From its inception on the 26th of November, 2010, enigma106 has been feeding you, his esteemed readers, with your daily Arsenal digest. 658 days, 542 posts, 558,879 reads, 1,155 Facebook likes and 3,754 Twitter followers later, the blog is still has waxing strong and you’ve been a vital part of its success story.


Besides blogging about Arsenal on a regular basis, I also have a life outside Gooner Daily, where I work as a Process Engineer in an Oil and Gas company. The trick has always been to write a post at night, then publish first thing in the morning before heading to the office with response to comments done with my BlackBerry Bold 5 that has been a massive pain in the arse, recently.


I’m currently working on a project at work and I’ll be required to go offshore to do a thing or two. While offshore, I won’t be able to use my two main blogging devices (laptop and BlackBerry) so I’m pulling the plug on this blog till Sunday, 23rd September, 2012.


From an Arsenal perspective, it’s really sad to know that I’m going to miss the club’s UEFA Champions League curtain raiser against Montpellier Herault SC and the crunch fixture against Manchester City at the Etihad. 


This also means that I’ll probably miss Olivier Giroud scoring his first goal for the club in his homecoming, Wojciech Szczesny keeping two clean sheets in a row, Lukas Podolski’s banging in more goals, Santi Cazorla’s trickery and Samir Nasri’s own goal and Lord Steve Bouldimort’s black magic in full throttle against Man City.


With so much football coming up, I have a hunch that I won’t be missed that much. 😀


I’ll be back on Monday with a bumper package, or something close to that.


Till then,



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  1. Wish u the best of luck and safe return.

  2. Have a safe trip

  3. i’m going to miss gooner daily, be safe bro.

  4. Go well Mbe…good job u av bn doin with diz blogs. We’ll miss you. I won’t forget to watch the matches on your behalf….lol

  5. All the best mate, I am one of those regular hunter of the site and I appreciate your good works everyday. I check in many arsenal blogs everyday once I wake up but in few of those, I am quite sure to find a new article/news and one of those is a certain goonerdaily. Will miss your thought till monday.

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