A Gooner’s Perspective III: A Tale of Robin van Persie

A goal to remember in the North London derby

He scores when he wants

He scores when he wants

Robin van Persie

He scores when he wants

Last season, this Flying Dutchman was idolized, loved, cherished and worshipped by everyone affiliated to Arsenal Football Club.

Fuck yeah, we were called a “one-man” club last season but we didn’t give two fledgling fucks because all we needed was an Alex Song lofted projectile or a Theo Walcott cut back to see the opposition’s net ripple with the ball planted firmly in it.

Despite smashing in goals on a consistent basis, he also proved that he was worth his weight in gold when he came off the bench against Stoke City to bag a brace, underlying his extreme importance to Arsenal.

The last time an Arsenal captain came off the bench to make an inspiring cameo appearance, a certain Spaniard dinked his free kick past Brad Friedel before running the length of the pitch to put the finishing touch to Theo Walcott’s run. He also twanged his hamstring in the process but Cesc Fabregas will be fondly remembered by me for that brave act of leadership despite nursing a niggling injury.

From the first two episodes of a Gooner’s Perspective, several Gooners have shared their views about the club’s antics last season as well as their hopes for the foreseeable future. Today’s instalment is focused on a man that has been grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reasons – Arsenal’s captain, talisman and most prized asset, Robin van Persie.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the Gooners that are going to share their opinions on van Persie;

@eromzy: Yeezy is a crazy-ass Gooner from the heartbeat of the nation. He has stated that he’s still a work in progress but I know for sure that he’s a mad fan of Kanye West. He has his fair share of followers on Twitter as well, 1,328 to be exact. *Yimu*

@i_am_OGB: I met Ogbonna at the start of my NYSC period in July 2011, but he has grown to become one of my closest buddies on this friggin’ planet. He’s an Naruto-loving ashana that has a strong affinity his Arsenal but he has a not too hidden secret – Ogbonna shares the same ass-et with Clarence Seedorf and Branislav Ivanovic. True football fans will understand that. 😀

In my opinion, he has one of the craziest Twitter bios, “Thanks for looking, now go and mind your business”

@Dr_AntonioOvoke: Antonio is all about artistry as he’s a gospel rap artist as well as an animator graphics artist. You may be wondering where the Doctor title came from, he’s also a cardiothoracic surgeon *bites tongue*

Kkizz: I and Kizito studied Chemical Engineering in the Federal University of Technology, Owerri and I can attest to one thing; this bloke was the human definition of swag, in every sense of the word. He loved Arsenal so much in our FUTO days that he was also known as Fabregas.

@Antony_SoulKool: Antony247, as he prefers to be called, is an Arsenal fan based in London. He’s one of the newest members of my Arsenal BlackBerry group, Team Gooner Daily, and he has already shared some of his exploits much to the excitement of his new Gooner family.

Here’s how it went down…

Enigma: *Clears throat*

Ogbonna: Utunu, aren’t you sipping Alomo this morning?

Yeezy: Ahn ahn, must he drink Alomo all the time?

Enigma: Ogbeni, go hug transformer jare.

Kizito: Enigma, that’s stale. I can’t remember the last time I heard that slang.

Dr. Antonio: looool

Antony247: *yawns*

Yeezy: Don’t mind Enigma. I’ve actually hugged a transformer before though…literally speaking.

Enigma: Cool story bro.

Yeezy: I hate it when peeps doubt me. *pulls out his BlackBerry*

Kanyeezy for sheezy

Ogbonna: O_o

Antony247: Wow, bro you’re gangsta.

Enigma: Heheheeh….by the way, there are too many Anthonys up in here…I’m an Anthony as well.

Enigma: Let’s go to business shall we?

Yeezy: Yes Boss

Ogbonna: Finally

Antony247: So you’re an Anthony as well, nice.

Dr. Antonio: Enigma sounds alright though, not much peeps with such a nick.

Kizito: Ready when you are bra.

Enigma: Bra? *looks around for any woman wearing a brassier*

Enigma: Today, we are gonna discuss about Robin van Persie. First question, did you guys know van Persie in his Feyenoord days?

Ogbonna: Nope -__-

Dr. Antonio: I didn’t know him

Yeezy: No.. I didn’t know him at Feyenoord.

Kizito: Like CHE301, I didn’t know him. I saw his skinny frame for the first time in a Community Shield game against United (2004).

Enigma: CHE 301?…Lmaooooooooo. That evil course. I was so blank that day in the exam hall.

Kizito: We had that exam after Liverpool beat us in the Champions League (4-2).

Enigma: That match hurt a lot. Walcott’s okada mode went to no avail. Where’s Antony247?

Antony247: Here mate, when I found out that Arsenal were interested in signing him, I kept tabs on him. However, I took him off my radar after hearing about his extreme arrogance and behavioral issues.

Enigma: Yaaaaay, someone knew van Persie in Feyenoord. If this was WaZoBia FM, I would have rang a bell for you, Antony247.

