Arsenal Fans’ Reactions to the Signing of Danny Welbeck

Danny Welbeck


It’s good to know that the nerve-racking transfer window is finally out of the way for at least four months and fans and players alike can concentrate on the football. With the club sealing a deadline day deal for Danny Welbeck, the reactions from the fans of both clubs have had an interesting outlook, which brings a couple of things into perspective. The young lad broke into the first team setup in 2008, scoring 29 goals in 142 apps for the Red Devils. He had a couple of loan spells as well, where he excelled at Preston North End and Sunderland.

Manchester United legend, David Beckham, expressed his sadness on Welbeck’s departure and the Red Devils assistant coach, Mike Phelan, is concerned that his departure has “broken the identity” of the club which may be the start of a new era at Old Trafford—and not necessarily for the better:

“Danny Welbeck has been part of United’s identity and that has been broken. What will happen in the future now, nobody knows but that thread has been broken now.

There is always the start of something and maybe this is the start of a new way of doing things at Manchester United and maybe that is the way football is going. Is it better to look at the instant rather than the future? It is a difficult one because youth is always the future, we all have to start somewhere and you just hope that product of youth can develop in the Premier League.”

Even the annoying and certified Arsenal-hating pundit, Michael Owen, took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Arsenal’s new recruit,

With this in mind, Gooner Daily decided to seek the opinions of several Arsenal fans in regard to the signing of Welbeck. Here’s the pick of the bunch that featured the good, the bad and the ugly.

In the Red Corner…

With Giroud injured, the fans expected the manager to go and sign a striker that would be of a ‘higher quality’ than the Frenchman but Wenger got him some Welbeck. As Kaine Roberts stated, Danny will come good. A hopeful fella.

Ah! Hudam Husain the optimist even labelled Welbeck as a “great signing”, mentioning his speed and his delivery on the final third as a plus for the Gunners. The prospect of having a counter-attack with speed demons like Welbeck, Alexis Sanchez and Theo Walcott would be an exciting prospect.

As Napi Palang rightly stated, Welbeck is a forward that wouldn’t need any adaptation period as he has been playing in the Premier League for quite some time. Despite the fact that Alexis Sanchez has been an inspiring signing, you can still see that he’s adapting to life in the Premier League

Amos Chibuzor, the brains behind the Arsenal blog, Soccergunz, is quick to point out that anybody better than Yaya Sanogo is good enough to lead the line in Giroud’s absence but he’s unhappy that the Gunners didn’t get a center forward that strikes fear in the hearts of opposition defenders. The last striker the Gunners had in that mold was Robin van Persie. Boy, did he know how to bang them in! Shame.

Arsenal has been on the wrong end of this feat. After leaving the Gunners in rather unceremonious circumstances, Robin van Persie scored his former club on three occasions before firing blanks in goalless stalemate at the Emirates last season.


Some Manchester United fans I know how actually expressed their concerns on the loss of Welbeck and they are hoping that he would be fit when both sides play because he’d have fire in his belly.

Eric da Viruz states that we have to “manage him” as he’s clearly a better option than what we currently have at our disposal? It’s not everyday you get to pay 16m for a striker and ‘manage him’ though but let’s see how things pan out.

When Danny Sturridge (another Danny!) was at Chelsea following a disappointing time with Manchester City, he was renowned for being way too selfish (he still is) and he fell out of favor with the manager but he was sent out on loan to revitalize his career. His short stint at Bolton saw him score eight goals in 12 games, that brought him to the spotlight.

Can Arsenal’s Danny do a ‘Sturridge’?

Since his winter transfer to Liverpool in 2012, Sturridge has been outstanding for the Reds, scoring an impressive 36 goals in just 52 appearances. His performances last season alongside his partner-in-crime, Luis Suarez, were thorns in the flesh of opposition defenders and he managed to even score 24 goals – a career best.

I really hope that Arsenal’s Danny can do a Sturridge.

In the Blue Corner…

Of course, it was expected that there were going to be some fans on the other end of the scale. Lazarus Bvirakare believes that the manager has ‘lost the plot’ and the team won’t even reach a coveted Champions League slot. Every fan has his opinions on issues concerning the club but I feel it’s a bit over the top from a fan that says that the manager has lost it because he signed Welbeck. Interesting.

No Comment…

Poor old Wilson Dike. He probably wanted Falcao, Edinson Cavani or some striker that comes from an intergalactic realm with the superhuman ability to score from any position on the field. Life na pot of hot beans. 🙁

Story for the gods…

I’ve shared my thoughts on this matter and Arseblog’s take on the issue is also worth a read.

There were so many responses to my tweet on Welbeck, and I’d like to use this medium to thank every Arsenal fan that participated in one way or the other.

Welcome Danny Welbeck.


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  1. kumbukani kaunda

    Welbeck is better than Yaya Sonogo.

  2. It sadden my heart when a lot of people never see good thing in the work or transfer programme of Arsenal fc, for me, any manager who can not bring good out of his players is useless, though we want o win trophies, but those marque signing they are crying for, were they not trained and gave chance to developed into world star? I don’t know why a lot of fans love to compare our club to chelsea or manchesters club, we are the best club in the world, cos we manage our resource without any godfatherism support. Welbeck is a good signing, he has fighting spirit, he can drible, run, good on air and ground unlike the lazy giroud, even he’s better than giroud, because he’s dangerous to mark out, many defender will be weary to face him because of his trick, but I want all our fans to stop listen to those rubish analyst, other club fans, we are not like them, they should be th one to copy us, welbeck will prove every haters wrong, I bet on it.

  3. I really hope that Welbeck will come and bench Giroud…

  4. “@ goonerdaily We could’ve done
    better but what worries me is
    that we have failed to address
    our lack of a DM and we’re still
    short in CBs.—
    Dope Boy (@SenorNnanna)

    Story for the gods…”

    Man, This killed Me!!!!

  5. My problem is our defence (midfield). We’ve only six defenders and Arteta’s age has started affecting his performance. Welbeck will do well for the club going by the sharp wingers at the club but Wenger should have sign two defenders to strengthen the defence.

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