Arsene Wenger On The Hot Seat and Ryo Miyaichi Impresses Owen Coyle

At least we know where it is

Every Gooner looks forward to the summer because Arsenal has renewed its contract with Club Trophy-less for another season. Arsene Wenger was at the helm of affairs when he created an unstoppable force in the 2003/04 season called the Invincibles but its fair to say that his present lot can be tagged as The Invisibles.

The Invincibles had a Mad German between the sticks and the defence line was composed of a resilient, hard-working but cuntly left back, a strong and efficient right back and two centre backs that had the joint qualities of coordination, power, pace, aggression and composure.

The Invisibles on the other hand has a young commanding Pole that’s gradually making a name for himself with his stellar performances, a fit and consistent right back, an injury-ravaged left back and a centre back pairing that has the joint qualities of bravery, height, composure, technique and anticipation.

Opposition offences always got scared when they came up against the defence of the Invincibles but many teams relish the prospect of playing the defence of the Invisibles because they leak more goals than a faulty faucet. Most times, strikers don’t have to do much work because the defence of the Invisibles possesses a Self Destruct sequence they activate from time to time.

The quartet in the midfield of the Invincibles were players you could only see in your fantasies. The dreamy Robert Pires that had a level of technique that was second to none, the pacey and canny Freddie Ljungberg whose off the ball movement was a constant thorn in the flesh, the efficient Gilberto Silva that ran the show in the middle of the park and the inspirational leader Monsieur Patrick Vieira. Now the Gooners watch the upcoming Alex Song, the “vastly experienced” Mikel Arteta and the player that kills prominent figure heads anytime he scores, Aaron Ramsey.

The forward line of the Invincibles had a technical demigod in the form of Sir Reverend His Royal Highness Dennis Bergkamp and the goal scoring machine and a legend in every sense of the word, Thierry Henry. Robin van Persie can match the King in terms of his goal scoring exploits but he’s supported by Gervinho and Theo Walcott.

Those where the days......

Following the 4-0 drubbing at Milan, the Gunners lost in the FA Cup 5th round to Sunderland and things have gone haywire as the fans have expressed their dissatisfaction following another campaign that promised so much but had nothing to offer in the end. Caught Offside reports that FC Barcelona’s Pep Guardiola has been touted as a summer replacement for Arsene Wenger and they may be forced to spend money this time.

Apparently, Wenger might not be sacked but he may be offered a role in the Board to make the managerial role vacant. The boss has labelled the recent criticism he and his team are facing as harsh:

“We will get criticism but I feel that it is a bit hard on the team. At the moment I get many lessons from many people who have managed zero clubs and zero games and zero European games.”

“We have played 15 years in the top four, which is a mark of our consistency.”

He has vowed that his team would fight on and he hopes that his team would respond well against Tottenham Hotspurs. The FA Cup quarter final draws have made and Martin O’ Neill’s Sunderland will visit Goodison Park to take on Everton.

Still sticking with the FA Cup, Arsenal’s loanee to Bolton Ryo Miyaichi scored his first goal in English football inside the first five minutes in Bolton’s 5th Round victory over Millwall. Miyaichi used his great pace to reach a through ball before making a superb first touch to move the ball away from the defender. He opened his body up and scored a goal reminiscent of Park Chu-Young’s curler against Bolton.

Owen Coyle ran out of superlatives for the Japanese youngster:

“He showed what a talent he is. There’s other stuff he can learn, but he’s brave and tough – he stood up to some of the treatment he got – and he always plays with a smile on his face, which I absolutely love.”

Coyle added that he had been keen on the player for some time, even though he has only made two substitute appearances for the Gunners’ first-team, and was thrilled when Wenger gave him permission to take him on loan. Miyaichi’s loan spell at Bolton would do wonders to his confidence and I hope he comes back strongly like Jack Wilshere.

The left wing is currently occupied by Gervinho while the likes of Andrey Arshavin, Yossi Benayoun and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have had stints there. It’s also heart warming to know that Ryo Miyaichi would probably give them a run for their money next season.

A great team isn’t measured by how many times they get knocked down. They are measured by how strong they are when they get back up.

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  1. I knew ryo was a liability but Wenger judges with favourism.

  2. Steve of Chiang Mai

    I kinda wish the 2003-4 team had lost a game.

    Hear me out before you get the knives out. Every team since is compared with that team and obviously in the minds of the fans comes up short. But in reality the 04-05 side was identical finishing 2nd and the 05-06 side (identical save Fabregas for Viera) finished in 4th place, yes where the “worst Arsenal side Roy Keane has ever seen” currently sits.

    Fans talk in awe of Tony Adams but I wonder how many fans realize Adams was not part of that side. I am willing to wager that if we were to post a pop quiz asking if Adams was part of the Invincible back 4 YES/NO , there would be a high proportion who say yes. But that is the stuff of legends…stories with a historical origin, but often mixed with a certain amount of myth.

    But what it has done has produced a mentality in some fans that presume a privilege, a right to certain results and a judgement that certain player “are not fit to wear the shirt”

    But even the 04/5 team were no match for the Invincibles, They were a one-off and I would imagine that in as much as a number of circumstances have put Arsenal where they are today, bad injuries, dodgy refereeing, some bad luck and yes poor player and manager performance all playing a part. So to in 03/04, no doubt a number of more fortuitous circumstances collided – goals not hitting the woodwork snatching a draw etc.

    There is no doubt the current squad is weaker than 03/04. But then again the 2005-06 team retained most of the same starting lineup and yet finished 4th on 67 points, a far cry from the 90 points of the invincibles and 15 points behind 3rd place (the invisibles are currently 10 behind 3rd) The 03/04 team achieved something colossal, without doubt, but I believe has sown a tainted mythology in the minds of the fans along the way as well.

    • I understand where you’re coming from.

      I guess it’s a bit harsh to compare but the point I was making was that it was the same manager that assembled both squads.

      The standards have become so low at Arsenal.
      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

      • Steve of Chiang Mai

        Yes but again under very different circumstances…..interestingly compare the value of the starting lineup of the invincibles (Wikipedia) with the current team (wikipedia). Arsene was able to assemble that squad for around 41M and the current squad costs 67.2M. Football is about more than 11 young men a manager and a football. The arrival of the oligarchs has pushed prices through the roof, both transfer and wages. I would suggest the referee bias against Arsenal has steadily increased, and the crippling injury toll. If you were to take Modrich, Van der Vaat, Ledley King Assou-Ekotto and Kyle Walker out of Spurs the equivalents of Sanga, Verm, Santos and Wilshere (havent even talked about Diaby and the fullback replacements!!!) they might not be travelling so well either.

        In fact given the circumstances surrounding the team and the constant media bashing….(no one is suggesting Rednapp resign because his team drew with Stevenage, and Europa long ago)…given those circumstances Wenger is doing jolly well to have this team in 4th!

      • It’s funny to know that we are always under the spotlight when things go wrong for us.

        The media Vultures always feel good preying around us like the vultures they are and it’s not surprising. Twitchy Ol’ Arry drew with Stevenage and was bundled out of the Europa League as you said but they all kept quiet.

        His team is doing great in the league. Unfortunately for us…..
        Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  3. Davies Bitanye

    My dream is to share with my ailing granny an Arsnal victory in any of the championships before she passes on,pliz Wenger save me I don’t want to suffer all my life….

  4. Arsenal’s Attacking system is well known by defensive masters like O’neil. In fact they had an advantage having rested and waiting in the wings to pounce.
    Ryo I think will enjoy the Bolton Move-

    • It’s a move that will pay dividends for the youngster. I hope he comes back strongly next season
      Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

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