Canon Crested: An Arsenal Initiative for Nigerians, by Nigerians

Football, they say, is a universal language that unites lovers of the football from every corner of the globe.

Ardent football fans can go through several measures to watch their favorite team play and while some are fortunate enough to view the matches live in the stadium, they feel the same elation other fans in the different corners of the Earth feel when a goal is scored. They also feel the same measure of despair, disappointment and disgust when a game is lost.

Arsenal Football Club is one of the most supported football teams in the world and its social media presence is very massive with 2.6 million followers on Twitter and 14 million likes on Facebook. Nigeria, like every football loving country, has its lion’s share of Arsenal supporters and some fans have taken their love for the club to the next level, as some brilliant Arsenal blogs owned by Nigerians have come into the limelight in recent times.

In all my years as an Arsenal blogger, I’ve seen many Nigerian writers that know the beautiful game and their Arsenal in epic proportions and I can’t look no further than Arsenal EffectCampus GoonerMemoirs of a GoonerMister Spruce, Soccer Fan BaseSoccergunz, Punkenstein among others. These are Arsenal blogs that I follow regularly and I’ve even become close to these lads on a personal level because they’re great guys with undying love for Arsenal.

Joining this elite class of the Nigerian Arsenal community is Canon Crested, a website dedicated to Arsenal football club but targeted at Nigerian Gooners. The initiative was launched by Simon De Gooner and the folks at Canon Crested, and it’s a site where Arsenal fans can come and read quality blog posts from seasoned Nigerian Gooners. The site offers a whole lot more as well.

I’ve been given the honor of being one of the “celebrity bloggers” on the site but due to my writing commitments with my blog and Bleacher Report, I’d be able to write at least one post a week there.

The floor is open for Nigerians that want to express their opinions about Arsenal on the site, so interested writers can contact Canon Crested on Twitter, Facebook, by email and their cell phone number.

The site has a store that’s opening soon, some interesting competitions with prizes up for grabs, a fan zone where a Nigerian Gooner comes in the spotlight, a video section where Arsenal videos and highlights could be seen, provision for advertisements and most interestingly, weekly podcast sessions where Nigerian Gooners can interact on issues of the club ranging from match results, transfer gossip, player profiles and much more.

In this podcast sessions, many Nigerian Arsenal bloggers and fans alike would be given an audience to air their views about the club and it’s bound to be an interesting affair.

Other famous podcasts like Arsecast from Arseblog, Arsenal Fans Forum with Tom Watt and others are coming soon will be readily available for downloads on the site as well.

As the saying goes, little drops of water can form an ocean, so I urge Nigerian Gooners out there to become a part of Canon Crested, an Arsenal initiative for Nigerians, by Nigerians.

The site is also open to suggestions, ideas and comments so feel free to contact Canon Crested on TwitterFacebook, by email and their cell phone number.


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  1. finally, been looking for good nigerian goonerblogs, hopefully i’ve found one, good start!

  2. Nice innovation I must say. But will make no sense if the management Arsenal fc does not get to hear views of these fans.

  3. wow…apologies .am just commenting. This is amazing!!! now i owe you for life….Thanks Alot..Gooner community is an amazing one…

  4. nice idea, looking forward to it

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