Van Persie’s U-Turn, Wilshere Reprimanded and some Transfer Tidbits

I hope you enjoyed the inaugural version of a Gooner’s Perspective. There’ll be more posts like this in the course of the season so brace yourselves for that.

I don’t think we’ll drink palm wine in the mornings again though. Bobby took us off guard with that stunt but it was worth it in the end. C’mon, who can say no to a few doses of alcohol when friends are gathered?

There has been no form of football since the European Championships and lovers of the beautiful can’t wait to see some preseason action.

Hopefully, the Gunners won’t play a team like Szombatheyi Haladas and run out as 11-0 winners with Nicklas Bendtner scoring four goals.

With activities on the pitch on an all-time low, activities off it are dominating the back pages. Transfer rumors and contract talks have been the order of the day.

Fiorentina has slammed a €30m price tag on their starlet, Stevan Jovetic, that has been on Arsenal’s radar. The proper way would have been to give Arsenal the middle finger as well as telling them to sod off, because there’s no way in Hell Arsene Wenger would cough out €30m for Jovetic.

That lad is an exciting prospect that would offer a lot to Arsenal’s attack but we’ll see how things pan out in the coming weeks. Fiorentina has also denied making any bid for the out-of-favor Marouane Chamakh and we are back to square one yet again.

Chamakh was utter shite last season and he couldn’t offer Arsenal much in attack. Van Persie’s return to full fitness played a role in Chamakh’s dip in form but he wasn’t even impressive when he got his chances.

To add to the sad news, Bastia has pulled the plug on signing Sebastien Squillaci. The newly-promoted Ligue 1 outfit stated that the Squidward’s wages played a role in making the deal fall through.

Arsenal is a club that complains about a heavy wage bill yet fat contracts are handed to “deadwood” players that are content with places on the bench.

Speaking of deadwood, Johan Djourou has played down exit talks stating that he had a “bad spell” but he’s not going anywhere.

It’s really puzzling to know that Djourou was Arsenal’s best defender by a far mile in the 2010/111 season but he failed to build on that last season. People can say that he was played out of position last season…so did Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny and Francis Coquelin.

Even in his favored center back position, he was bereft in confidence and the “C” in clumsy. His red card against Fulham and the penalty foul he committed in San Siro made him to get into the bad books of many Gooners last season.

However, he’s not a bad option for a fourth choice defender. I’m pretty sure that he’ll get a few games in the Cup competitions this season and I hope that he’ll grab the bull by its horns and balls like Wojciech Szczesny.

Besides, we know Arsenal’s mysterious injury issues can offer Djourou a chance to stake his claim as well.

Sticking with more tidbits, Galatasaray has also played down the speculation linking them to Andrey Arshavin. The Russian was shambolic last season but he got a new lease of life when he was loaned back to Zenit.

Arshavin had a stormer in the European Championships but his nation was knocked out courtesy of the unfair head-to-head rule. Russia vs. Germany would surely have been a better spectacle than the Greece vs. Germany game I witnessed.

Many Gooners want Arshavin to be shown the exit door, but I won’t mind if he stays because he’s undoubtedly a quality player that can offer a thing or two to the team.

I’m not ignorant about his lethargy and lack of desire on the pitch but I’ll like to see Arshavin get a run-out in the hole behind the striker next season. That has always been his favored position and he clearly struggled from the left flank last season.

It’s high time to write a thing or two about Mr. Ambition, Robin van Persie.

There was some side talk of Manchester City offering Edin Dzeko and some quid for his services but Olivier Giroud seems to be in the Dzeko mold; tall, strong, good in the air and a lethal finishing ability

After causing an Arab Spring-esque uprising on the Arsenal world with his statements last week, it seems as if Robin van Persie has taken a dramatic u-turn in the wake of the reaction from the Arsenal faithful

Sources suggest the situation could yet be resolved with echoes of Wayne Rooney’s transfer request that preceded his signing of a bumper deal with Manchester United in 2010.

Van Persie has already stated he loves Arsenal and that he will have further talks with Ivan Gazidis when the club’s chief executive returns from holiday.

I certainly have a hunch that van Persie reversed his decision when he did his homework and found out that his potential suitors may not need his services afterall.

PSG has dismissed interest in him while Juventus insulted the club with that paltry £8m bid. Looking at the personnel on ground, Barcelona and Man City don’t necessarily need to add him in their ranks.

Arsenal fans have already been resigned to losing the captain and it will take some stuffing for van Persie to win back the hearts he has shattered into pieces.

