Thoughts on Bendtner’s Outburst over Blocked Summer Departure

Bendtner in action against West Brom

It has been a somewhat tumultuous season thus far for Arsenal’s back-up striker, Nicklas Bendtner. His shenanigans in the past put him on the bad books of Arsenal fans but his loan spells to Sunderland and Juventus proved unsuccessful as both sides failed to retain his services.

At the Stadium of Light under the tutelage of Martin O’Neill, Bendtner was given a lot of game time and managed to score eight goals in 30 appearances for the Black Cats but his spell at Juventus was marred by his drunk-driving incident, complaints of how he had gained some weight and some niggling injury problems.

With Arsenal clearing out its deadwood in grand style this summer, many had tipped Bendtner to join the exodus as it’s was glaring from the fans that they would be glad to see the back of him but a protracted move to Eintratcht Frankfurt proved fruitless as the German outfit couldn’t match or better his current 52,000 pounds per week contract so they pulled the plug.

Hull City also declared their interest but nothing concrete sufficed. On Transfer Deadline Day, Bendtner was subject to a potential move to newbies, Crystal Palace, with Ian Holloway declaring his interest for the Dame and with Arsenal keen on securing the services of Demba Ba, albeit temporarily, Wenger had given his blessing for the move. However, Jose Mourinho’s reluctance to “strengthen a rival” ensured that the move for Ba fell through so Arsenal was forced to withdraw Crystal Palace’s offer for Bendtner.

When it was widely publicized that Bendtner was going to make his first Arsenal start in two years against West Brom in the Capital One Cup, he spoke about his “new challenge” and how he was going to give his all to the fans. An assist to Thomas Eisfeld as well as converting Arsenal’s first spot kick was a decent return and the fans had to make do with the Dane, till January at least.

More substitute appearances in the Premier League was followed with another start against Chelsea in the Capital One Cup but in all honesty, Bendtner’s contributions have been infinitesimal. The Dane was brought on for an ineffectual Santi Cazorla in Old Trafford and he didn’t do half bad and he would have achieved a hero status if he managed to latch unto Sagna’s peach of a cross to salvage a draw but that didn’t happen.

Following some more vitriol and abuse from fans on Twitter, Bendtner recently stated that he’s extremely disappointed that his move to Crystal Palace was blocked by Arsene Wenger. Bendtner stated that he’s preyed by the fans and he also spoke about his dissatisfaction of being demoted to the Reserves by the manager, before things changed for the better when the Ba move couldn’t come to fruition.

In my honest opinion, Bendtner must be out of his mind for these recent quotes and I hope he’s shown the exit door this January for peanuts with a world class striker purchased in his stead.

In a time when the team is gelling on and off the pitch showing signs of togetherness, Bendtner pops up and decides to open up healed wounds of the summer, like his quotes were going to change anything at the moment.

He speaks so arrogantly about top clubs coming for him this summer and all his “class” could muster were potential moves to Frankfurt, Hull and Crystal Palace. Marouane Chamakh, Andre Santos and Denilson all agreed for their contracts to be mutually terminated in their bids to save what was left of their dwindling footballing careers but Bendtner chose to sit on his fat salary rather than securing a move to Frankfurt.

His ego and over-confidence has always been an issue for the Dane and it’s really pathetic to see that he can’t even back it up on the pitch. Bendtner is not as bad as the fans think he is but he’s not also as good as he think he is.

With the winter transfer window just a month away, I really hope that Arsenal would delve into the market to sign a quality striker to support Olivier Giroud, because Nicklas Bendtner isn’t the man for the job.


But I need to keep me strong, I begin to listen or even believe in them, I can quickly force myself into a black hole. “Right now I’m the easy prey to them because I want to get away from the club, and Arsenal do not want to keep me. And these haters – they always choose the easy option. Basically, it is unfair to pig me when I had my club transfer in place in the summer and Wenger told me to be.” “When I had been at the club since I was 16, I found it totally ridiculous that they had placed me in the reserves and let me train by myself,”. “Suddenly everything was back to normal: I trained with the first team, I hung out with the first team, I had a dietician again. From being completely out to be completely with it again. “I had it all in place, there were three clubs who were just waiting for me to say yes to one of them. “It was not the mindset I had [to stay at Arsenal]. I was incredibly disappointed when he [Wenger] called because I was ready to move on. And I actually did not think that they wanted to keep me.”

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  1. Tactical observations potrays that both giruid and betner ar not worth keeping. We a striiker who could create scoring chances and score not 1 who scors after a midfield play 2 unlock a defence b4 he scores.giruid shud b a backup, we nid som1 like suarex,lewa,aguero,czeko,roony,cavani,falcao if we ar 2 stand any chance of wining a trophy.

    • I disagree with you mate.

      Giroud has done very well this season. He just needs some support now

      • Giroud may seem to have done very well, but it is the midfield that have called all the shots. Tell me that you have not gotten annoyed with the Frenchman in recent times. how good was he against Dortmund, Crystal Palace and United? We may have won some of these matches but our Top 9 was just making up the number. He may have assisted a few goals but he could have assisted and scored many more.

    • Stanley, I agree with you. Two same like strikers with no advantage over the opposition defense apart from winning headers they cannot keep. Lacking pace and drive to shoot from a far. trickless and annoying.

  2. it is beyond belief that Wenger considered Bendtner as an adequate back up to Giroud. He was demoted to the Reserves for a reason, it is not to Wenger’s credit that he choose to keep hold of him under the circumstances – poor judgement from a manager who has lost his way.

  3. Hate to say it, but I told you so! 🙂

    Remember commenting on a previous Bendtner post when most felt the deserved a second chance. Didn’t think he did then and now I am even more certain.

  4. The way gooners are taking this NB issue is perplexing. The interview was taken two weeks before it was published. The interview was published a day before the united game. Did bendtner call a press conference? A media asks for interview and you grant one, is that a sin? He asks you about the past, you say, is that wrong?
    Didn’t bendtner say he was disappointed on didn’t he say he would work harder? wasn’t he happy to hear his name sank at the Hawthorns? Didn’t Wenger want him to leave?
    You guys should free the youngman. and who said it was because of wage that he didn’t join Frankfurt? How come he was to join Crystal Palace? Frankfurt and Palace which is bigger and better? He is around because Ba couldn’t come. would Ba have been better? how many games have Ba played and how many have he scored?
    The fans don’t have the right to give any player any chance. you all called for Ramsey’s head years ago, but now ploy the front line to sing his name.
    All what bendtner said in his interview, where they lies? He may not be as best he wants to be but it doesn’t warrant the fans to be on his back daily.
    If only he had scored that goal against United. Shake my head. wenger still played him despite the interview. what does that mean to you?
    Don’t be surprised he may not leave in January. We wait on Wenger. Shikena. Drinks a cup of water.

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