Wenger Douses M’Vila Transfer Flames and a Tale of Bosscielny


If I got one pound for every time Yann M’Vila was mentioned in the past week, I would have generated enough funds to match Manchester City’s bid for $amir Na$ri. The French enforcer has been heavily linked with Arsenal and the Daily Mail reported that a deal has been agreed.

That bit of info was like music to the ears of every Arsenal fan and we all licked our lips in anticipation of the prospect of signing a truly world class player. A player with so many good attributes, with the required talent and potential to be ranked among the A-list defensive midfielders in the world.

His discipline is unbelievable too, something that will be extremely valuable to Arsenal over the course of a season as for a player in his role and with so much responsibility at Rennes he has very few bookings.

With Alex Song given license to roam more than usual it will enhance the attack and with M’Vila shepherding the defence as a natural midfield enforcer, then all aspects of Arsenal’s game will improve especially with his superb passing skills which will link the attack and defence brilliantly as well as controlling possession much easier.

Tales of M’Vila joining Arsenal caused an inferno but Arsene Wenger has decided to bring out a big extinguisher to douse those flames:

“It is not true, there is not any interest at the moment. We have not been in touch with anybody, we have not made any offer to anybody and we are nowhere near to buying anybody at the moment.”

“We are focused on our final game of the season.”

Yeah right.

This is the same Wenger that ruled out a move for Lukas Podolski but at this point in time, we are all wondering about the number he’s going to put on his jersey next season.

With the Euros looming around the corner, Wenger must do what is right in terms of business in the transfer window because international tournaments have a way for sky-rocketing player fees, escepially when they shine there. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and you’ll be sure to get an update on the M’Vila issue in due time.

Elsewhere, a lot of news has dominated the Arsenal realm with Arsene Wenger breaking the news that Patty Ol’ Rice won’t grace us with his shiny glasses next season. His replacement, Steve Bould has already been lined up and we will be on the verge of a new era.

Wenger also declared that he was grateful and privileged to have his trusty sidekick, Rice, by his side for what seemed like an eternity. This good article looks back at the stalwart’s illustrious career.

Like Rice, Bould plied his trade as a defender and I’m hoping that he’ll tweak a thing or two in Arsenal’s defensive setup, because that playing position has been suspect in recent seasons. We’ve have conceded a boatload of goals this season which contributed to the Gunners losing as much as 10 games this season, so serious work has to be done over the Summer to right a few wrongs.

Speaking of righting wrongs, Bacary Sagna has been scheduled to have a surgery to right the wrong that was caused by Norwich’s Bradley Johnson. The recuperation process will take as long as six months and I wish Mr. Reliable a speedy and healthy recovery.

Despite Arsenal’s collective shambolic defending this season, one player has stepped up the plate with a string of consistent and stellar performances that has earned him loads of plaudits this season. Laurent Koscielny was undoubtedly Arsenal’s Signing of the Season last year and in my opinion, has been a far better player than Thomas Vermaelen this season.

Vermaelen ran out of superlatives for his defensive partner labelling him as a key ingredient to Arsenal’s success story next season. The Frenchman played a lot of football last season but the way he matured tremendously has been a major jaw dropper

If I had a lice haven like Marouane Fellaini’s hair, I would have shredded parts of the hair to bits when Koscielny didn’t make the Team of the Year and I’ll certainly go bonkers if he’s not selected by France for the forthcoming Euros. Even Arsene Wenger acknowledges the fact that Kos the Boss deserves a place in the French sqaud for the forthcoming Euros.

Koscielny on the other hand, has firmly sight his sights on finishing in third place and he also revealed that some of the players almost lost confidence in Wenger’s ability as a manager during that trying period in the Summer.

Irrespective of how the season ends, Bosscielny can give himself a pat of the back for his performances in the campaign.


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  1. Nice write up. KOSHER is awesome and so is TV. very similar. Maybe it would be a nice experiment to utilize the latter as a back up to song for covering our excellent defenders. And concentrate on finding a capable backup for rosciky. Of course JACK is a very good option there. I hope we retain BENNY THE GOON. he is such a nice Jewish boy and a hell of a footballer.
    UP THE GUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

    • TV surely has a flair for goal but I don’t really fell that he’ll be suited as a defensive midfielder. I really like Benayoun but I feel that he should move if he really wants to see more playing time.

      How are you today mate?
      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • Doing well, thanks. A little nervous. Pat is going to get a 3-0 beautiful win and game as a sendoff present ,from the team.
        How are you and the family getting along regarding your poor uncle?
        By the way, I know for a fact. BENNY THE GOON IS NOT. REPEAT NOT. A CERTIFIED. RABBI. HAHAHA

      • We are fine thanks.

        Benayoun will always be a rabbi to me :p

        I hope we give Rice a befitting sendoff
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  2. Papi i’v been readin u̶̲̥̅̊Я post wella to d degree dat i wil ve to find ΐ† in arsenalnews.com s̶̲̥̅ơ̴̴̴͡ as to laugh ♍Ɣ ass off due to u̶̲̥̅̊Я hillarious n superb contribution in keepin faint in Arsenal esp in Nigeria. Gracias to u̅ Papi.

  3. Hope M’villa,Arteta,Rosicky & wilshere can make a good combination in that midfield.


  5. Good one Bro

  6. Good write up. M’Vila is an enforcer just like Song…. An still cursing my luck we didn’t get Alou Diarra last season… He is a natural warlord. Tall,bulit with strength of a gladiator. How Coloccini made the team of the season ahead of Kozzer is the same reason Shrek got the best goal in the last 20yrs (Death to the organizers).. Steve Bould was in charge of the und-18 @ a point. The Leaked in goals at will.. I don’t think he is the solution. The players demselves have 2 overcome the mentality.. We panic @ throw ins,set piece* all the same…. Its oooooooooo to be a GOONER

    • “How Coloccini made the team of the season ahead of Kozzer is the same reason Shrek got the best goal in the last 20yrs”

      Well said mate. It’s really shocking to know how biased the folks at the FA could be.

      I think you’re a bit harsh on Bould. Give him a chance and see how he’ll pan out.

      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

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