Open Letter to Arsenal After the Club’s Defeat Against Dortmund

Football is such a fascinating sport.

When things are going your way with your favorite team recording victories, all flaws are swept under the carpet and everyone is all peachy’ and creamy’. When your team draws a match, there are always mixed opinions but then again, it depends on the circumstances surrounding the draw. While you would regard Arsenal’s draw against Leicester to be disappointing, Arsenal’s draw against Manchester City was a relief, because things could have been a lot worse.

However, when your favorite team loses, all Hell breaks loose and you’d see a 1,001 Arsene Wengers surfacing on several social media networking platforms sharing their views on how the manager could have set things up and the whole nine yards.

That’s where a guy like Anayo Alexander Nwosu comes in. Simply known as @K_Sturna on Twitter, Anayo is a very passionate Arsenal fan that has been supporting the club since the days Merlin was the Chief Wizard at Camelot. In the wake of Arsenal’s disappointing performance against Dortmund, this fan has shared his thoughts and I would love my readers to get a feel of his open letter to the club.

Dear Arsenal,

You have a big problem right now and Arsene Wenger is 60% of that problem, whether you agree with me or not. Maybe it’s when we get knocked out from the top four come May our eyes would be opened clearly to see how things are panning out at the club. 

Arsene Wenger as they say, is a genius. When he drops a quote, they’d say he’s the most intelligent coach in world football. Yes, he can manage resources and I can say that no other coach in the world might have been able to go through what he did in the club’s move to a new stadium but on the pitch, Wenger has been found wanting.

I can’t blame young Hector Bellerin for getting his Champions League debut under such circumstances. It was his second senior match ever! That he should have been called upon for such a game is down to the manager. He was the one that chose not to improve the defense despite its glaring frailties. Even the poor ol’ Mikel Arteta didn’t pick himself. Wenger did. The French manager’s fundamental problem is his sentiment!

We needed a ‘hatchet’ holding midfielder that would have been vital to the team’s cause this season because of the way we attack. Wenger did not buy because of Arteta and Mathieu Flamini. You people say that Arteta has a great influence but he doesn’t lead by example on the pitch. Flamini is also finished and doesn’t deserve to be in the team. Mikel Arteta at his current age will not make the bench of the likes of Manchester City, Chelsea or even the new-look Manchester United. But in Arsenal, he plays on a consistent basis even to the point when fatigue takes his toll and he get’s injured.

Can you imagine having only three central defenders in the team and their replacement is also the second choice right back? Sometimes I question Wenger’s ambition but at the same time, I don’t blame him. If a man knows that he’s allowed to behave anyhow he likes in his workplace, he can just come to work, sleep and won’t be productive but at the end of the month, he gets his salary and even a pay rise! What would you expect from that kind of a person? He won’t do anything because there’s no pressure on him.

It’s glaring that Mesut Ozil is going through a phase and he’s in a run of dismal form yet Wenger chose to play him in front of a 19-year-old inexperienced right back. Tomas Rosicky would have been the perfect alternative because with his energy and work rate, he would have offered protection to Bellerin, something Ozil couldn’t do all game long. When Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came late on, there was a moment where he tracked back (into Bellerin’s position) and made a sliding challenge on Henrikh Mkhitaryan to block a shot that would probably have gone in. Would Ozil have done this? Dortmund is renowned for closing their opponents down but at Arsenal, it’s just Alexis (he learned this from his time at FC Barcelona) and Ramsey that close down for us. See the first goal we conceded and observe Jack Wilshere’s body language.

How many passes did we misplace today? Since this season began, we have struggled with our intricate, crisp and accurate passing play. What happened to the way we do things? The Arsenal way we have come to love and cherish?

When you know what you need, as a manager with the financial backing Arsenal has, you should go for it. Jurgen Klopp lost Mario Gotze and replaced him with Henrikh Mkhitaryan. He lost a predator in the form of Robert Lewandowski and replaced him with Ciro Immobile and Adrian Ramos. This Dortmund team is the weakest we have ever played – there was no Marco Reus, Kuba, Matts Hummels, Shinji Kagawa, Lukasz Piszczek and Ilkay Gundogan but Arsenal failed to turn up.

I don’t know what the players do during their training sessions but I must confess that Arsenal’s ‘big-game’ mentality is horribly poor. Wenger just doesn’t know how to prepare his boys for the so-called big games. I’m praying to have an engagement that would make me the game against Chelsea in Stamford Bridge next month because I have a hunch of what the outcome might just be – Arsenal going there “4 – nothing”.

Arsene Wenger is too stubborn. He knows when some things aren’t working out for him but he keeps trying them for reasons best known to him. Heck, he doesn’t even watch our opponents before the match because he says it’s ‘not necessary’, that we should concentrate on our own game. He will only wait when its almost too late to remove a player that is below-par. Halftime subs aren’t in his lexicon except when the player is probably injured. This game needed an Ox or a Rosicky right from the start of the second half. One must wonder what Rosicky has to do to play for us this season.

