Schneiderlin Joins Manchester United – What’s Next Arsene?

As we edge closer to the Premier League, the fans are anticipating the football as the Gunners are set to begin their preseason adventure against Singapore Select XI. The design of the Emirates Airline plane was simply awesome and P3tr C3ch has finally decided his jersey number for the forthcoming season,

With Cech secured and on his way to Singapore, the fans are eagerly anticipating the next player (s) that would be switching allegiances to the Red and White of Arsenal. Morgan Schneiderlin was a player that was heavily linked with a move to Arsenal but eyebrows were raised when Manchester United came into the picture and with Man Utd in for the kill, I’d envisaged that they’d hijack any potential plans Arsenal had for the French lad.

My concerns became a reality when ESPN reported that a transfer had been agreed between Southampton and Manchester United. BBC Sport also published a piece that the Frenchman was set to have his medicals ahead of his move to Old Trafford. This bit of info comes shortly after the Red Devils secured the services of German legend, Bastian Schweinsteiger after the maestro spent 17 years in Bayern.

Now that Schneiderlin is out of the picture, what’s next Arsene Wenger?

We were linked with Geoffrey Kondogbia – he signed for Inter. We were linked with Schneiderlin – he has signed for Manchester United. The Metro linked Arsenal with a potential bid for William Carvalho but only the Heavens know were he’d end up.

What if we don’t sign any holding midfielder and go through the season with what we have? Mikel Arteta recently extended his contract with the club so Arsene Wenger still believes that he has a role to play in the team. Since the midfielder joined the club in 2011, he was been an influential player and a vital cog in the midfield engine but he’s reaching his twilight years and injuries have been a major thorn in his flesh. His deputy, Mathieu Flamini, is a far cry from the player he was and last season showed that he’s past his peak to continue competing in a top-level club like Arsenal. We heard about the link with SC Bastia but I don’t think the Gunners would release the midfielder to allow him leave on a free transfer.

I don’t expect Francis Coquelin to play every game next season but it’s going to be interesting to see how thing pan out. I have issues with Arteta’s fitness and Flamini’s ability but it’s something I expect Wenger to manage efficiently.


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    an u sul sig otmdi

  2. As a Saints fan I think Arsene will regret letting Schneiderlin go. He seems to have been linked with Arsenal for as long as he has been at Saints but it has just never happened. I think you will do well to find anyone better in that position and as it stands he is some way ahead of Coquelin.

    • I feel it’s something we may regret too.

      I really hoped we signed Schneiderlin. His defensive stats last season were really good.

      Oh well, I guess we have to move on

  3. Arsene knows best, beside why buy when world class talents like Wilshere and Ramsey can’t even boast of a place in the first Eleven with walcot playing from the wings…I say Arsene gets a prolific striker instead and we re good to go sayanora!

  4. Gooner of the day

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzz What’s next Arsene ? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. I was very surprised that he’s ended up at Manx when we were so heavily linked with him but unfortunately a sad but usual pattern is developing in which is we are linked with high class players & end up signing either nobody or somebody not in the area needed. I really hope I’m wrong & Wenger surprises us all!!

    • Hi Lesley,

      Like you I’m really surprised that we let him off our grasps but we have to trust Arsene Wenger.

      There’s a lot of time till the transfer window closes

  6. IMO Olivier is good but does not compliment the world class status and talent of his colleagues,mesmerizing Ozil and Cazorla, energetic Alexis,The squad deserve an equal level striker complimenting these guys..that’s obviously why Henry echoed this as well,he wasn’t being sentimental, he right..Jack is mature enough to do the defensive midfield job,Ramsey is as well, coupled with the gigantic Coq…but while Alexis and Walcot recently re feeding off the brilliance if Ozil and cazorla, Olivier is busy throwing chances away, chances any world class striker will always convert to be at the top echelon of the game, my point is, We re fully stock in midfield , ve fantastic wingers that re supreme spectacle to watch in walcot, Alexis, Chamberlain but a poor, average, striker in Olivier , (that might take all the time we dont ve to be what he is supposed to be for Arsenal)Henry knows that, Arsene knows that as well, I just pray he realises that to start lifting the major honours he needs to compliment his closely knitted defense, world class midfield, fantastic wing backs and wingers with a true number 9, to equal the likes of Martinez,Costa,Benzema etc that has the pace to burn,subtle dribbler,deadly poucher and finisher sayanora!

    • Albert,

      Fair assessment. But remember that Giroud has given his best to the team even if his best hasn’t been considered not good enough for the fans

      • Arsenal is a great Club, or rather was a great club were Prolific , great strikers ve scored lots of goals, tucked in lots of chances, made chances, converted impossible chances…The fans need those glorious times back,when everything Arsenal is a suppreme spectacle to behold,Girouds best is not good enough,I personally appreciate his efforts and work rate,but truth be told,he’s no Aguero..Dude just imagine what Aguero or benzema will do aligned with such a great attacking width and midfielders????….now that’s what we re talking about,An A class striker that will take us back to those days when we re vying for the premier league and Uefa Champions league trophy, I really doubt if Giroud is that man that will instill such fear on world class defenders and I pray his poor conversion rate doesn’t start having a negative effect on his sublime coleagues

  7. I honestly don’t think we were ever after Sniederlin – He has too much faith in Arteta and that is why deep down I don’t think we will buy anyone in that position. I hope I’m wrong but in all honestly I still think we need one defender and maybe a top class striker. However I have a feeling now that our signings will be more if they fall into our lap then actively seeking them out – will be based on what others do.

    • James,

      Maybe you’re right.

      Maybe we never really chased after Schneiderlin and he has finally signed for Manchester United.

      Is Arteta the best backup for the Coq. I don’t feel so don’t Wenger knows best.

      There’s a lot of time to get a new player

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