Winners Take Earth Football Edition: What Team Could Save the Earth?

There has been so much buzz about the mysterious bio-hazard symbols and inscriptions seen in several locations of the world. The mysterious holograms with a bio-hazard symbols and “Winners Take Earth” harsh tags were illuminated for a couple of hours in Times Square in New York, USA, Sugerloaf Mountains in Rio de Janiero, Brazil and Hackney Marshes in London, UK.

Mysterious messages at Hackney Marshes

Many have been bewildered, bemused and perplexed about this mysterious circles and conspiracy theories are popping up faster than the amount of goals Lionel Messi scores.

Even if these shenanigans seem entirely fictitious, what if there are some aliens out there that are planning to invade the Earth, and the only way to defend the Earth is to engage these goddamn aliens in a football match in a winner-takes-all competition?

With this in mind, I’ve asked for the opinions for some seasoned football lovers, such as Obitwyce, and if he’s the football manager with the fate of the world in his hands, this is the team he will assemble as Earth’s last stand,

Dream Team 3-4-3 football formation

Looking at Obitwyce’s team, his attacking line looks extremely fearsome but with only Schweinsteiger providing cover to a three-man central defensive pairing with no natural fullbacks, it could be an uphill struggle to contend with the threat the aliens could pose from the wings.

Having a Falcao-Ibrahimovic-Ronaldo trio as your three-pronged attack will send chills down the spines of opposition alien defenders and behind that attacking threat lies Ozil, Rooney and Messi. My only issue with Obitwyce’s team is that they’re considerably light at the back and Schweiny will have to work his ass off.

Next up is Ayemere Oluwafemi Edosa, or @alijaxz, as he’s known on Twitter. Faced with the same ominous task of selecting Earth’s most valiant football warriors, this is what he assembled,

Dream Team 4-3-2-1 football formation

Unlike Obitwyce’s team that was fully focused on sheer attacking numbers, Edosa’s team had a perfect balance with outstanding personnel in defense, midfield and of course, attack. Having a rock-solid combination like Chiellini and Thiago Silva at the back is certainly scary but the Yaya Toure – Schweiny double piviot will be vital for this side.

With Ozil providing creativity, the attacking triumvirate of Ronaldo, Messi and Ibra would destroy the alien hordes with consummate ease.

Bola Ogundairo, or @Bolagunner as he’s known on Twitter, shared his thoughts as well and assembled this team,

Dream Team 4-3-2-1 football formation

I have some question marks about Bola’s defense because his right back isn’t disciplined and the chances of Dani Alves getting offside is more likely than the Lionel Messi scoring for Bola’s team. Flamini offers a defensive base, allowing Ozil the freedom to express himself and in Ronaldo and Robben, Bola’s wingplay is so on point.

Next up, Austin Onono, or @nwakibie as he’s known on Twitter (he actually instigated this idea) assembled his own team of Earth’s finest footballing heroes,

Dream Team 4-3-2-1 football formation

Austin is the first person to actually play Messi in his natural position, allowing Ibra and Falcao to do all the damage in attack. Like Bola, the Ronaldo – Robben wing play will be vital but the forwards may be starved off the balls because the attacking trio behind them all have eyes for goal, unlike the likes of Ozil that’s selfless in his play.

The defensive combo of Ramos and Silva is commendable as well.

Finally, Anayo Nwosu, or @K_Sturna as he’s known on Twitter, shared his thoughts on what he seemed was the best team to defend the Earth from an alien football invasion,

Dream Team 4-3-2-1 football formation

Anayo’s team had a La Liga feel to it but I don’t know if Yaya Toure would agree to sit deep while Fabregas and Iniesta do the scheming in midfield. Remember that he has become so comfortable in the attacking third so this could be an issue. As expected, he fielded Ibra, Messi and Ronaldo in attack.

Even if this talk of an alien invasion is entirely ludicrous, these football managers have assembled various team and glaring to see the they unanimously agreed to find places for Thiago Silva, Ronaldo, Messi, Ramos, Lahm and Ibrahimovic, who are among the Earth’s finest footballing talents.

My final question for my readers would be, if aliens are to attack the Earth using a football match and you as a football manager is to setup a team that would defend our dear planet, who would you select?


