The Reality of Events at Arsenal Football Club

Tomorrow’s Premier League encounters promise to be mouthwatering but today’s fixtures have shown the unpredictability of the league.

Andres Villa-Boa Constrictor and his goons couldn’t get past Norwich City, Fulham ran riot against Newcastle and Swansea were brought back to Earth after losing to Sunderland.

Arsene Wenger has had a lot to say in recent times following back to back defeats against teams that looked easy on paper. The boss started by saying that his side needs to improve defensively.

Even if Arsenal is a team filled up with talented aged defensive individuals, as a unit they tend to defend like toddlers at times. This is probably not the right time to single out individuals but things need to improve at the back if the club wants to continue its quest for a top four finish.

The Chairman said that missing out of the top four won’t be disastrous but he should remember that playing in the Europa League next season might not make Arsenal attract some certain kinds of players this summer.

The injury woes suffered by the backline has been very unfair but no player goes into a pitch to get an injury that will sideline him for days, weeks or months. The fans have aired their views about the club’s lack of transfer activity but the boss had this to say:

You’re resisted so far moving into the market. Are you convinced the squad is strong enough to finish fourth – or better?

Our squad is strong enough, yes [to finish 4th]. If the players come back we are strong enough. If we do not have the players back we will struggle.

Arsene has made the terms clear that he’s waiting for the injured lot to return and help the club in its charge. Thomas Vermaelen might be a bit short for tomorrow’s game but he’s on the road to full fitness again. There’s also Jack Wilshere and Bacary Sagna…with a certain Kieran Gibbs coming back soon too.

Wenger also said that football isn’t a supermarket where you go in there and say: ‘give me a left-back please, and a right-back and a centre-back.’

Arsenal has to find the players better than what the club already has. Names like Jan Vertonghen et al have been mentioned but the chances of signing them are slim to none. We have to hold the fort with what we have till the injured lot returns back.

Finally, Wenger also talked about the reality of a fourth place finish:

“Is [fourth place] a realistic prospect. It looks as if it could be a bad scenario after Sunday? It could be as well a good one.

I still think that when we have everybody available we are a strong force in this league. That’s why it is important that we fight very hard not to drop points.

That’s the reality of events in Arsenal Football Club.

We have to make do with what we have.


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  1. This club rips off it’s own fans and whilst Wenger and the board continue that will not change. That is the reality of Arsenal football club

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