Arsenal Went To Milan “4 – Nothing”: The Aftermath

The crushing defeat against AC Milan tasted more bitter than a few shots of Alomo and it certainly hasn’t gone down well with everyone that holds Arsenal close to their hearts.

As expected, many fans and neutrals alike voiced their frustrations on the various social networking applications available to man. After reviewing a boatload of pings, tweets, Facebook statuses and what have you, nothing struck me more than the words written by DKD, a writer of an Arsenal blog called Armoury Square:

“I have become tired of Arsenal. I don’t want to watch their games anymore, and I don’t think I will continue blogging on them. If nothing changes at Arsenal, I will stop watching them. Infact yesterday I didn’t even watch the entire second half. And this is probably the first time I have stopped mid-way of a report…”

“Not interested, don’t care, do what you want Wenger, do whatever the f*ck you want. Its your club, its yours to ruin.”

These words were culled from his post tagged “4 goals shuffed up the arse”

At Arsenal, the boat is rocking in a storm and a defeat in tomorrow’s FA Cup tie against Sunderland would make the six-year old Black Widow Spider present in Arsenal’s trophy cabinet extend her stay for one more year.

For reasons best known to me and probably Chuck Norris, I chose not to give my usual match ratings after the game’s review. Arsenal was very atrocious in every corner of the pitch from the goalie to the forward line.

This is probably not the time to open up healing wounds but I’ll like to single out every playing position that wore the “Yellow” jersey on Wednesday night.

Wojciech Szczesny has been reliable all season long and he has been a commanding presence in the box but his distribution sucks and Arsenal was duly punished for it. This season we were all bewildered and perplexed when Tim Howard’s long range effort breezed past Bogdan in Bolton’s goal but Szczesny’s effort barely made it to the halfway line.

Szczesny can give himself a schedule to improve on his distribution. That’s my opinion though.

The defense was pretty much Arsene Wenger’s first choice with the exception of Andre Santos so their schoolboy errors were simply unforgivable.

Arsenal’s Mr. Consistency put up a poor showing at right back and he was carved open countless times. Gibbsy showed his rustiness while the Verm’s performance was in his “favored position” was surprisingly appalling.

Laurent Koscielny was Arsenal’s best defender on the night but he succumbed to what seemed like a knee injury. His replacement was very clumsy to concede such a penalty that drove the final nail in Arsenal’s coffin.

The midfield was very sloppy and Tomas Rosicky gave the fans a cause for concern as his errors led to a couple of goals. Aaron Ramsey was missing in action again but Mikel Arteta’s performance was a bit commendable. There’s only one Song but his voice wasn’t heard.

Despite the teams shortcomings, Captain Van-tastic put up a spirited performance but Theo Walcott almost made me to throw a projectile at my Plasma TV. The King came in his stead and showed his immense quality with that flick but his fairytale has ended.

Even if I loathe what I’m about to write, Manchester United have proved their doubters wrong again this season how strong mentally they can be and they are presently at par with their noisy neighbors for Premier League honors.

Sir Gum Chewer has lost a couple of figure heads to injuries, crashed out of the Champions League in the group stage and the FA Cup but his team continues to show their resilience, character and spirit, despite that 1-6 defeat in the hands of Manchester City.

Arsene Wenger has to rally his troops to stand up and be counted and this has to be shown in tomorrow’s FA Cup against Sunderland. Even if it has become a stadium were cattle is reared, Arsenal has enough in the tank to book a Sixth Round berth.

This season, a lot of phrases like “I 8-2 be an Arsenal fan” and Arsenal goes to Milan “4 – nothing” have been created in the wake of embarrassing defeats.

Arsenal, this trend has to stop.

A great team isn’t measured by how many times they get knocked down. They are measured by how strong they are when they get back up.


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