Little Red Riding Newcastle and the Big Bad Robin van Persie

Big Bad RVP, what white teeth you have?

When Arsenal hosted Newcastle in the last Premier League fixture of Week 27, the fans geared themselves up for an exciting encounter. Arsenal had become a resurgent side putting away the heavy disappointments of their Cup exits with two morale-boosting wins over Tottenham and Liverpool. Newcastle on the other hand continued to work their way up the Premier League food chain and were positioned in sixth place.

The game itself had it all. A wake up call from Hatem Ben Arfa, a technically astute equalizer from Arsenal’s Flying Dutchman, a virtuoso performance from Tomas Rosicky, an expected dogged midfield outing from Cheick Tiote, a magnificent Man of the Match award winning performance from Theo Walcott, a peripheral outing from the feared Ba Ba Senegalese sheep, a sucker punch from Thomas Vermaelen and most annoyingly, the time-wasting antics of Tim Krul.

Arsenal waited to the death to inflict the much-needed damage to Newcastle to grab all three points, but there was a moment two Dutch internationals shared that flared tempers up. Last season, Abou Diaby lost a nut in his brain from Joey Barton’s shameful tackle and he let out his frustrations of Kevin Nolan, earning him an early bath.

We all know what happened between Joey Barton and Gervinho in Arsenal’s Premier League curtain raiser last August.

With the game now a part of history, a player from Newcastle has decided not to let sleeping dogs lie. Jonas Gutierrez arrived on Tyneside from Mallorca and he has been synonymous with the club with good performances on both flanks.

However, he has decided to be on the spotlight by hitting out on Robin van Persie by labelling him as a bad person:

“I think Van Persie was wrong. There was no need for him to do that – they have won the game, it is finished. I can’t understand a person like that. I think it is not right. When you feel like that, it is because you are not a good person.

“I don’t care about the football, I’m talking about the person. When you have people who do that, it’s not right. “We are all used to getting kicks, it’s a sport of contact. But when you have things like that, it is not right. It is not easy to accept.

“He was the only Arsenal player who reacted like that. The others were saying to him, ‘Calm down, calm down’. When you do that, the fans go crazy as well, so it’s no good for the atmosphere of the sport.

The Argie kept on blabbing about how the “act” didn’t help the game, ruining the night for both set of fans. He also praised his team mate Tim Krul for his role in the ordeal.

Krul has played down the spat with his compatriot but his manager Alan Pardew had some words to say about the ordeal:

“It’s just unfortunate, here were words between them at the start about this and that. It was a last-minute goal. It happens. If we’d scored in the last minute, I’m sure one or two of them would have been upset with us.”

On Jonas Gutierrez calling van Persie a “bad person” because he exchanged words with Tim Krul over his time-wasting antics without even exchanging blows.

You got to be kidding me right?

If van Persie is bad for doing that, where will you classify the likes of John Terry and Luis Suarez over the “words” they uttered to Anton Ferdinand and Patrice Evra respectively. Where will you classify his former team mate Joey Barton after all his shenanigans?

A little verbal abuse in the heat of the moment has branded a great player as a “bad person”. Cheap publicity if you ask me.

Run along Little Red Riding Newcastle, Europa League places are up for grabs and its no less than you deserve for your performances this season. The club is also investigating alleged racial abuse launched at the last Ivorian Mohican, Cheick Tiote.

In other Arsenal related news, Reserves coach fielded a “strong” Arsenal Reserves side that ran out as 3-0 winners over West Brom Reserves. Korean Shaolin Soccer specialist, Park Chu-Young opened the floodgates and the rout was completed by Sergei Gnarby and Chuks Aneke. Long-term absentee Andre Santos played for an hour and it was also reported that head coach Arsene Wenger came to witness the match to keep half an eye on the exciting youngster Gnarby.

Mikel Arteta hopes for a good reception in Goodison Park while Andrey Arshavin wants to come back “home” because of his family. The club also announced a friendly game coming up in Hong Kong this summer and Peter Hill-Wood has come out to say that Big Bad van Persie isn’t motivated by money.

Finally, Tomas Rosicky has revealed that he was approached by other clubs but he chose to stay at Arsenal. He was also happy about his contribution to the team and he would love to see Arsenal finish above Sp*rs.

In as much as my fingers hurt while I’m writing this, I’d like to congratulate Chelshit for winning their pulsating encounter against SSC Napoli. At least they’ll have more mid-week games and this would certainly mean that there will be some “tired legs” when they visit the Emirates next month.

I feel sorry for Inter Milan though; it’s clear that they are still suffering from the Post-Mourinho hangover.

I strongly suggest that you give that article (Mourinho Hangover) a read. It was a brilliant piece written by John Aggrey.


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  1. Nice blog mate very good read!!! I just wana express how much I really hate Alan pardew I mean this guy is a total mug!!!! Lol he actually thinks he’s the bloocks aswell it’s embarrassing to watch him strut around giving it the large in his shity suit that he properly brought from poundland as that is the only shop they have up north!!! I really hope they get what they deserve next season and get relegated bcos they are just jumped up little twats who think they are beta than they are!!!! However I do like there fans not because of there passion and support for there beloved club oh no no no but I do luv going up there and looking into the home crowed and seeing a sea of GOLA, and 2 stripe abidas track suits lol!!!!!!! Yes thts right abidas lol they couldn’t even I just love to laugh at those northern twats!!!! Wy I MAN!!!

    • Thanks Paul.

      Chris Haughton’s sack came as a shocker a few seasons ago but Alan Pardew has come in his stead to do a pretty decent job.

      I didn’t appreciate his antics with Arsene Wenger in his West Ham days though
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