If he can replicate his goal scoring form this season as well as to be a mentor for Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski, I don’t think we’ll complain that much.

He said that he wanted to bring the club back to its glory days, I guess that he has to prove it.

Finally, there’s a bit of info on Jack Wilshere and it has nothing to do with his fitness issues.

Wilshere has received a warning from Uefa disciplinary chiefs after comments he made on Twitter suggesting he had bet on an Arsenal teammate to score last season.

Apparently, UEFA’s regulations forbid players from gambling on football matches in which their teams are involved and the England midfielder has now received an official warning.

However, Wilshere insisted that he didn’t bet on the game, and he was just fooling around. We’ve learned from the Euros that you can’t just “fool around” with UEFA. Nicklas Bendtner was slammed with a €100,000 fine for “fooling around” with his undies.

That’s today’s bit folks.

Please, don’t fool around today. 😀


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  1. Yet another classic post. And remeber “dont fool around today” lolz. Definitely won’t

  2. We wil stil embrace him wit open hands,but jst dat he wil stil b sold.up gunarz

  3. John Alfraid

    if van persie shld go let him go we cn do witout him pls

  4. wenger u dnt v2groan,if u want vp back,jst go ahead&sing a utility midfielder d can play dfm,cam,right bk/cb,&we have 2players in d persons of mbiwa&capoue,any of them can do d maic since u dnt wnt m’nvila cos of his attitude problems.then a bk up keeper in emiliano viviano,&loan out ramsey or sale him,cos he spoils game for vp&he has complained about players like dt a lot,instead of me2play ramsey,i’ll go for eisfield,cos if or even gnarby,if u give eisfield d numba of game given 2ramsey,i think teams like madrid&city ll even come for him

  5. good article,believe it or not d article is very conscise.lets hope rvp too wil stop fooling around and extend his contract,for me am ever ready to accept him back and love him again,UP GOONERS

  6. RVP U-turn if true wiLL not change hate most of the fans have for him now.. He betrayed ArsenaL..
    OnLy & OnLy if he scores a 100 goaLs & he wins us the Champions League. PERIOD!

  7. Geoffrey wanda

    I wish de club cld listen to de clubs fan page esp in kenya en request RVP to jeff oyalo frm nairobi kenya

  8. Am wit u on d djourou case bt i dont really think he had a dip in form,it was more lyk loss in confidence,if u can remember in the begining of the 2009/10 when TV5 got injured,and wenger persistently played the Squid and Koscielny as our center backs,both were new to the epl and were lettin in goals even though we had a djourou on the bench that has had epl experience,he was given his chance and he took it very well,and was our best defender by a mile like u said,bt what happened wen TV5 returned 4rm injury,he jst strolled back into the line up and guess who got dropped,djourou our best defender by a mile the previous season,who does dat,the same thing happened to chamakh,rvp did not fight to win back his shirt,he just strolled into the team,same thing happened ova nd ova wit cesc wen ever he returned 4rm injuries,probably thats one of the reasons they think they r bigger than the club.if u take man utd for example,they lost to blackburn rovers last season at home and rooney was on the bench,fergie did nt bring him on bcos he partied,fergie knew dat if he brings in rooney he has a chance of salvaging d match bt he had to show rooney dat he was nt bigger than the club,and guess who would take the blame for the loss,even if the fans dont blame him,rooney would blame himself.arsene wenger makes them think they r gods,and how many of them apologised to the fans for loosing d carling cup final against a team dat got relegated,none,they dont take responsibilities dats why they r nt gonna win zit 4 us.until they r ready to undastand dat nobody bt themselves r gonna win the trophies,we wont be wining jack

  9. dzeko is not a good replacement and his wages must be sky high coming from the blue side of manchester we need someone that is capable of scoring 30+goals

  10. lol….dont fool arround.i so cant wait to see the new guns performing in the pitch together

  11. why not buy affelay??????

  12. Great read in boring times, really enjoyed it!
    May I add that the huge fine Bendter got for his stunt, was more than twice the fines dished out to teams for racism…
    (I think)

  13. Rvp U-turn wil b a morale boost 2 the rest of d sqaud but wil take time to heal d wound 4rm d fans heart.

  14. Brilliant post… Itz alwayz bin bad newz 4 Arsenal fanz la8ly… I jux hope he rescindz his decision, i wuld b glad buh wont show it

  15. Francis Peter

    we still embrace him with open arms, if his U-turn is true.

  16. I never have fair over RVP issue since will lose Fabregas and Nasri last season and Arsenal still hold his ground let put his matter aside and focus for the better thing.

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