Antony247: Hehehe

Enigma: What was your reaction to his signing in 2004?

Kizito: Honestly, I didn’t pay attention. Then we had men in our team, so you won’t bother yourself about babies.

Ogbonna: Damn!!!! Kizito, why evils? 🙁

Ogbonna: I just saw him as another striker. Henry was a god then. But after seeing a few touches, I was hoping that he would become a great player for us someday.

Dr. Antonio: I can’t remember

Antony247: When we signed him I was excited, naturally as one would be when a new addition especially one with such skill. I was also excited because I heard he was one of the best young Dutch players at the time but I had no clue he would be as good as he turned out to be.

Enigma: Yeah, RvP surprised us all. What about you Yeezy?

Yeezy: To me he was just another astute Arsene Wenger signing.

Enigma: Fair enough guys, Next question, what’s your take on his injury woes?

Dr. Antonio: His bones had not fully ossified then

Enigma: I’m getting you. *form as if I know what the word means, then check Google*

Yeezy: I think he’s had an injury troubled career… But when fit, he’s a force to be reckoned with.. Hence, he’s our 8th all-time top scorer.

Kizito: I think his D-leg hasn’t been kind to him. Even his shin left shin-pad is always complaining.

Ogbonna: I was very frustrated jor. I really needed him to fill in Henry’s shoes when the King left. But he would play for one month and score good goals, then he’ll book a date with the folks at the treatment room shortly afterwards.

Antony247: Van Persie’s Arsenal career is like a movie. He frustrates and frustrates and frustrates at one point I was calling for his head in the 09/10 season because I was convinced that he was too fragile. Then he comes with his shining armor on a white horse and becomes the hero of the day, rising above all doubt and criticism scoring a bucket load of goals.

Enigma: Yeah, he has definitely had his fair share of injuries. Next, name your top three goals scored by Robin van Persie.

Dr. Antonio:  The stunning volley against Everton in December, the curler against Tottenham in February and the chipped penalty against Wolves. He should have asked Wayne Hennessey if he wanted some ketchup for that “chip”.

Kizito: That amazing curler from the right hand side against Blackburn in the 2005/06 season, the volley at home against Liverpool last season and the volley against Charlton in 2007.

Enigma: Errrrrr, Kizito, van Persie didn’t score a volley against Liverpool at home last season. Liverpool beat us 2-0. It was two seasons ago, he scored a 97th minute penalty before Farmer Eboue’s stupidity cost us the game.

Yeezy: Top three goals? *scratches head* I have over 10 favorite goals frm RVP. Having to choose 3 is so hard…but I’ll go for the flying volley against Charlton, the volley against Everton and the goal against Liverpool (Not last season) at the Emirates, 09/10 season or so.. before Robbie Keane equalised.

Enigma: This one?

Yeezy: Yeah, this one!

Kizito: This was the goal I was talking about…my bad. It wasn’t last season.

Ogbonna: There was this flying kick against Charlton some seasons back I think… Then all the sexy lobs from Song that he was wiping into the net (I see them as one goal :D)… And then that time John Terry planked for him. That was delicious.

Antony247: Two of my best van Persie goals have come from this season when he scored the two volleys supplied by Song  against Everton and Liverpool. I still try and replicate on 5-a-side its actually near impossible. Then my best has to be the Charlton one its amazing!!!

Enigma: That goal against Charlton was fucking epic. It’s worth a second look, don’t you think?

Enigma: For those that care, I have my special collection of van Persie’s top 20 goals for Arsenal. It’s worth a look…so many sumptuous volleys.

Ogbonna: Aii, will check later.

Enigma: Let’s be honest, how did you celebrate that goal against Charlton in 2007? Mine was crazy….I gave my friend’s sister a kiss in his presence, but he gave me the benefit of doubt because it was Arsenal that scored and we were all Gooners. 😀

Dr. Antonio: Hmmm, I can’t remember.

Yeezy: When he scored that goal against Charlton, I was speechless for a while… because that was poetry in motion.

Antony247: When the goal went in I was so emotional. I took of my Arsenal shirt, jumped on my dad, wrapped it around his head and shouted at him who supports the best team who supports the best team! I didn’t care for the repercussions at the time.

Enigma: Hahahaha!

Kizito: I felt like I scored at Highbury(beautiful turf), I wanted 2 slide, only to realise it was just the floor tiles in the living room.

Enigma: Nice one guys, in his time at Arsenal, what striker did he link up best with and why do you feel so?

YeezyUmmm, he linked up well with Adebayor, though they didn’t a whole season together because of his injury woes. I feel they were different players, and they complemented each other.

Dr. Antonio: Adebawhore I think!

Antony247: I don’t think van Persie has given us a chance to see him link with other strikers because we have not seen him for a full season linking up with anyone. But I feel that he and Theo Walcott have a sweet understanding as he mentioned when he received his awards this season.

