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For the first time since dinosaurs walked on planet Earth, my blog has received its first guest post. This article was written by D’ SUN, an avid reader of my blog and a great Arsenal fan.



Starting any write-up is always hard because it is your first sentence that attracts the readers but I guess I have started anyways. I had issues with the title but don’t mind the mathematical term, I did a not skip my maths classes.

I want to use this medium to respond to the Yann M’ Vila news circulating round my beloved club, Arsenal. I’m not your everyday blogger like Enigma106, Arseblog and A Cultured Left foot but their works inspire me to explore my writing skills.

I read a beautiful article by goonerdave66. The article was incredibly objective and based on known facts and figures; I wished I’ve had enough time to do my own research too before publishing this.

The article was centered around the shrewdness of Arsenal’s transfer activities, questioning if Arsenal can afford so many world class midfielders.

If the club purchases the much sought-after Yann M’ Vila, the midfield will increase tremendously bearing in mind that we employ the 4-2-3-1 tactical setup. Arsenal’s midfield has a large outlay of personnel starring Alex Song, Aaron Ramsey, Francis Coquelin, Mikel Arteta, Tomas Rosicky, Jack Wishere and Abou Diaby.

The club still has the unfortunate Brazilian, Denilson and deep reserve of potentials in the form of Oguzhan Ozyakup, Conor Henderson, Henri Lansbury amongst others.

These are my own opinions:

From my little knowledge of mathematics, you can predict the outcome of a future event by looking at the history of previous events or by interpreting the repetitive nature of previous occurrences (Probability and Variables).

Alex Song has played consistently this season without rest, if you analyze it from the above permutations and recalling how Jack Wishere was burnt out last season, then you can predict that Song will not last the whole of next season at this rate he is playing.

When Mikel Arteta made his transfer deadline switch from Everton early this season, many gooners argued about the transfer because of his niggling knee injuries.

He has silenced the doubters with consistent performances all season long, but if I’m allowed to predict again, do you honestly think he will survive the whole of next season without injuries considering Arsenal’s perpetual injury worries.

On Abou Diaby, I will quote a friend from my Arsenal group on my BlackBerry, Team Gooner Daily,

“What is the use of having Messi in your team when he is always injured”.

I don’t want to sound cynical but Diaby is just a minute away from the next injury. Can we rely on him to deputize for Song as our defensive midfielder for the whole of next season? In fact we should be happy he has made his annual Arsenal appearance.

Jack Wishere is a fantastic player and prospect. He has been injured since pre-season with a stress fractured to his foot. Arsenal hasn’t really told its faithful undying fans what is completely holding Wishere out of the first team when we all know that Wishere has been back since late January.

I am a graduate of Materials Engineering and from my knowledge of Materials Fracture Anaylsis, fractures are as a result of micro cracks which coalesces into big voids that eventually leads to fracture/failure and when a materials has cracks it is rendered not fit for purpose until it is completely repaired.

The bone is a composite material and a natural material which is self-healing, but it takes time to actually heal. I have a hunch that Arsenal is being cautious with Jack Wishere because stress fractures doesn’t heal easily, it takes time.

We need to see Wishere in full pre-season to be sure he is ready to be burdened and I still suggest we handle him with care because the injury he has is extremely dangerous.

The question is; are we going to rely on him to put up his consistent performances next season? But the good news is he was listed to play a close door Reserve game yesterday, I wish I had a chance to see him strut his stuff.

If you study Arsenal critically and objectively for the last seven trophy-less campaigns, you will find out that we have gone through the barren spell because of injuries, bad luck, poor officiating and squad indiscipline in vital moments of each campaign.

There’s also the part of poor decision making or a costly tactical gamble made by our beloved coach, Arsene Wenger.

We are back to that year when we did not sign Xabi Alonso or Gareth Barry, or back to this summer when we couldn’t add extra quid or two to buy Juan Mata.

The club allowed Mathieu Flamini leave and put our hopes on Denilson and Diaby instead of going for the likes of Gokhan Inler, do we want to make that mistake again with Yann M’ Vila?

I love our rich reserve of talent but if we really want to end the trophy drought, we have to reduce our gambles to the barest minimum.

A season long loan for Yennaris, Ramsey, Henderson to a team like Bolton will not be a bad idea considering the good work Owen Coyle did with this youngsters (Daniel Sturridge, Jack Wishere, Ryo Miyaichi). In fact, Ramsey could turn out to be like ex-Gunner Sebastian Larsson or even more.

The legendary Marcel Desailly amongst others has stated tha M’Villa will be better than Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira and for a digning fee of 15 – 20 million pounds I would like to find out.

Wenger has gambled with flops like Denilson, Bendtner and Vela amongst other; he should at least gamble with this highly rated 21 year-old star.

I don’t see any reason why he can’t play alongside Song. In my opinion, Song will have the liberty to roam and offer the attacking option he loves.

Another critical point I’d love to make is the quality of Arsenal’s second tier squad. In the second half against AC Milan in our last UEFA champions league game, we ran out of ideas and personnel when Oxlade Chamberlain got injured.

More recently against QPR, when the whole midfield was having a bad day at the office, Wenger must have looked at the dugout and thought in his mind that there isn’t any adequate backup.

Imagine a rich bench of either one or more of the aforementioned midfielders. Yann M’ Vila will offer us so many options.

And this goes out to other departments like defense and strike force, I may write a related article on Lukas Podolski, Jan Vertongen and Nuri Sahin.

Honestly I think Robin Vantastic and Laurent Koscielny have played more matches and they deserve some rest at some point.

Feel free to criticise or commend this article, I understand I wrote subjectively but honestly no matter how we look at it, it is the truth.

Yann M’Villa will not be a bad idea. But I guess I have to resign to the famous phrase,

Arsene Knows Best.


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  1. Spot on!

  2. Nice article very rich.

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  4. Kaine Roberts

    Major-listic – suckeeeee

  5. ARSENE KNOWS Best. You said it. Spot on.

  6. Ds is precisely wot we ve bn pasn 2ru. 9ce article bro. Arsene knows best buh I hope he includes ds in wot he knws

  7. spot on. i also think ramsey has never been the same since he broke his leg. a season long laon to bolton will do him good. gunner4life

  8. Guys I have seen all your responses. We love arsenal and want what’s best. To ENIGMA106, I say baba u too much, more chickens to ur groin. To all other ashanas like me, God bless us with beautiful chickens and money to take care of em. To y’all.. Cheers

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