Under normal circumstances, Ramsey and Ozil are meant to be on the bench in the game against Aston Villa with any two from Rosicky/Cazorla/Ox taking their places. But who am I? Just a fan right? Counter attacks have been our biggest problem since 1759, and shockingly, we still haven’t resolved it. We have pace in the form of Alexis, Welbeck and the Ox, yet we can’t even utilize it. See how Immobile and Aubameyang used their pace to devastating effect against us. We are waiting for Theo Walcott to return from a lengthy layoff before we begin to fly.

We sold Alex Song and converted a central midfielder to a holding midfielder. A classic case of a convincing an aging square peg that it can fill a round hole. 

The only constant thing in life is change and Arsenal needs it, whether it’s in personnel or methodology. Either ways I’m up for it.

Anayo Nwosu, a passionate fan.

You can follow Anayo Nwosu on Twitter with his handle @K_Sturna


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  1. That is true..wasted ozil talent, put person in the wrong position, dont have quality defender,,,problem for wenger..change strategy and personnel please..

  2. Arsene wenga, need 2 be change old age is distoping him, eveybodi expecting cazola nd chambelin or rosy 2 start d match he go ahead, start, dead wood lik ozil, may he dnt lik arsenal cos thrz no hardwrkin 4rm him, ramsey lose form wit tim he wil reagin it bck; pls wher is joe cambel?

  3. aigbokhan mandy

    Spot on bro, bin on abt wenger’s obdurate n stubborn ways for d past 6yrs, a coach dat intentionally sets his team up to fail, he shd hav left after winning d Fa cup @ d end of last season, a club wiv arsenal’s resources shdnt hav players like arteta,flamini,welbeck as regular starters , but not d case cos of le prof n failed transfer dealings. I rest my case

  4. When Wenger spent deadline day in Rome instead of buying our defenders I realised he had stopped the level of commitment to our beloved club. He went to fulfil his dream and not ours. A true disgrace. He had so much time to strengthen the defence during the summer it’s unreal. He is authentically past it and football wise, younger managers like Klopp and Rogers, Martinez and Potchetino are moving past him quickly. He is lost in a prehistoric football bubble and should leave the club to be managed by someone with energy and ideas like Jurgen Klopp.

  5. As always, and in particular this passage, plenty of analysis and many correct observations, but as long as Arsenal are stuck with the Tyrant Wenger we shall lose ground against the opposition for a league title. Wenger is a pig headed old man without the necessary hunger for success – It is more important to hime to have an 8 figure bank account than to win… He wipes his arse on good opinion, as only HE knows what we need. Well does it look like he does? He has cocked up yet another tfr window – I dont quite know, lost count, but I think we must have about 5 or 6 no10’s and no defenders!

  6. Udefi Emeka Solomon

    It was as if the writer was in my mind [well said. Its becoming embarrassing to the name Arsenal. This is total nonchallancy and negligence of duty from the part of Arsene Wenger. As Gunner, i have get used to not expecting big name signings. But the main issue is, if you cant buy, why cant we use our best men? For goodness sake, where is Rosicky? What is Carzola [argueably our best MF performer so far] doing on the bench lately? Where is Campbell? What is Wenger expecting from Ramsey & Özil that does guys cant surpass at the moment?

    This is just the begining. Only a full continues doing the same thing and expecting a diffrent result. May God help Us.

  7. a very good article, sad, but true!

  8. Well said Wenger definitely needs to change or just resign. Arteta should be third choice holding midfielder, Ozil should earn his place in the team through solid performances not by virtue of past reputation or price tug. Football is competitive and competition knows no names Mr Wenger. By continuously playing an abysmal Ozil you’re demoralizing other players big time. It’s hard to believe that Wenger wasted money on Ozil but it’s high time he accepts that and move on. Take a bold action and axe Arteta, Flamini, perhaps send Ozil ouqon loan buy a proper goal scorer, holding midfielder, centerback, leftback and a sublime no.10 capable of scoring 15 goals a season.

  9. I.P. from South Africa

    How does one get this letter to Kronke, Gazides, the Board or Wenger AND get them to read it??? A SUPERB summary of the most glaring voids in our team which have been present for at least 8 years!!! In my opinion at the heart of the majority of our flaws and tactical ignorance there is only ONE to be found and that is our outdated, stale and KNOW-IT-ALL manager, Arsene Wenger. His so-called guidance on footballing matters to the owner and the Board does not belong in the 21st century. How I wish and dream for a NEW management team with insight and tactical nous.

  10. I totally agree. It is so frustrating…doing the same things expecting different results. We would never be a force again under Wenger. It is painfully obvious that he is past it.

