0 home loss to Aston Villa.

Vermaelen suffered a late challenge when Arsenal visited Udinese in Frulli in the buildup to the equalizer by van Persie but he managed to see out the game but wasn’t fit enough to play Manchester United.

Reports are emerging that Vermaelen is going to be out for two months after completing an Achilles surgery.

Still sticking with injury news, Jack Wilshere has been told to rest or he could risk being out for the rest of the season. Capello has also pointed his finger at Arsenal over Wilshere’s situation.

You have to admit that Jack Wilshere played a million and one games for Arsenal but the club was left with little or no choice because the replacements were not up to scratch.

Ramsey was recuperating following his leg break before making loan spells to Nottingham Forest and Cardiff, Diaby spent more time on Arsenal’s treatment room while Denilson just being plain ol’ Denilson in all his games.

However, Ramsey has come out to say that Jack Wilshere’s injury is a big blow to Arsenal. These words are coming from a player whose long-term injury somehow paved the way for Wilshere because when he was staking his claim for the Arsenal shirt, Wilshere was in Bolton strutting his stuff.

Nevertheless, Wilshere has integrated himself into the team and will definitely be sent back to the thick of things when he’s fit again.

Ramsey has also told the media Vultures that he’s keen on playing for Team Great Britain in the forthcoming Olympic games that will take place next summer.

Team Great Britain will be composed of players from the four nations united under it so Wales can be represented by Ramsey but the only challenge will be the start of the 2012/13 season and Ramsey could suffer a burn-out when he comes back to the squad.

Anytime the name Andrey Arshavin is mentioned, that four goal haul in Anfield but the Arshavin of today is a player that looks past his prime. He had a good season by his standards stats wise with 10 goals and 17 assists to his name but he produced some performances that made some gooners smash their TV screens with missiles.

Arshavin has told the media Vultures that Arsenal’s football has changed since the Nasregas duo departed and he’s also ruing their loss.

It’s true that Nasri and Fabregas were essential pieces of Wenger’s jigsaw puzzle but they are no more so players like van Persie and Arshavin were expected to rise up to the occasion because they’re regarded as senior players in the squad.

Van Persie has already shown what he’s made of with two well taken goals this season while Arshavin won the Gooner Daily most disappointing player award in the first month of the season.

Arshavin should realize that he has the threat of Gervinho as well as Ryo Miyaichi to contend with on that left wing so if I’m the diminutive Russian, I’ll focus on my football instead of giving the media Vultures something to write about.

Gervinho’s final game on suspension comes up on Saturday so Arshavin has to do his best to produce a better performance against Swansea. I even forgot to add that Yossi Benayoun can also play through the wings. 🙂

In other Arsenal related news, Walcott has told the media Vultures that he wants a striking role:

“I’m not a natural winger,” he said. “I was bought as a striker.

“If you are on the flanks you have to make the runs anyway. You can’t stay quiet on the wings and Arsenal are not the sort of team who will cross it anyway, we try and walk it into the net.

“I am not demanding anything. I will play anywhere for club and country.

“But hopefully if I keep on putting it out there with the manager, it will come. I would love it if it happens.

Walcott has become an effective finisher for Arsenal and he’s presently leading the scorer’s chart with three goals.

He scored 13 last season and did well to create 10 assists with the bulk of them going to Robin van Persie. As a winger he still gets his chance so he shouldn’t really be bothered.

He just has to improve on the final third and he may be one of the most feared attackers in the business because he’s already renowned as football’s Usain Bolt.

To round it all up, Wenger lost his appeal so he’s going to serve the two-match ban in the Champions League, Arsenal have taken a gamble on the fitness of new signing Yossi Benayoun, after it emerged the midfielder was brought in from Chelsea without a complete medical and the Chambered Ox’s introduction at 1-0 down changed the game. Three assists, plus he won a penalty. Brilliant.

England Under-21s ran out as 4-1 winners.

The quote of the day goes to Shyam,

Shyam: “Messi and his girlfriend wanted to make love and came to his place. The girl said that she wanted to refresh herself so she went out. When she came back she was surprised to see two other guys apart from Messi.

She was puzzled

Messi replied ” I cannot PERFORM without Xavi and Iniesta.”


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  1. Hahaha… I like the last part… Messi: I cannot perform without Xavi and Iniesta.

  2. someone please tell this arshavin that arsenal is a big club and will move on without cesc and nasri, whats more worse is he’s still an arsenal player.

  3. Ramsey and Arsharvin had best get over missing Nasri and Fabregas, they have moved on and i think they shld concentrate on winning something this season, Fabregas will and Nasri might.

  4. Arshavin really needs to step up his game, he’s got pace and skills but lacks seriousness.

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