Giroud Inspires Arsenal Victory as the Fans Celebrate St. Totteringham’s Day

15/16: Arsenal v Aston Villa - Olivier Giroud

Arsenal 4-0 Aston Villa

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Arsenal has been trolled times without number for always finishing in fourth place and some have even gone as far as saying that the manager, Arsene Wenger, regards it as a ‘trophy’, but at the start of the game against Aston Villa, a third placed Arsenal could potentially end the game in second place or even fourth place, based on the outcome of other games. Already relegated Newcastle hosted Tottenham while Manchester City traveled to Wales to take on Swansea in Manuel Pellegrini’s last match in the club.

From the onset, Arsenal came out firing on all cylinders and got ahead when Nacho Monreal lofted a delicious ball that was headed home by Olivier Giroud. After going through that long spell without finding the back of the net, that was two in two for the Frenchman. Something to give his national team manager to think about, bearing in mind that Karim Benzema wasn’t invited to the French party.

The first half had some dullness about it, but the fans came to live when they heard that Tottenham had gone two goals down in St. James Park. I’d not seen the Emirates faithful that loud in quite some time but it was good for banter. Then there was a red card to Aleksandr Mitrovic that came around the period Tottenham pulled one back and there was some anxiety shown by the fans, especially with the fact that Arsenal had a narrow 1-0 lead.

Then Mesut Ozil turned up the style with a lovely pass to Giroud that was blasted him to make it two. While the fans were basking in the euphoria of getting a comfortable lead, Hector Bellerin sent a sumptuous through ball that was guided home by Giroud for his second Arsenal hat-trick. For all the stick he gets from his own fans, it’s worth noting that Giroud now has 82 goals in 188 games for the club and I’m backing him to hit 100 next season.

Mikel Arteta came on for one last hurrah and you could see the reception he got from the home fans. It was almost fairytale stuff when he latched onto Alexis Sanchez’s pass to blast the ball into the underside of the bar before the goalie conceded an own goal to put some icing on the cake. Arteta was really emotional at the end as he let out a tear or two as the fans sang his songs and screamed out his name. In an interview with Arsenal player, he said that he will never forget the club but he confirmed that he’s going to hang his boots. It is rumored that he might join Pep Guardiola in Manchester City next season.

There was also a guard of honor for Tomas Rosicky

The players wore ‘Rosicky 7’ shirts and welcomed the legend to the pitch one final time as he bowed out. It was really nice stuff.

To top off a wonderful day in the office, Tottenham were thrashed resoundingly by a 10-man Newcastle and the fans celebrated St. Totteringham’s Day for the 21st year in a row. At the sound of the referees whistle, it was 21 years, five days, 23 hours, 11 minutes and 20 seconds since Tottenham finished above their North London rivals in the league.

There would be a couple of reviews and all as the months without Arsenal football go on. Gooner Daily will also have some coverage of Arsenal’s stars at the upcoming European Championships in France.


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  1. The funny thing is, you sad Goons have hardly had a proper pathetic St. Totteringham’s Day in a decade – not by the original meaning of the term. See, I remember that was, and the meaning of it was what really made it sting.

    The original meaning was to celebrate the number of clear days ‘before’ the last game of the season when it was confirmed that ArseAnal would finish above Spurs – and it was humiliating specifically because it highlighted how wide the gap had become since Mr Scholar nearly destroyed Spurs. A point in history that left Spurs genuinely fighting in mid-table, or worse. A near fatal event that aided ArseAnal to open up a trophy gap that hitherto never existed. And a point from which Spurs have gradually had to recover from.

    See, some of us remember exactly what it was. And for you sad Goons to feel the need to pretend you are still celebrating the same thing is rather pathetic, really! I mean, I get the rivalry and all, I really do. I get the banter, the need to celebrate, to N rub it in a bit. It is a remarkable run, still, and something Spurs fans are fuming about – yesterday’s pathetic capitulation more than ever. But for you to spend most of 11 seasons pretending that just scraping past via a point or goal-difference on the last day thanks to a series of improbable events (food poisoning, awful officiating, former Spurs goal keepers throwing the ball into their own net, etc.) is the same thing as the original meaning – well, it’s a bit pathetic really. Isn’t it!

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