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  1. I think Edosa says it for ♍e… I actually tweeted a list like this some days back with the same 4-2-3-1 formation….buh what suprises ♍e is that no one even put vidal in their list… Yaya just doesn’t do it for ♍e coz he seems to have totally forgotten how to defend as was seen when Man city were torn apart by his place I’ll put vidal, and lahm not being a natural left back, might struggle in that position so I’ll put him on the right, while ramos………naah he doesn’t play right back for both club and country so to ♍e hez just an average RB right now and won’t fit in the team all I’ll maybe place him in team B…which leaves d LB slot open. I wanted to pick alaba buh I just had to look at baines and his stats in d past few seasons, and him scoring free kicks like some top10 plus his assists…now add this to the fact dat he doesn’t just attack and leave his defence open…he tracks back well, so I’ll place baines there with alaba as back up… Finally the player I ddnt agree should be in d team is neur…Now neur is one of d best keepers around buh wen playing against unknown forces, itz best to go with both experience and class so I’ll go for Petr Cech.. I wanted to pick buffon or casillas but dey’ve both dropped form and are not in my top 5 best goalkeepers in europe right now.. So it’ll be like dis 4-2-3-1
    Messi——————–Ozil———-C Ronaldo–

  2. My team doesn’t lay emphasis on defence. Attack is the best form of defence. Even if my team were to witness an onslaught, Rooney is a workaholic and his energy levels can be used defensively. My defensive players are all built like beasts. Only change I would have made to my team is bringing in Cech, Yaya and Aguero for Casillas, Messi and Ronaldo as we have not certified if Cristiano and Lionel are humans.
    In summary, my team is daring and unconventional. When you want to play aliens and save the earth, you don’t do things the usual predictable way. #defendearth

    • My team doesn’t lay emphasis on defence. Attack is the best form of defence…

      Your team is light at the back but very potent in attack, however, your team is prone to swift counter attacks and wing play, and with a struggling keeper like Casillas in your goal, be sure of conceding a couple.

      The aliens could overrun your side

  3. Lol, sort of fiction when you play a Three headed demon lol!!

  4. Ai so love Edosa squad, thumbs up!!…dat wud be my squad as well, to me dat squad had d best balance all thru wit great undastandin……and de squad also has fighters, peeps who wil battle to d end!

  5. cech
    dani alves thiago lahm mascherano bale

    yaya schweinsteiger

    messi cristiano

  6. here is my ideal formation for war against Aliens :p…. with this team, no effin extraterrestrial can mess with us hhahaha

  7. the fourth formation is the best…but i offer a 4-4-2 module with lahm,hummels,silva,alaba…schweinsteiger,iniesta,ribery,messi…ronaldo,ibrahiomovic/falcao

  8. Just bring up Bayern team with Jupp and we win!

  9. ———————————–Casillas————————————-

    —–Alves———-Thiago Silva—–Sergio Ramos———-Alaba—–

    ——————————–Yaya Toure————————————




  10. no neymar?

  11. try this lineup~ I’m sure this team lineup will beat the aliens team…..presentng to you the World XI……..

  12. Dont be funny, u find this funny… How can elliens play with real people… We want to know what this thing about n not playng games…

  13. I’ve tried but its not possible to make choises. I think you’d have to keep in mind if the players would match together aswell.

    i’d go for something like:
    ST: Ibra & Suarez
    LW & RW: Ronaldo & Messi
    CAM: Rooney
    CDM: Schwein
    LD & RD: A. Cole & Lahm
    CD: Kompany & T. Silva
    GK: Courtois

    with some substitutes like: Ramos, Baines, Ozil, Ribery, Falcao

    I’m trying not to let my personal likes get in the way of choosing, but it’s so hard 🙂

  14. One of the best footy articles I have read in awhile… Well done sir! Would love to know what collection of nutbags is behind this. Probably just an EXTREME case of viral marketing for the WC, in which case Sepp has officially lost his marbles, though that could’ve been argued long, long ago haha

  15. just send as roma xD

  16. lets just keep pepe cb,

  17. I love the show

  18. Gk:neuer
    Def:thiago silva
    :sergio ramos
    :mats hummels
    :vimcent kompany
    Mid:mesut özil
    :franck ribery
    :andres iniesta
    Att:christiano ronaldo
    :zlatan ibrahimovic
    :lionel messi

    I think there needs to be a good balance, but a 3 back seems to utilise the strength of players we have. By then putting a duo of Schweinstegier and Iniesta in the CM we have the ability to drop the whole play back to defend. The attack speaks for itself. Highlights the best talent the world has.

