England World Cup 2018 hopes shattered and Fulham Preview

Sorry about the lateness of today’s blog post.

I had a date at Silverbird Cinemas.

Yesterday, different countries gave football’s ruling body reasons why they should host the world’s greatest sporting event in 2018 and 2022.

They all had representatives to help their cause and England brought notable faces like former VP David Dein, Heir to the throne Prince William, Prime Minister James Cameron and global superstar David Beckham.

These popular figures did their bit in the meeting but England lost out to Russia.

The most embarrassing thing about yesterday was that the country that owns the world’s best league crashed out in the very first hurdle. Even the “England United – The World Invited” trick didn’t work.

What saddens me about the whole situation is that the world won’t see great stadia like the Emirates, Old Strafford and Wembley host good World Cup matches.

That’s that and good luck to Russia and Qatar as they host the world cup in 2018 and 2022 respectively.

To the Arsenal side of life, Marouane “ChiAmaka” Chamakh has been talking about his goal scoring form and settling to life in England and i’m more than happy for him.    Robin “glassboned vP” vanPersie is still our top striker so i feel with our present formation there will be times ChiAmaka will have to settle for a place on the bench.   He’s a level-headed individual and i know that he’ll give 110% when required. He has a personal target of 20 goals this season but at his Arsenal 50-50 scoring rate (10 goals in 21 games), i believe he’ll reach that target.      Good luck to him as he continues to win the hearts of Arsenal fans all over the world.  He’s already a contender for “signing of the season”.

There’s worrying news concerning Manuel “Stainless Steel” Almunia.  Reports say that he cannot extend his elbow without feeling excruciating pain.  This is bad news to him and Arsenal.  To him in the sense that he cannot regain his place from Flyin Fabbi, to Arsenal in the sense that we cannot sell him to a mid-table Spanish side in January. Just perfect if you ask me.   Good luck to him as he continues his long road back to full fitness. He could fetch us a million quid or two.

Aaron “AquaNama” Ramsey has also been talking of gaining full fitness before becoming an Arsenal signing (again) in January. He was out for 9 months so the games he gets at Forest are highly welcome. I also hope those blokes in the Championship would have a soft spot for him in the tackling department knowing fully well that he has been out for so long. I believe they should because every footballer can at least afford a television set. There’s Sky Sports so i believe they’ll get the news that a 20-year old Welsh footballer was out for the period of a pregnancy and they should go soft on him.

We play Fulham, the Okro Soup Mastaz tomorrow so i expect the “Emirates Revival” to continue. The win against WigWig was taken a start of things to come as we aim to make Emirates Stadium a fortress again. We have to remember that we are 2 points off the summit and all our “get out of jail free” cards have expired.   There is absolutely no room for error because the Cashlings host the Scots Blues with the objective of restoring the shattered pride. The Red Striped Black Pussies spanked them 3-0 there but i don’t see the Scots Blues winning there. i could do with a draw though.

The Red Hell Owners go away to the Fruities but with RooThug back in business and the Bulgazilian Berbatinho on fire, i don’t anything else but them getting 3 points from that game. Arsenal has to bear in mind that their next league game is in Old Stafford, so 3 points against Fulham is absolutely vital. This would mean that a draw in Old Strafford won’t be the end of the world as we know it. The record books say that we have the best away record in the league………

For the playing staff, Samir “El-Rufai” Nasri picked up a knock but he might be fit for the game. Maybe he needs a little rest, El-Rufai has been a phenom this season for Arsenal FC. He’s even our 2nd highest goal scorer with 9 goals. Glassboned vP played for 70 minutes against WigWig and was certainly my Man-of-the-Match. Nicklas “Wald Bezt” Bendtner is also fully fit so there’ll be a selection headache for AW. That’s more like it.

Gone are the days where AW would look at the bench and say “Come on Silvestre, you all we got’.

I’m off with my Old Man to get some bottles of the only drink with an Alcohol percentage of 7.5% in Nigeria.

Thank God it’s Friday.

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  1. I agree with u that it seems Arsenal has lost its “get out of jail-free cards” but they could still “come up”. This season has been a bit unpredictable, and d race looks “wider”. Good move tagging nicknames and actual names of players…helped out a lot.

  2. Thank kaeyboy, the idea of the nickname tagging was advised by a good friend. He said that the blog was still very young so at this point, i would stick to that.
    i would use only nicknames when giving my FM match ratings sha!

  3. I was very disappointed when I heard the news that England had lost out in the bid to host the world cup for 2018.. I mean its high time they host the world cup..

    Anyways back to what’s happening @ Arsenal, I’m just waiting to know how we will overcome Fulham & Manchester United @ the same time.. I know the game against Fulham will be a tricky one forget the fact they are missing some key figures in their side, I’m waiting to see the line-up against them.. Well good luck to the Gunners

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