Thanks a lot, Mike Dean! Best Ref in the Land

Sometimes you just want to watch a really good football match between two of England’s most successful clubs. The rivalry between both managers was very intense to the level where the journos started making a fuss if they were going to even have a handshake. That’s how hot things are when Arsenal plays Chelsea.

The game itself promised to be a pulsating encounter and both sides did their bit to play some good football… That’s till the 44th minute when one of the most despicable players you’d ever know, Diego Costa, did what he knows best and conned the ref into showing his incompetence. When you think of the fact that it’s such an experienced ref like Mike Dean, it’s even more shocking.

Costa slapped Koscielny twice with his claws but the Frenchman decided not to unleash his inner Sergio Busquets and stood his ground. Shortly afterwards, Costa was at it again, using his head / chest to hit Koscielny and he hit the turf thanks to the momentum at which he was attacked by Costa. Nine times out of 10, that would have been a red card.

However, Gabriel wasn’t going to stand for that shit. Seeing Costa bully his teammate not once but twice, so he gave the Brazilian Spaniard a piece of his own medicine and as you’d expect from a thug-turned-footballer like Costa, he and Gabriel got involved in an altercation. The referee decides to take ‘control’ of the situation and books Costa and Gabriel for their troubles and the game was meant to go on.

Then watch Costa closely, as he continues to rile up Gabriel, telling him God knows what and when he gets close to the referee, he backs Gabriel and is stamped upon by the Brazilian that obviously wasn’t aware of his presence. Next thing, Costa the bully becomes a cry baby and goes to the ref to wail about how the Big Bad Gabriel stamps on him. He’s assisted by fellow Rent Boy, Cesc Fabregas, yes, the same Fabregas that loves Arsenal with his heart, soul and spirit to coerce the ref into brandishing a red card to Gabriel.

And that was it. The Brazilian defender that was having such a good game received his marching orders because of a fellow professional’s pathetic character and a dim-witted official’s stupidity.

Of course, it was always going to be a struggle from there but it wasn’t enough for Mr. Dean. Santi Cazorla, a player that had never received a red card in over 500+ football matches for Villarreal, Malaga and Arsenal was told to go receive an early bath for making two tackles, when a certain big-arsed Branislav Ivanovic had one yellow card despite making seven fouls in the game.

It’s shameful to see how refs continue to fuck things up in the beautiful game we enjoy watching and sadly, this trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. Two seasons ago in the same fixture, a certain Andre Marriner sent Kieran Gibbs off for a cynical foul done by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

The game is long gone and Chelsea have gotten three points off the Gunners but I’d want to give my profound thanks to Mike Dean, the best ref in the Land.


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  1. It promised to be a good game from the start. However, ref`s failure to punish Diego Costa for aggressive behaviour meant that he is untouchable. Slapping Koscileny and pushing him to the ground ca never be good football. I know how desperate Chelsea is to defend the tiltle but such antics don`t belong to modern football. If he is not punished then it will mean that football rules are applied selectively. How would someone of a sound mind even imagine that Costa was man of the match?

    Thanks ref for gifting Chelsea. However, there is need for Chelsea players to grow up. It is actually disgusting to watch grown up babies pressurizing the ref.

  2. Bro. I am waiting to see if the FA will use the white matter behind their skulls. It is a shame. Even my beloved NPFL will not take that. It is even more shameful when Costa’s driver named him MotM. Can you be human and support Chelsea? You are a sub-human well beyond the 1st civilization in Egypt. No atom of class. *Rings Bell, shouting shame! Shame!!*

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