The Civil War Between the AKBs (Arsene Knows Best) and the AMGs (Arsene Must Go)

The wounds suffered from three successive losses in a row hasn’t fully healed and the panic button has been pressed so hard, it’s springing out from the remote control. Football is a sport that is watched by millions worldwide and its fair to say that a lot of emotions and sentiments are channelled into the game.

Arsenal’s Champions League aspirations are on the brink of extinction and the poor results on the pitch coupled with the lack of transfer activity off it has not gone down well with many Arsenal fans. Many fans use social networking applications to share their opinions on Arsenal’s present predicament but Rwanda’s president Paul Kagawe (an AMG) has also asked for Arsene Wenger’s head on a plate:

“I very much support Arsenal – but to be honest Wenger needs to coach another team now and Arsenal needs another coach,”

“When a good team and a good coach fail for long to deliver, one of them has to change, or even both!!”

Things have gotten so extreme to the level where AKBs (Arsene Knows Best) are battled by the AMGs (Arsene Must Go) on Twitter, Facebook and the rest of the lot.

Don’t get it twisted. Tunde Green is a dedicated Gooner that has been supporting this team since the days Merlin was the Chief Wizard of Camelot. When I asked him why he launched that tweet at the AKB, his reply was:

Arsene Wenger is a great manager that has achieved so much in Arsenal but his stubbornness to heed to the words of those who love the club (players and fans alike) has been a big issue down the years. It’s not just about opening the club’s cheque book to buy the Gotzes, Hazards and aliens from Lionel Messi’s planet, Arsenal just needs good players that can deputize for the first team starters in the time of injuries or when they need breathers.

Take last season for instance, Arsenal gave its fans the best post-Valentine gift ever by defeating Barcelona on the 16th of February 2011. Arsene Wenger used his second string squad days later to play lowly Leyton Orient in the FA Cup but the Gunners could only manage a draw.

This season, the team has clearly struggled in its precarious injury crisis yet the manager has given deaf ears to the pleas of everyone involved at Arsenal. Even with three league losses in a row in which most goals conceded were as a result of the club’s lack of full backs, the transfer gates of Arsenal still remain shut.

Many tabloids have published stories of a potential move to the managerial post at Real Madrid after the self-proclaimed ‘Special One’  had a bust-up with some key figureheads in his playing staff. Despite all these shenanigans, Arsene Wenger’s players still remain faithful to him.

Club captain Robin van Persie initiated a heated yet honest discussion in the dressing room after the final whistle, in an effort to understand why recent displays have dipped and re-enthuse his team-mates. Van Persie may not tackle players and throw punches like Monsieur Vieira, but he’s clearly the best man leading this team right now and his performances on the pitch have been truly inspiring.

Mikel Arteta is another player that has blended in the nucleus of the team and more games without him will definitely give a lot of fans a cause for concern. He has spoken about his team mates’ confidence in Wenger.  Arteta reiterated that Wenger has done so much for the club and he deserves the confidence of the fans.

With barely a week left in the January transfer window, the media Vultures are back again with the endless publications linking players in and out of Arsenal.

On player departures, Footy Bible reports that PSG is willing to make an outrageous £20m bid for Theo Walcott. For an inconsistent speed merchant that will have a year left in his contract this summer, it might be very hard for the Arsenal hierarchy to resist such an offer. Besides, Arsenal has an Ox that’s raring to go like those Spanish bulls in a bullfight with matadors.

On potential player arrivals, Ajax is keen to sell Jan Vertonghen (via Total Football Madness). Footy Bible also reported that Arsenal is eyeing Manchester City’s Adam Johnson while Football Friends Online published that Trapzonspor’s Burak Yilmaz would love to play for Arsenal.

Burak Yilmaz has smashed in 22 goals in 17 league matches in the Turkish SuperLeague and he has netted three times in 13 games for the Turkish National team. Robin van Persie still remains Arsenal’s potent weapon upfront but his deputies are not up to scratch. Yilmaz goal scoring record shows that he’ll bang them in provided he gets the right service and he’ll get plenty of that in Arsenal.

To round it all up, Silent Stan Kroenke has brought out some money to place a bid for Major League Baseball side Los Angeles Dodgers. He already owns franchises in all other major American sports, namely the  NFL’s St Louis Rams, the NBA’s Denver Nuggets, the NHL’s Colorado Avalanche, and Major League Soccer’s Colorado Rapids…yet no one knows what’s happening with the funds at Arsenal.

I know someone who does though,

The manager that shares the same name with his club,


Whether you’re an AKB or an AMG, heed to the words of Thierry Henry,

“No matter what, you should support the team.”


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  1. AMG are all scum bags and they should show us the way to leave a club, by leaving themselves!!!
    No matter what fans should always support the club, else they are not real fans!

  2. Let’s end all this…

  3. Wenger needs to do something

  4. Useless wenger is this team who run unbeaten in 2003/2004 season. In this squad who diserves pires,bergham,lauren,cole,G.SILVA Captain v. Are you fool or you are going to fool peable simble you better leave.

  5. Elkieno & Enigma, I’m a scum bag am I. Well better to be a scum bag than to have my head so far up Wengers arse that I had not seen the light of day in years. I think you will find all AMG support the club and always will but they no longer support Wenger. There is a difference you know.

  6. Wenger is here until the end of the season so support until then and then lets see what we are left with?

  7. here’s d truth, a fan is someone whose support is 100% wen his club win or lose; i am not in either AKBs or AMGs, all i can say is dat i am a fan of d arsenal football club nd i will always be. but dat aside, wenger and the mgt board of afc must sit down and figure out wat to do 2 bring this club back to where it belongs and dats d top. if we can beat the almighty barca, then we still have it in us 2 do wonders. so wenger do ur job well cuz ur slacking and the board shld do their jobs well and provide the necessary structure to bring arsenal back 2 d days of the invincibles. gunner 4 life

  8. Much respect to Arsene, but I fear if this current trend is not tackled, we all know the story of Brian Clough and Leeds United. My problem with #AKB’s is the impression they paint, it’s like we’ll crumble without Arsene. Mind you, Soldier go, Soldier come, Barracks go remain. There’s nothing wrong in questioning a managers ambition, I have no explaining to do to anyone, but as far as I am concerned, you can easily bring down a building, but raising it no be beans. Thanks

  9. Arsene has to leave. He has done enough for which we are grateful,but Arsenal Football Club needs a breather. Arsene’s exit will provide this.


    Been a supporter for 40 years travelled up and down the country and abroad to watch my beloved Arsenal, so when idiots come onto sites like these and tell me ‘I’m not a true supporter’ because I believe Wenger needs to change his attitude towards the deadwood he’s holding onto and his transfer policy it really pisses me off.

    I love Arsenal not AW, although i’m very grateful for what he has done for our club, no one is indispensable.

    When you enter a marriage and take your vows it doesn’t mean that you should take all the shit your spouse gives you, the lies, the deceit that is constantly coming from the board and the manager is now unacceptable.

    If your spouse don’t sort their shit out…You divorce!!Simple.

  11. AW must stop experimenting with young lads. (Just like jenkinson, hw can u sign a player from a lower leauge who has featured less than 10 times. Wat happened to d left backs of all relegated teams) he must go back to his winning formula that created the invincibles

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