More on van Persie’s Potential Suitors and Campbell’s backing

It’s a new week in this part of the world and things have been a bit quiet from an Arsenal perspective.


I have learned that the players have returned from their holiday breaks but the folks that represented their nations in the Euros will probably have an extended leave or so.


Last week had its fair share of drama with Robin van Persie dominating the back pages for all the wrong reasons. The response from the Arsenal blogosphere has been epic, with many Arsenal fans speaking in the same voice and hoping for the captain to be shown the exit door sooner than later.


As expected, predators from Europe have fixed van Persie in their radar but nothing tentative has surfaced from their side. The media Vultures have done their bit to link the forward to Juventus, Manchester City, PSG and Barcelona, but no bid has been submitted to the club…yet!


If I’m to put myself in van Persie’s shoes, the prospect of Juventus wouldn’t be too appealing because I’m better off watching a boring chick flick than seeing the Old Lady lock horns with some Serie A mid-table outfit. That league only springs to life when AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus and let’s say SS Napoli play among themselves.


On other occasions, it could be a bore. No disrespect to the Serie A but I’m just saying what I see on a consistent basis, unless someone wants to prove me wrong.


However, I must commend Antonio Conte for bringing the glory days back to the Bianconeri and going through an entire season unbeaten was a magnificent achievement.


For those that care to know, Arsenal has been there and done that.


Manchester City remains a potential threat and with their oil money and recent run of trophies, van Persie could jump into the Etihad Arsenal bandwagon.


It would cause me great pain to see van Persie wear the Sky Blue of Manchester City and as Piers Morgan tweeted, he’ll be dead to me as well if he joins them. Manchester City have become the newest bullies in the Premier League, and the way handle their transfer business can be a thorn in the flesh.


Moreover, the idea of Arsenal been touted as Man City’s feeder club turns Gooner smiles upside down and selling the club’s best player to strengthen them won’t go down well with the Arsenal faithful.


Manchester City can offer Arsenal a substantial offer for the Dutchman and we can only hope that Arsenal would give them the middle finger as well as screaming out “no” aloud.


The prospect of Paris St. Germain may not be too appealing to match “his ambition”, but the greens they would offer can compliment the ambition. $amir Na$ri has made us know that the color of ambition can be green as well.


Carlo Ancelotti’s men came close to winning the Ligue 1 last season and Montpellier’s surprise triumph last season also proved that money can’t buy you every trophy after all. The Parisians spent vast wads of cash in a Man City-esque manner but they couldn’t keep up with a team that finished in 14th place the previous season.


PSG intends to mount a serious title challenge this season and adding a player like van Persie in their ranks will bolster their chances of securing the Ligue 1 trophy.


In reality, a top player like van Persie leaving a club like Arsenal to join PSG seems like a step in the wrong direction to me. 


Barcelona remains the biggest prospect for van Persie because he’ll play among the best players in the galaxy. In my honest opinion, I won’t mind a swap deal for David Villa.


In his Valencia days, Villa was under Arsenal’s radar for as far back as I remember and many Gooners hoped for Arsene Wenger to make a bid for the bloke before the 2008 European Championships. However, Villa went into that tournament, winning the Golden Boot in the process, thereby skyrocketing his transfer fee some more.


Injury forced him out of the concluded European Championships and he’ll have to be nurtured into the new season as Barcelona hope to reclaim the crown from Real Madrid.


That was just a thought though. I don’t see us bidding for Villa but it’s okay to be optimistic.


If van Persie moves to Barcelona, Arsenal fans won’t be bothered because they’ll get to see him once or twice in the Champions League. That way he can justify his claims to be ambitious, as he keeps reiterating that he’s not motivated by money.


I’ll let him know when I give two fledgling fucks though.


In other transfer news, Marouane Chamakh may be on his way out of the club as Fiorentina is gearing up to make a bid for the Moroccan. There’s also some side talk of Valencia approaching Arsenal with a loan bid for the chap.


Despite being a half season wonder in his debut campaign at the Emirates, Chamakh, in my opinion, must be labeled as a disappointment. 


As a free agent, I didn’t expect him to light fireworks but he was a capable team player in the start of his Arsenal career. While Mr. Ambition and the Greatest Striker that ever Lived were out on the treatment table nursing injuries, Chamakh stepped up to deliver the goals as well as some penalty assists for Arsenal.


However, van Persie’s return to full fitness coincided with a horrible vein of form for Chamakh and his confidence levels plummeted downhill. Last season, he managed to score one goal which was a header in the 4-3 loss against Blackburn.


Arsenal has failed to play to Chamakh’s strengths and a move to Fiorentina will be a good move for the bloke. I hope the deal gets sorted sooner than later.


At least we have learned our lessons from the past.


Finally, ex-Gunner Sol Campbell has put himself in the spotlight as he decided to air his views on the van Persie situation. While the likes of Paul Merson stated that van Persie could regret leaving Arsenal, Campbell has backed the forward to jump ship.


The defender that shares the same amount of hair with Howard Webb stated that he can understand why van Persie has decided not to agree to sign a new deal with Arsenal.


However, he quoted that van Persie would have loved to see “top players” in the changing room and would have been hopeful to challenge for honors this season, but he would have reviewed the squad and thought, ‘Is this it’?


He also stated that things could be different in the coming weeks, with the hope of new signings that could make the captain take a u-turn.


Campbell acknowledged how the club was in a good financial situation with a self-sustaining model but the lack of silverware was the real punchline.


He ended his ramblings by stating that unless someone produces £100m and Wenger brings some big signings to the club, he can’t see Van Persie changing his mind.


Analyzing Campbell’s quotes from start to bottom, I must say that I was disappointed at the way he played down the rest of the Arsenal team. Van Persie is undoubtedly the best player at the club but there are some figureheads in Arsenal’s ranks that can command first team places in top European clubs.


On things becoming different in the coming weeks, I don’t think that van Persie would change his mind, because his statement clearly showed that it was well thought out.


It was good to hear from a legend like Sol Campbell but everybody seems to have an opinion when Arsenal is in turmoil.


The fans have already accepted Mr. Ambition’s terms and they await to see the suitor that would come with a bid to match Arsenal’s demands.


Let’s hope van Persie gets a move abroad.


Besides, Arsenal is a ship and van Persie is only a passenger, the ship will keep sailing.



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  1. Amen.

  2. Lol, i lyk dat name, Mr Ambition and the best striker ever, Nicolas…

  3. Please where’s our squillaci

  4. you dont spend 100m just because you want to keep a player, no wonder some people cant be managers of anything. For me Van made a mistake by that declaration before getting a club, you dont get good deals when you are hanging. Remember when Drogba was full of himself at chelsea and no club in sight, when he was told to get a club is when he realized how hard things can be , even for a good striker, he had to swallow a humble pie and put in everything in chelsea which finally gave him some good results

  5. By publishing his refusal to extend contract, van Persie showed lack of respect for the club that nurtured him into the player he is. I don’t think everything or any body at Arsenal is as bad as portrayed in the press. I feel the club should still add 2 or 3 new signings but not stress its budget (100m) just to persuade RVP to stay. If he thinks he is too big for the font, let him leave-early enough that a replacement can be found. He did great job last season for the club. Thanks RVP.

  6. Need to be careful. David Villa is not the guy Arsenal used to wish for. He’s older. He’s returning from a broken leg. His game is built on striking instinct, which, like Eduardo’s, is based on pace over the first yard. I doubt that he will be a shadowofthe player he was.

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