How Do We Pick Ourselves From this Mess?


Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game was meant to be an iconic encounter against his nemesis, Jose Mourinho. We all thought that this was going to the game his boys step up the plate to put up a great performance against Chelsea but it was shameful affair as the Gunners capitulated in grand style.

Olivier Giroud had a glorious chance to make it 1-0 but as expected, he missed his chance. Chelsea launched a counter attack from that move and Samuel Eto’o should Giroud how it’s done as the Cameroonian curled the ball past Szczesny.

I need not remind us about how the game went but the rout suffered in the hands of Chelsea was a bitter pill to swallow especially when they have a manager as despicable as that mouthy Portuguese egotistical cunthound.

It’s really disheartening to know that Arsenal play like headless chickens in the ‘big’ games. The defensive gaffes and schoolboy errors pop up from everywhere and when you play a team as ruthless as Chelsea, you’d be duly punished.

This season has seen Manchester United go through a transition since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and under David Moyes, the Red Devils have struggled a lot but they still managed to get four points off Arsenal. The clash against Manchester City at the Etihad was an utter disgrace as the Gunners were smashed with six goals and they could only provide half of what they shipped in.

It’s true that there’s more reflection and analysis in the wake of a defeat but when you receive the kind of pummelling we got on Saturday, you ask yourself questions,

Why were we so toothless? Why were we the plotters of our own downfall? What the hell was going through Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s head when he decided to go all Szczesny on the ball? :s When will Giroud learn that sometimes it’s just one chance he needs as a striker to kill games off?

So the key question remains – How do we picked ourselves up from this mess?. The manager tried to answer that,

“We have to think deeply about because it is not the first time [it’s happened]. “It all went wrong and I take full responsibility. It is my fault that we failed completely today because we did not turn up.”

“We felt we prepared properly, but we did not turn up, so it is puzzling. After 20 minutes, it was game over and it became a long afternoon, a long dramatic, dreadful afternoon. There is not a lot more I could say, you could blame and blame but it does not help.

“That is the most disappointing thing, that we were never in the game. This is puzzling because we were shocked and knocked down basically without feeling you have had a chance.

‘What is important now is we show we have the capacity to respond, despite that disappointment, on Tuesday night’

Arsene Wenger needs to make the players realize that they can make things right again with a better performance against a struggling Swansea side at home. Shortly after that, Manchester City, a team harboring hopes of winning the title, will be at our doorstep and we need to prove that we have what it takes with at least, a much improved performance.

The Premier League might seem far-fetched for the Gunners with them sitting in fourth place but a lot can happen in eight games. I’m just an optimistic fan sharing his thoughts on this blog but I’d take the FA Cup and Champions League qualification right about now.

Many fans would share their concerns about some of the playing personnel that haven’t impressed this season but that can be addressed in the summer. However, we have to give these lads the support they need to reach the home stretch.

More on the Swansea game tomorrow.


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  1. *Oliver giroud had the chance to make it 1:0 but as expected he missed his chance* I luv this paragraph. That guy needs to be Fired as an arsenal player.. Nd all the guys that played that Chelsea game All of them.

  2. Giroud looked like a retard with the ball at his feet.. no way he would dribble past one player… let alone thre or four

  3. A 1-0 or 2-0 loss could have been managed but a 6-0 loss, despite being 3pts lost is a very demoralising. Losing to chelsea and especially jose makes it more excruciating.

    We have failed to learn and have been consistent in making same mistakes. Giroud is just one. Cazorla and ox are the other. Arteta, what can I say. Someone picked the team. He takes full responsibility.

    Can we get ourselves back up? I doubt. It ll be unfair for Arsenal to win the league and more mockery to finish 4th. I hope we win the FA cup else….

  4. January transfer window, we don’t take it seriously like other Big Clubs. Players like Giroud who were good in October are becoming a burden, why? Because of fatigue. If you look at Man city and Chelsea, with Ramires and William Out, and then after Etoo out, still they were confident to produce. Imagine if Giroud could have gone out, who will come in? Bentner! Or Sonogo?
    Chelsea played three central midfielders purposely. Jon Telly, Cahill and that Brazilian. This was done while others like Hazard, Oscar and all were there continueing to torment us.
    Among other things, Wenger will be judged for ignoring learning how to approach big matches.
    When we won against Real Madrid and Juventus, our defense were solid and midfielders were strong.
    Things have changed where we are going for young players and cheap sales. It’s outcome is revealed by our results. For sure, you cannot compare Arsenal with Chelsea, Man City, Liverpool. Our dreams was to be like Bayern Munich, Bacelona or Real Madrid.
    I will appreciate to hear from Wenger, what is his plan to raise the team to that level. If he hasn’t, then he deserves to step aside and call someone else. We understand his commitment to the club and all excellent plans he has been executing for so many years. But he must answer fans desire to win and match other big clubs

    Arsenal member in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

  5. the only one to blame for that defeat is the man standing at the dug out. He did not read that game properly no damage control strategy? how can you start that game with out a natural Holding MF? and when bad was getting to worse he did not even rally the boys around and shore up all gaping holes in the midfield.
    He is the one to blame for our capitulation this season, no plan B or C just Plan A

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