It’s No Wonder We Need It. The Champions League, The Billion Euro Game

Both sets of players arriving in Berlin for tonight’s final


The top four is a necessity for Arsenal. Beyond anything else. Of course we want the Premier League back in our grasps. Of course we were elated with last weekend when our Gunners ripped apart Villa at Wembley to bring home the FA Cup once more. But without European football, we’re talking disaster.

And with good reason too. Not only do we get the excitement of football on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the Emirates, but for the board it’s a tournament that’s more lucrative than any other. It has become a norm for those associated with Arsenal Football Club to always qualify for the Champions League and Arsene Wenger has always delivered that, despite battling with the big boys and their millions.

Check out teams like Spurs and Liverpool, that have spent a whole lot of cash in recent seasons but they are currently in the Europa League and I don’t even see them winning the competition and following the route Sevilla has taken. That was an incentive Michel Platini and the UEFA folks adopted to make the Europa League ‘more competitive’. A prize of the trophy and competing with the Europe’s elite in the following campaign.

In fact, a guide by have found that the UEFA Champions League is worth €1billion, culminating in the Final, this year of course in Berlin.

Both Juventus and Barcelona have earned vast amounts in prize money so far collecting over €60million in prize money, a figure which will rise by €10.5million for the winner. That money will rise next year to €15million for the winners and with Arsenal stumbling in the knockout stages over the last few years, it could be the added incentive for Wenger and the board to go all out next season.

That’s not to mention the huge amount of money made through TV deals. BT Sport have paid £897million to show live games for the next three seasons and a good percentage of money will go straight into England’s market pool, hotly contested for by Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United. Should Arsenal go the furthest, Arsenal will take the bulk of the money. It’s that simple.

The Billion Euro Game guide shows that Juventus have made over €56million from TV money alone by making it all the way to the Final – that’s more than Alexis Sanchez – and will be a huge boost to them when it comes to making transfers, and of course financial fair play!


It’s an incredible figure that surrounds Champions League football, and clear why teams strive all season to make it into the qualifying places in their domestic leagues. Arsenal outside the top four would be devastating for the club.

Sponsorship deals, boosted attendances, even the city of London itself all benefit from teams being in the world’s biggest tournament. After all, would Puma have signed that huge deal if the Gunners weren’t lining up on a Tuesday night?

The tonight’s final is set to be the most lucrative in history. The Billion Euro Game highlights this more than ever. We all know football isn’t just about football anymore. It’s a game that relies on money more than ever before. And it shows…


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