That Was an Amazing Comeback, but it Makes You Wonder…

For some reason I failed to rant like crazy following the capitulation at Brighton and thankfully, I’m happy I didn’t because it would probably had been a venomous affair, but with Arsenal frustrating me and other supporters out there, we turned into neutrals to watch the semifinal match between Liverpool and Barcelona. It was certainly an insurmountable task coming back from three goals down, and the fact that they were without Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino made things more difficult.

I’m certainly not going to give the commentary about the game here but after 90 minutes, they achieved the impossible, winning with four unreplied goals, which made me think – would my beloved Arsenal win Barcelona after conceding three goals away?

Sometimes, you gotta tell yourself the truth – Arsenal has devolved to a Europa League outfit at best. I remember when we were so spoiled into believing that finishing in the top four was our birthright but in the past two seasons, things have gotten really bad to the stage where it looked like Thanos snapped his fingers and our top four ambitions faded into space. It’s not like we are asking for too much as fans – just play well enough, as it should give you that edge when playing against perceived weaker opposition. But with Arsenal, it’s the opposite – if we are not wasting chances, we are gifting the opposition the ball to hurt us, or conceding needless penalties or just playing so badly.

Even with the likes of lethal forwards like Alex Lacazette and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in our ranks, the Gunners continue to struggle to kill off games, or convert clear cut chances. I don’t wanna talk about what’s going on that the back – yes, Brend Leno has been an inspiration since he took over from Petr Cech but he has had his shaky moments which can only help him to improve in the future, but when you have a certain Skhodran Mustafi making calamitous errors with such consistency at the back, it makes you wonder whether Unai Emery doesn’t see these things as well.

I remember when Jurgen Klopp went to the final last season and his goalie from former club, Mainz, had such a shocker, allowing Real Madrid to waltz into their three Champions League in a row, he wasted no time in signing Alisson Becker from Roma, and he, alongside the imperial Virgil van Dijk of course, have contributed massively to Liverpool’s defense. Meanwhile, we continue to struggle with whoever Emery decides to field in his back line. Imagine a player as important as Laurent Koscielny watching as Kasper Schmeichel lofts a punted effort from his box straight to Jamie Vardy, or Stephan Lichtsteiner heading the ball to Jurgen Locadia when a throw in would have been a better option.

The season is over but the Europa League still offers a silver lining ending so we can only wait and hope that the lads don’t mess things up at Mestalla tomorrow.


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  1. A. Every important point, which I hoped would be the basis of your article is the difference between the supppott at Liverpool and that at The Emirates. If the Arsenal fans get more behind their team and can even create half the atmosphere we saw at Anfield we’d win a lot more games.

    At present the anxiety of the fans seems to transfer to our players, particularly those of weaker mentality such as Mustafi and Xhaka.

    • I agree with you Paul. But the anxiety has been caused by the inconsistencies of the players

      • I just want to add one thing. For years I have said the Emirates stadium is the most pathetic in the league when it comes to atmosphere.
        You mention our players cause the problems but during all the years that Liverpool were rubbish in the last 20 their support and atmosphere was always first class.

      • But how long can we continue to manage these players that cause us harm

  2. Barbes B. Dawodu

    Emery and his boys will have no excuse tomorrow if things turn out against them. In the first leg, Valencia shown Arsenal is far a greater team than them. Valencia will go an extra mile at home though, but Arsenal is up to the task to eliminate them in the own backyard without letting the bad omen of away form being a hindrance. We did it against Napoli whom was suppose to be the strongest opponent,we can still repeat the same at Mestalla tomorrow. Emery must keep to his game plans and the players must commit themselves to a very big fight for their coach, fans and their own personal achievement and don’t let the world laugh at our beloved gunnerz once again.

    • That’s what we hope for. Valencia is also struggling so it will be a good opportunity to beat them and qualify for the finals

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