Gervinho does his medical and my take on the greedy French boy

This is the first blog post that I’m writing with an aching back and two sore feet. I’ve been on the NYSC camp’s parade ground on three different occasions ranging from 5am to 6pm but I’ll live. 🙂

I always prefer writing about player departures before possible arrivals but I’ll turn the tables today. Arsenal’s proposed transfer target, Little Ricky Alvarez has joined Internazionale despite being linked heavily to the club. A few weeks ago, Palermo’s president told the media Vultures and hopeful gooners that Little Ricky was on his way to Arsenal but we’ve witnessed another potential gunner wear the jersey of new suitors. The same way we missed on Franck Ribery, Ryan Babel and Chris Smalling amongst others.

I read a thing or two about Ricky but i wasn’t fully in support of him becoming a gooner because Wenger is under a considerable amount of heat due to his club’s barren trophy spell so signing a relatively unknown winger from the Apertura wouldn’t have been a welcome idea. Star players like Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie expect quality this summer and Ricky Alvarez doesn’t really fall into this class

When Gael Clichy left Arsenal for greener oil pastures, I listed out three possible outcomes that Arsene Wenger could consider.

Going for Leighton Baines or Jose Enrique as a direct replacement for Clichy, promote Kieran Gibbs to the number one slot and to acquire the services of Cahill and Samba with Vermaelen deployed as a left back but it seems as if Arsenal and Liverpool at ready to lock horns for Newcastle’s Jose Enrique. If he’s going to be Wenger’s first choice left back for the 2011/12 season, I’m okay with it. He might not be a World beater but we all know how Wenger can be when it comes to making a signing. No one knew about Laurent Koscielny but Wenger reiterated his desire to make the lad a gunner. Laurent had an excellent debut season with Arsenal but his lowest point will still be his cock-up with Szczesny in the Carling Cup final.

Gael Clichy has said that leaving Arsenal was the toughest decision in his life. I’m not going to say anything bad about Clichy but leaving Arsenal to a club where your salary would probably be doubled or tripled won’t really be considered as a tough decision. We live in a football world where money making has overshadowed the passion for the game so it doesn’t really seem like a tough choice to me.

I wish Clichy all the best in his new club in terms of displacing Aleksandr Kolarov and Wayne Bridge as well as winning the hearts of his new fans but in terms of trophy winning, I’ll be speechless about that because Arsenal and Manchester City contend for the same trophies within England.

The media Vultures have also reported that Arsenal has failed in a last-ditch bid to sign World Cup finalist Maarten Stekelunberg. I don’t see why the Vultures would be linking Arsenal with a goalie because we’re all know that Wenger has complete faith in his Polish contigent. I’m still clueless on Arsenal’s keeper for next season. Szczesny did very well in Fabianski’s absence but the kind of faith Wenger placed on Fabianski can be likened to the type of faith an inventor puts on his machine that has been defective for many years but he still believed that it would comw good and it finally did.

Fabianski had two amazing games against Wolves and Everton and made many wonderful saves in the games he got in his consistent run but injury thwarted his best Arsenal season so far.

The most pleasing news of the day so far goes to Arsenal’s transfer target, Gervais Yao Kouassi. The winger has arrived from Lille to London for his medical checkup so he’s more or less an Arsenal player. The winger would add versatility as well as much needed competition to the squad. His signing will also ease the pressure of Wenger in his hunt to bring in quality to the areas that are lacking in the squad.

Moving over to possible departures, I’m going to lay emphasis on Samir Ben-Said Nasri, Arsenal’s not so greedy boy. The winger has a year left so he has been linked with moves away from Arsenal with a very long list of clubs fighting for his signature.

Nasri on the other hand has been offered a chance to remain with the club with a much improved deal to keep him at the club for a long while but the midfielder requested for more money. As the days went by, he turned the story by saying that he wanted to see Wenger’s activity in the transfer window but he has turned the tables again by saying that he’s after trophies.

However, there were some contradictions with the media Vultures with a section saying that Manchester City is set for a £19m switch while another reported that he’s not for sale by Arsenal. Reports are emerging that Nasri will earn much more than Fabregas if he completes the switch to the Eastlands with a £150,000 week deal on the cards.

To be frank, losing a player like Nasri to Man City will be disastrous but getting close to £20m for a player that has a year left in his contract. Is an amazing piece of business and Arsenal is renowed for profits. Nasri should be shipped out to City so that the No. 8 jersey will be vacated for another attacking midfielder that deserves to wear it.

Whether it’s Shakthar and Black Eyed Peas or any other attacking midfielder in the Milky Way, £20m will get Arsenal a very good attacking midfielder. I can write a long list of attacking midfielders that are more than capable of replacing Samir Nasri and £20m will be good enough to secure their services.

As mentioned before, tops my list but other midfielders like Javier Pastore, Mikel Arteta and Mario Gotze are up for grabs. In other news, Fabregas has also been the subject of discussion again because the media Vultures say that he’s set for crunch talks with the club over the proposed move to Barcelona but Real Madrid have placed him on their radar.

I can’t believe that I’m writing this but NO PLAYER IS BIGGER THAN ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB.

In all my days as a devoted gooner, I’ve seen my Arsenal lose Davor Suker, Gio van Bronckhorst, Sylvinho, Marc Overmars, Patrick Vieira, Robert Pires, Nwankwo Kanu, Freddie Ljungberg, Thierry Henry, Cashley Cuntly Cole and Mathieu the Flanimal.

Arsenal still remained the side that has won 13 league titles, 10 FA Cups and 2 league Cups, 1 Fairs Cup and 1 Cup Winners Cup.

If Arsenal loses Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri for good money this summer, Arsenal will still be the team that hasn’t added any trophy in six years to their 13 league titles, 10 FA Cups and 2 league Cups, 1 Fairs Cup and 1 Cup Winners Cup.

Remember that Guardiola sold Ronaldinho and Deco before unleashing Messi’s potential to build up a team that won all the trophies football as a sport to offer 2009.

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  2. Great piece mate, last one read before bed and im glad i chose this one, cheers

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  4. you bet,,, good luck… at the camp too

  5. Excellent blog one of the best Gooner blogs out there

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  6. Refreshingly good blog. You can count on my vote.

    Agree with every point that you’ve made, particularly the one about no player is bigger than the club. We’ve managed before, we’ll manage again.

    Will.I.An. Inspired bit of writing haha.q

  7. Nyc blog man!To even see that dis was done by a fellow nigerian makes it even more cool!hope you have fun in camp!what camp where you posted to?

  8. Nice article, really love the intended statements.


  10. Good work mate.Nice to read!At this point,after so many media interpretations,Nasri’s future at Arsenal may not be good as the fans may not like him.sell him for 20-25million,get mata or any other attacking midfielder!it will do good

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