  11. well,well spoken mates, I am short of words after a poor arsenal performance I ever witnessed yesterday night, I must say as a passionate fan….my appetite for our beloved club has drastically dropped under pig headed wenger management I cant swallow it anymore….sack him up ASAP somebody before its too late.

  12. Arsene Wenger just makes we Arsenal fan unable to speak in the crowd,i need an answer why didnt he buy a Defensive Midfielder,a Central back and an outstanding Striker,am tired of Arsenal,it seems am gona stop supporting Arsenal and go support Barcelona coz i love good football

  13. u know after i watching the game last night i almost had my tears drop because of sad knowing my team already fallen so far like this,, what an awfull defending display, kieran gibbs and bellerin just going attack forget to defend, and u already know when per mertesacker behind he is way toooo sloow,…and the first goal is because koscielny not fast enough to cut the move of immobile…

    have to go to basic,..learn how to defend please. Wenger always said we are an attacking team and have attacking philosophy,..yes that is good IF we win, but if not, just fuck off..and back to basic,.defend..defend..and not make wrong pass.

    pleasee,,Who has relation with the board send this letter to the club. if i’m wenger i will give chance to campbell on the right wing, sanchez upfront and cazorla/podolski on the left, while ozil and rosicky in the center, and chamberlain and diaby in the center, while chamber, koscielny, gibbs, and debuchy (or for know bellerin), in back four…sczezny have done well

    just put it simple put the right man in the right place,..i still have faith in ozil, he sure does have something to prove his 42M..and by the time walcott comeback, podolski, sanchez, and walcott is enough to make goals..

    My hope our team will bounce back and learn from this, lucky they give us 2-0, if it is only 1-0 wenger will do nothing to change, and said this lose just unlucky..

  14. please please somebody land this letter full of positive analysis to the right hands and arsenals head office,or even to stubborn wenger himself.

  15. Well spoken, Wenger is Arsenal major problem. I could not really blem Ozil because he’s being plaied out of position. Arsenal have some game changers, likes of Rosicky, Campbell and others, but Wenger refuses to play them. He kept on playing Wilshere ahead of Rosicky. He should just be sack then Arsenal will become the Arsenal we use to know.

  16. Gd post
    Per-benced(shld nt be a starter) their combi with Boss is changing to that of TV5/Boss..try chambers.
    Rosicky,campbel,carzola,ox and Ozil(in flanks) are being wasted by the so called (fake)proffesor..he shld try a bar club where his ideas of mixing cocktails(ozil7) and wines(arteta6) will be beneficial..hop the trend continues sell the captain…and lastly he shld cosider game condition and nt time when doing subtitution!!hahahaa same story since 1754

  17. Wenger should resigned or sack

  18. Arteta was poor but so was everyone else. Including Özil. I’m getting sick of his lack of effort. He clearly doesn’t care. Constantly giving the ball away and not bothering at all to get it back. Sanchez put in an excellent shift as always. Özil is a million miles away in comparison to Sanchez. In a way I kind of feel sorry for Alexis because I feel like he could do so much better than to be playing for us. I almost feel embarassed. He’s good enough to be at Chelsea, City or Bayern yet he stays at a club hell bent on finishing fourth. I know everyone says Arsenal fans are fickle but can you blame us? Wenger didn’t buy a world class striker nor a decent dm. We are also woefully short at the back yet he doesn’t address these issues. Incredible. Maybe our season will pick up and I seriously hope it does but there is no chance we will win the pl nor the cl. How we are in pot 1 is beyond me.

  19. Yeah..your write up summed all d problems arsenal football club is facing…it nothin but d truth..our stubborn coach is biased nt fieldind rosicky..ox..joe..cazola in place of ramsey..ozil..nd d issue of nt signin a defensive mfielder…only God can help us

  20. To be frank. I don’t think it’s arsene fault. I’ll say it’s his assistant manager and you should know who, Steve Bound. Previously when Pat is still the assistant, the team was doing well and its only recent years, the team play seriously became sucks. Anyway. I still love arsenal and hope they can perform better before it’s too late. Cheers

  21. dennis onsarigo

    wenger must be jokin 4 real

  22. This is probably the most heartbreaking letter most of us have had to read because it’s true. All top teams must have depth in every position to allow for competition, so everyone has to perform at their best. Özil is having a bad run of form because he is out of his natural position, Podolski is overlooked for the striking role, the formation change is not working. Look at what Fabregas and Song could have brought back to the team. Mr Wenger is too stubborn to listen to us

  23. The game against Dortmund was the worst performance I have seen from Arsenal in tne recent past. Arsene Wenger keeps annoying us the fans by his stubborn and archaic way of doing things. The players were so dull on the day; no marking, no mobility,too slow and too unconcerned on the field, indeed totally lazy- just too bad for this club. Wenger should just throw in the towel and let us get Klopp in ASAP. What does Wenger do with these boys at their training sessions. See how fit and mobile players of other clubs are.

  24. did the board receive the letter ?

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