Kizito: I think he linked up well with Henry, they had some goals between them in the final season at Highbury.

Enigma: What was your reaction when he was made captain and in your opinion, how has Arsenal fared under his captaincy?

Ogbonna: I felt it was only fair enough because he had been in d squad a long time… Unlike that stupid William Gallas that was forming like an elder for everyone. I was also kinda happy that the captaincy was finally given to a stable player in the club. Not to someone who was made captain as a plot to keep him… Little did I know  ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ )

Yeezy: When he was made captain, I felt that was d perfect decision, because he had leadership qualities, and he ended up being a perfect captain… Both on and off the pitch…I think he’s the best captain Arsenal’s had since Vieira.

No disrespect to Henry, Gallas, Cesc… And I heard after the Westbrom game, he went back into d dressing room, talked to his team-mates and they all came out to celebrate with Pat Rice on his retirement.. He asked all the players to contribute within themselves and got him (Pat Rice) a Rolex wristwatch. What a captain?

Enigma: Cool story, Yeezy.

Kizito: I was rooting for TV5 but RvP has really surprised me since he got the hand band. Team spirit has been great in his time as the captain.

Antony247: I wouldn’t have given it to anyone else to be honest. He has turned his arrogance to a form of charisma and he was oozing with it. He took the team on his shoulders and literally carried us when we needed it. He was also one of the longest serving members. He 100000% deserved it.

I wouldn’t blame Arsenal underachieving due to van Persie’s lack of leadership skills because our team has been below par. But when we needed him to stand up and be seen he did it countless times. Especially against Tottenham and Chelsea.

Dr. Antonio: I was happy. His time as Arsenal’s captain hasn’t been bad but it could have been better.

Enigma: Two more questions to go guys, what was your reaction to his statement declaring his intention not to sign a new deal?

Ogbonna: I went on Twitter and practically slaughtered him. I was hurt… Very hurt… You know what it feels like to train a young girl in the university all because you wanted to marry her only for her to graduate and gaan marry someone else because you’re no more on her level.  In short I don’t like Van Persie again.

Enigma: Loooool! That’s some AfricaMagic steez.

Yeezy: It came as a shock to me though.. because there’s no bright side in losing a player/captain like that.. I was devastated.. I still am. I won’t begrudge him, you won’t find me using any offensive word on him.. I just wish him the best in his endeavours. *smiles*

Dr. Antonio: I felt betrayed! But fuck it! I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore

Antony247: I was heartbroken. I honestly thought he was going to stay. I was convinced. I bragged to my father that we have the most in form striker and he was going to stay and Redknapp going would be the demise of his team. I can respect his reasons for leaving but I can’t respect the way he did it. However, I still have love for the dude!

Kizito: Yet another betrayal from a player we sincerely gave all we had. I’m sure Gary Lewin ran away because of his injury troubles.

Yeezy: Lol

Enigma: Finally guys, I want your final piece of judgment: do you want him to stay or go? Give your reason (s) why.

Dr. Antonio: I want him to stay because he can attain a legendary status here at Arsenal and most importantly, his presence in our attack would be great.

Yeezy: I would want Robin to stay any day, anytime. He’ll be hard to replace, his leadership skills on and off the pitch is second to none… That’s all 🙂

Kizito: I would want him to stay only if he’ll agree to sign a new deal. That way the Arsenal will know that their captain is committed to its course. That guy is a real top player you don’t wanna lose, not at this time when we are not far away from winning again. Otherwise, I wish him luck, not anywhere in Manchester though.

Antony247: I want him to stay because he is the most in-form striker in the Premiership at the moment. I honestly can not see a direct replacement and he can also teach podolski and giroud a thing or two about being strikers in the Premier League. If he goes, the two of them are coming in without and experienced Premiership striker to take them under his wing like Henry had with Bergkamp etc.

Ogbonna: *cleans tears*… I want him to stay. If he stays, we will win stuffs I can promise you. I would also like him to mentor Giroud a little bit. I suggest Wenger should tempt him with 200,000 pounds per week too. No matter how we talk about Giroud and Podolski, Van Persie is world class and he is already used to our game. There is no need to loose him if we can avoid it. #shikena.

Enigma: Thank you for sharing your views on the Flying Dutchman, Robin van Persie.

You can follow YeezyOgbonnaDr. Antonio and Antony247 on Twitter. They’ll follow back. You can find Kizito on Facebook, if that’s your thang.

I’m sure you’ve read loads of articles on van Persie. However, I’ve just aired the opinions of five Gooners that genuinely love him for what he is – a perpetual goalscoring machine of the first kind.

Feel free to share your perspectives on van Persie with your comments.


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  1. Good write up from you and Goonerdaily peeps. Ur head dey dia.

  2. Very well said guys. The major reason why I wld love RVP to stay is because I know he wld attain legendary status at Arsenal, else where he might win laurels(which he can win at Ars) but will just be another player.

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