Still Without a Premier League Win in 2012: Thoughts From Some Gooners

I usually give a detailed match report a day after every game but Wednesday’s game against Bolton wasn’t worth the effort. To be frank, I missed a very large chunk of the match (for some reasons I won’t explain in this post) but my first view of the match was to see Aaron Ramsey chip the ball to his forefather that was on the left side of the pitch while his teammates were in front of him.

I can remember seeing the Ox withdrawn for Thierry Henry but the boo boys kept their mouths shut this time. I’m pretty sure a missile would have been thrown into the pitch if Andrey Arshavin’s number came up. I can vividly remember that moment of outstanding quality from Robin van Persie but his chipped effort clipped the bar as the goalie watched haplessly.

At the end of the referee’s whistle, Arsenal had more or less assured their long-suffering fans that Europa League football would be the spectacle of next season. Many Gooners used social networking applications like Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger and the rest of the lot to air their frustrations but I’m going to throw some light to the comments written by a specific set of Gooners.

These Gooners are the members of the Arsenal group I created on my BlackBerry Messenger called Team Goonerdaily. All sorts of crazy characters are in this group but we all share the same passion for the club we support. Bear in mind that these comments represent what many Gooners worldwide would’ve written.

Capt. D Sun said,

“When a man is contented with the way he is, he thinks he has done enough to be celebrated. He no longer competes with anybody and it’s fair to say that he has lost his purpose.”

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you who Capt. D Sun was writing about. Arsenal’s wily old stubborn manager is undoubtedly the most successful manager in the club’s history by virtue of the amount of silverware he has won but the trophy well has truly dried up in the past six seasons.

Arsene Wenger is more or less assured of the “job for life” and he has been managing Arsenal on the back of the knowledge that he’ll never be on his toes.  It’s obvious that so many things aren’t working well at the club but he consistently gives deaf ears to pleas from the fans and players alike.

For starters, it’s high time Arsenal reverts back to the 4-4-2 formation that almost won the league in the 2007/08 campaign. Van Persie is a forward that’s also adept as a supporting striker, so I strongly feel that Wenger should hand starts to the likes of Thierry Henry, Park Chu-Young or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the center forward position.

I sure don’t want to see Theo Walcott play there though. I thought his miss against QPR was woeful but he took out time to give the fans a sequel against Bolton. Playing with two strikers would also mean that Aaron Ramsey will get a warm cozy spot on the bench because the midfield can clearly survive with just Mikel Arteta and Alex Song.

Martyn, or @mayorbaze as his Twitter folks know him said,

“I pity Marouane Chamakh. I have this feeling that he just needs a coach who’ll play to his strengths.“The funny thing is that he still has some good touches. I know he’ll be regretting not moving to Lyon.” 

On Arsenal’s new signing,

“I’ve not seen Thomas Eisfeld play, but I don’t want to think that he won’t be better than Aaron Ramsey. That will be suicide.”

Starting with Chamakh, every Gooner pities the chap. He is a mere shadow of the player that scored 10 goals in his first 21 games for Arsenal. There’s no denying that van Persie’s scintillating form has seen Chamakh relegated to the bench but the Moroccan has being very atrocious in his recent games for the club.

He’s renowned for being a “head master” but he hasn’t really gotten that kind of service in Arsenal. It would do the club and the player some good if they part ways this summer. Arsenal is a club renowned for profit making; a quid or two from a player that cost nothing is certainly good business in my books.

Thomas Eisfeld made his first Arsenal appearance in a Reserves fixture against Swansea Reserves. He was hugely impressive and he pulled the strings in midfield. It will be unfair to juxtapose between Ramsey and Eisfeld at this point in time.

Finally, Gooner Daily Pioneer Obinna Edeh or @Obitwyce cheered us all with this comment,

“Harmonia Concordia Victoria Crescit. I’m folding my hands and waiting for May. #InOtherNews, we have a fantastic female team.”

Tomasz added,

 “Rachel Yankee and Faye White should replace Andrey Arshavin and Theo Walcott”

I don’t watch the Arsenal Ladies but I know that they have a knack for winning quadruples. Their trophy haul in recent years have been very amazing and it’s shameful to know how things are going on the “other side.”

As for Rachel Yankee and Faye White, I have a hunch that they would have buried those one on one opportunities against QPR Ladies or Bolton Ladies.

There were so many more but I’ll halt here. Feel free to share yours.


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  1. Superbly Wriiten Post..Mr Grand Suckee Wenger Had Better Revert To 4-4-2 Playin style..

  2. Superbly Wriiten Post..Mr Grand Suckee Wenger Had Better Revert To The 4-4-2 Playing style..

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