  20. Iheanacho precious

    U guys are dilusional these are signs of endtime and here you are decieving yourself instead of asking God for forgiviness

  21. ———————————–buffon————————————-

    —–Alves———-Thiago Silva—–Sergio Ramos———-chiellini—–

    ——————————- pirlo————————————




  22. the best formation :



  23. I think that whoever is going to be playing the aliens needs to wear Nike and CR’s new shoes. I don’t think that any player’s with Adidas contracts will be allowed.

  24. I think no one had a perfect team … i would say
    Lahm—–Thiagos Silva—Kompany—-Alaba
    Messi——-Yaya Toure —- Schweinsteiger—-Ribery
    Cech is in my opinion the best GK in the world at the moment !!
    With Lahm and Alaba you got the best Wing Defenders who are offensive and defensive very strong. Silva and Kompany are very fast technicaly genious and very strong Centre Backs.
    Toure and Schweiny are players with an incredible running intensity … Also they have an excellent view for the other players and win important duels…
    Ribery and Messi can win a game by them selves with one dribbling !!!
    Ibrahimociv is a striker who can also make the game and who also can destroy the oponnent with only one shot !!! Ronaldo is a perfect striker … Headers,Pace,Shot,Position,Weak foot … he is just perfect and has all important characteristics a striker needs !!
    We can destroy them with this team 😉

  25. Cech
    Kompany. Thiago Silva
    Lahm A. Cole

    Yaya Toure.
    M. Ozil

    Messi. C. Ronaldo

    Sub: Neuer, Terry, Baines, Busquet, Ribery, Neymar, R.V.P

  26. You cannot save the earth without a Greek defence…

  27. Unless you got them playing together for a couple of months, the best team you could make would only be one that has been playing together – ie, the best club in the world

    Right now, that would be Bayern Munich

  28. Hey obitwyce ur squad’s attack is surely the best,n as my coach used to say back then when I was a player,”attack is the best form of defence”,but a swift counter attack would do damage to u,ur center backs r realy slow players.let’s say the alians have a player of messi’s caliber runnin towards ur kompany in a counter attack,scary thought indeed. . .edosa’s squad is by far the most balanced,but I’d play vidal as agbdgreat said,and upfront,I’d use a pacey striker (aguero,suarez,cavani,lewand,ect) rather than ibra.or push messi forward n put robben in his position,or push ronald forward and put ribery there,jus to add speed & pace.then defensive wise,I’d use ramos at center back,take chiellini out,then put dani alvez in his at right back…..cech is better,neuyer,yeah is ok,but cech is better… Keep me posted on defendin da world guys.


  29. alijax has the best 1 but we can consider pepe if it is street rules

  30. ———De Gea





    SUBS: Cech.Subotic,Iniesta,Busquets,Ribery,Ibra,Xabi.

  31. Are you guys joking?
    Lets’s say this really happens.
    You would put all best players from every club. And this would workout? Maybe if we would have 6 months to prepare new team with big ego’s (maybe wouldn’t count because it would be for they’re lifes:). )
    But anyway, we would choose have to choose best team and win.

  32. neuer
    Phillip lahm thiago silva Vincent Kompony David Alaba
    Schweinsteiger Xavi Alonso
    Ronaldo Ribery
    Luiz Suarez


  33. 1.Casillas(GK)

  34. We should send americas team as in the mexican football selection ;3

  35. there is no god but allah Mohamed messenger of allah .believe that no one can decide what is gonna happen except allah just believe in him he is the super power he is the owner of the sky and earth and he own also the day of judjment stop this game .allah(he can destroy the earth and every thing in eye wink.there is to many signs monioned by prophet Mohamed (peace up on him)in islam how is the end of earth .trust people if you not muslim you miss lot.peace thanks you

    • Now we were having fun…… this has nothing to do with religion, it’s all about Samsung and Galaxy11 so give us a break. let’s talk football…..

