Thoughts on Wojciech Szczesny Link with AS Roma


Benched: Wojciech Szczesny has been dropped for the last two games by Arsene Wenger

Hey Wojciech, I left Arsenal’s bench for Barca’s bench and I’ve won a treble

One of the perks of working in a company like mine is that you’d get to travel from time to time across various cities, doing company business as well as taking some time to have some pleasure. I’m currently at the departure lounge at the Murtala Muhammed Airport and I’m bracing myself to make a trip to Warri for a meeting, but I’m going to make some time to see my good friend, Gideon, and maybe, Edosa, if he’s available. I’d have to ensure I let my fingers do the talking when we start battling ourselves on FIFA 15, and there will be Orijin for us to make merry.

Social media has grown over the years and with more updates in technology, I expect more social networking platforms to hit center stage and it would simply be a case the individual deciding what he wants to join. Take a guy like me for instance, the first social networking platform I was heavily involved with was Yahoo! Messenger (ps. I’m not that old!), then Hi 5, then MySpace, then Linkedln, then Facebook and of course, Twitter, for myself and the blog.

I chose not to join Instagram because… err, I think that’s irrelevant right now. But who am I? Just a random Nigerian that writes a blog about Arsenal because it’s simply the greatest club in the world. A few folks know me here and there, but hey, I love my social media life…even if it’s still fledgling.

But we all know Wojciech Szczesny, don’t we?

He has his own Wikipedia page (not as lengthy as Lionel Messi’s or Cristiano Ronaldo’s, but he’s doing alright), his profile on, Facebook Page, 757,000 followers on Twitter, 427,000 followers on Instagram and a father that has a penchant for spitting out all sorts of bullcrap.

Where I’m heading with all these? Szczesny has a strong presence in the social media world and anything he does is closely monitored by all sorts of folks that are probably paid to do such stuff. Three years ago, Szczesny got himself into trouble when he jokingly tweeted that his teammate, Aaron Ramsey, looked like a rapist. He apologized shortly afterwards but he was on the end of some abuse by the world’s best trolls, and it got to him even to the extent of him temporarily shutting down his Twitter account. Then there was the mockery of Tottenham that led to the manager, Harry Redknapp, giving the lad a piece of his mind but after some time, the issue died out with time.

Szczesny is a professional athlete that has given six years of service to Arsenal and two seasons ago, he won the Golden Glove award with his current teammate, Petr Cech. This is a really cool guy that works around with a tiger and recently proposed to his beautiful Marina Luczenko. He’s a great lad with a lot of potential and I see him understudying Cech to become an even better goalkeeper.

The arrival of Cech has brought some speculation regarding the future of Szczesny and David Ospina (still on holiday after his successful Copa America campaign). Many fans believe that it won’t be possible for the club to keep all three goalies and with Cech just arriving and heading straight into the first team, either Szczesny or Ospina might he told to further their careers elsewhere. This has sparked countless debates among fans and the whole nine yards with everyone agreeing that competition for places will be good for the team.

So Szczesny decides to follow Roma legend, Francesco Totti and Alessandro Florenzi on Instagram, and the media vultures haven’t wasted any time in publishing an article that he’s keen on a move to Roma. Like seriously? Don’t these guys have any chill whatsoever?

When did following another professional footballer become a driver to make a move to the club of that player? Olivier Giroud follows Bacary Sagna, Raphael Varane, Batefembi Gomis, Blaise Matuidi, Remy Cabella and Benjamin Stambouli on Twitter. Oh wait! They are French – perfect excuse innit?

So what would you say about Jack Wilshere following Carlo Ancelotti (he want’s to play under him right?), Laurent Koscielny following Karim Benzema (he hopes they’d be teammates huh?), Theo Walcott following Cesc Fabregas (he can never be a Rent Boy, but hey, he hasn’t signed da ting) or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain following Luis Figo (maybe he wants to become FIFA president someday yeah?). Social media has evolved to the level where the smallest of details are brought into the spotlight like Alexandre Lacazette ‘favoriting’ a tweet linking him with Arsenal – which deleted afterwards.

The season hasn’t began yet so we may be subjected to such drivel with each passing but linking Szczesny to Roma because he followed two chaps from the club is plain ol’ bollocks to me. The player has stated that he’s looking forward to learning from Cech and it would stay that way, till Arsene Wenger believes otherwise.

Time to continue waiting for this flight.


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  1. Hey follow gunners,nice piece. If Szczesny wants to leave,guess he is free to.Ospina staying won’t be a bad idea after all. Nice seeing a fellow Nigerian Gunners writing about arsenal.keep it up.guess u ve made ur warri trip.

  2. Enigma106,

    Who do you think should stay, Szcz or Ospina?

    Szcz out on loan if you ask me.

  3. terrence dean

    Bye bye

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