Slim hopes on Wilshere and Wenger gets some Barca DNA

Friday was one hell of a day…and it had its own story but all I can write is that there was Red Label, good music, one chicken and a room to end the equation.

Just as HBO’s Titus Pullo would say to Lucius Vorenus when he commits any wrongdoing,


I also wanted to write a preview for the Bolton game but my Blackberry’s battery decided to give up on me so there’s no point taking any medicine after death.

Prior to the game against Bolton, Wenger commended the fans for their loyalty and he talked about improving the defense.

Van Persie was the most vocal of the Gunners before the Bolton game and it was only befitting that he reached a personal milestone when Arsenal thrashed the Midlands outfit.

He urged the fans to stay positive and called for spirits within the team. The performance from the Gunners was very splendid but I’ll publish a detailed match review post tomorrow.

Jack Wilshere played many games for Arsenal last season but he hasn’t graced the pitch this campaign because of a niggling ankle injury that was aggravated in the Emirates Cup and the medical team has been accessing the situation closely.

Recent reports have emerged that Wilshere will soon undergo an ankle surgery to solve the problem and he’s expected to be out till December or maybe beyond it.

Wilshere’s absence hasn’t really been felt because Ramsey has come into the party and he has all the moves ℓįkε Jagger.

Arteta has also been very impressive and it’s fair to say that Song has really advanced and has turned into one of the finest holding midfielders in the business.

Speaking of business, the media Vultures have done their bit again to link Arsenal with more players from the Milky Way.

They’ve reported that Arsenal is linked with a £10m move for Fiorentina’s Peruvian attacking full back Juan Manuel Vargas. The bloke is a good set piece taker and is renowned for supplying inch-perfect crosses but his arrival could be to the detriment of Kieran Gibbs, who’s still on his learning curve.

They also say that Arsenal could return for Cahill in January because Inter Milan has placed him on their radar.

I became really sick and tired of the way the media Vultures handled the Cahill situation. It was obvious that Arsenal needed a new defensive messiah to pair up with Thomas Vermaelen but Wenger looked into it and decided that Per Mertesacker was good enough but these Vultures are having none of it.

The last transfer news update is the sweetest of them all. Wenger and Arsenal has gotten the last laugh with the Cesc Fabregas issue by signing Joan Laporta’s son, Guim.

Laporta’s kid is a right back that’s in the mold of the Saturn-head shaped diving degree holder and nitwit, Dani Alves.

I’ve not seen Laporta’s son kick a ball before but by virtue of the fact that he’s Barca DNA, there’s hope for the future because he could be sold back to Barcelona in 2020 for over £40m :D.

To round it all up, the Chambered Ox is grateful to Southampton for showing him the light. It’s always good to show gratitude to person that helped you in the long run become somebody because you may never know….

Arsenal has also sent a SOS note to Bergkamp and Owen Hargreaves said that Man Utd’s medical staff used him like a Guinea Pig.

To those Arsenal fans that diss and get distraught easily about Arsenal’s current predicament,

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The article was written from a Grimsby fan.

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  1. wenger should stop signing barca product..he wil always want to go back…

  2. Northern gooner

    I’d like to point out Bolton isn’t in the midlands. Its north west, being from Manchester, Bolton being within spitting distance. Just thought I’d point that out 😉

  3. Just dont get carried away. A win should be regarded as a fish caught . Put it in the bag. Dont celebrate yet. There aee plenty more to be caught. Do the necessary to guarantee more are caught so you can emerge the winner. Get what I mean ?

  4. Do away with any negativity 4 1nc. We won 3nil playing our best game in d current campaign. D boys needs ur support not otherwise

  5. Just read the article and I really do wonder why folks are shouting. Judge the team after 10 matches at least. I think Arsene has really put down a very good foundation. All that’s needed are just a few tweaks but even then we as fans need to support the team and criticize constructively.

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