  36. Casillas GK, Bale LWB, Kompany CB, Dani Alves RWB, Yaya DM, Ribery, Xisco, Robben, Ronaldo, Persie, Messi.

  37. Lol just play Classic XI

  38. casillas
    S.ramos -kompany -pepe -dani alves
    xavi hernandez -yaya toure – iniesta andres
    L.messi – C.ronaldo – jr.neymar

    best team in the world 100\100 and :ronney -ibrahimovic -gareth bale -song -buffon

  39. When are they playing the match cos I would like to play forward for them with me all is well

  40. best formation will be:
    GK: Neuer.
    Defence, from (L2R): Lahm, Thiago Silva, Hummels, Sergio Ramos.
    DMC: Yaya Toure.
    MC: Iniesta, Ozil
    Att: CR7, IBRA, MESSI
    SUBS: Casillas, Kompany, Ceillini, Alaba, Schweinsteiger, RIbery, G.Bale, Aguiro, V.persy

  41. If I’m manager & humans are to play aliens to save the earth, here will be my team in a 4-2-3-1 formation
    Buffon, Ramos, Thiago Silva, Pepe, Marcelo, Lahm, Yaya Toure, Vidal, Cristiano, Messi, Zlatan. Lolz
    There are many other equally good players but I went for players who are not just good but also skillful & possess some bit of raw strength too eg Vidal just goes in ahead of Iniesta, only just & Ibra ahead
    of RvP only just as well. #Winnertakesearth

  42. it is a samsung campain


  44. Samsung Galaxy II

  45. con funes mori y silva solos les ganamos¡¡

    this is a winning line up

  47. i am sure that the the earth will win.

    • Taibi, Rigobert Song, Titus Bramble, Cygan, David Luiz, Jason Dozzell, Djemba Djemba, Francis Jeffers, Rosenthal, Bendtner, Heskey. Apocalypse

  48. my forward players will be neymar,messi ,ronaldo

  49. Cech; Lahm, Thiago Silva, David Luiz, Marcelo; schweinsteiger, Toure, Ribery; Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Robert Lewandoski.

  50. i think gareth bale + ronaldo + messi is the best solution , we need speed

  51. I have a team in mind.. ita hard to pick the best but this is what i got:
    Ramos – thiago silva – chiellini – lahm
    Robben – ozil – ronaldo
    Messi – falcao or ibrahimovic

  52. Out of all of these the only ones that could handle the presure would be messi ibra neuer and scweinstiger witg this in mind I would actually choose clever slow players like kaka, modric, luiz, ronaldinho, and maybe even torres midfield players like ozil mata or ronaldowould ultimately fai Iin a team of this importance

  53. Mmm I don’t think we can win these aliens

  54. Heskey surely!

  55. Mason Henderson

    I think a 4-4-1-1 would be best. Starting from the back, Cech in goal. Then from right to left on defense: Ivanovic, Sergio Ramos, Varane, Ashley Cole. Midfield right to left: Robben, Ozil, Schweinstieger, Eden Hazard. At forward, put Rooney and supporting forward, Messi.

  56. we are waiting ……….

  57. Casillas
    RB Lahm, CB Ramos & Thiago Silva, LB Marcelo
    CDM Schweinsteiger, Strootman and I would say Gundogan but he’s too inexperienced to defend the earth I think..
    RW Bale, CAM Özil, LW Ronaldo
    ST Messi or Ibra

  58. ——————- Lloris—————–

    Dani Alves. Bale
    Robben. Ribery
    Messi. Ronaldo

  59. My team would be – 4-3-3
    Manuel Neuer (GK)
    Phillip Lahm(RB) – Thiago Silva(CB) – Sergio Ramos(CB) – Marcelo(LB)
    Sergio Busquets(CDM)
    Andres Iniesta (RCM) Mesut Ozil(LCM)
    Lionel Messi(RW) – Zlatan Ibrahimovic(ST) -Cristiano Ronaldo(LW)

    SUBS- Rooney, Reus, Robben,Hummels, Casillas, A.Cole
    More – Lewandowski, Falcao, Muller,Kompany,Fabregas,Yaya Toure, Wilshere

  60. Lloris, Walker, Chiriches, Vertonghen, Coentrao, Sandro (DM), Lamela (RW), Bale (LW), Modric (CM) van der Vaart (AM) van Persie

  61. So we are going to play football with Aliens! Hahahaha am not buying this crab! Or is the world coming to an end?

  62. casillas,lahm,t.silva,ramos,a.cole,bastian,yaya toure,CR7,messi,rooben,lewandowski

  63. I would put to my squad CR7, Messi, Bale, Ibrahimovic, Pepe, Rooney, Casillas, Ramos, Xavi, Xabi Alsono, A.Inesta.

  64. ST messi St Ibra
    Cam Iniesta
    LM Ribery Rm Ronaldo
    CDM Xavi
    LB Alba CB Silva CB Pique RB dani Alves

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